I went out of town for a few days this last week and Justin was left with our boys at home. I got back to see all of the fun photos he took with them and I especially LOVED these photos he took with Hudson and Sloan in cowboys hats (thanks to Lyndzee for the fun gift!).
cowboys_001.jpgcowboys_002.jpgcowboys_003.jpgcowboys_004.jpgcowboys_005.jpgcowboys_006.jpgcowboys_007.jpgHudson took this shot of Justin...he's becoming quite the little photographer.
cowboys_008.jpgHave a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Phi-Phi Anderton said:
SUPER CUTE photos of your boys!!! I love them! Talent runs in the family.
(08.28.09 04:31 PM)
Lori Anderson said:
Adorable! I especially love the boots!
(08.28.09 04:50 PM)
rookie cookie said:
FYI, you can buy cowboy boots at Payless for $15ish.
(08.28.09 05:13 PM)
kelly said:
they are so adorable!!
(08.28.09 06:14 PM)
Anonymous said:
They are seriously so adorable!!! Come to Texas and see us!
(08.28.09 06:50 PM)
Savannah Kenney said:
What adorable boys! I love how much they look alike. I know you enjoy every minute with them.
(08.28.09 07:19 PM)
amelialyon said:
LOVE these little guys! They are so STINKIN CUTE!
(08.29.09 11:50 AM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
GIDDEEEUUP! Great Gallopping Cowboys! Best improvised cowboy boots. Their dad used to look really cute in his cowboy gear too!
(08.29.09 01:17 PM)
jackie wonders said:
so fun!
(08.29.09 09:07 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
Oh my! They are too adorable!!!
(08.30.09 07:38 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
they are adorable! i love the hats and boots. so cute!
(08.31.09 09:41 AM)
Carol said:
Love your style...unique style.Your pics are so special...Congrats!!YOu have a cuple of adorable boys :)) Can I ask a question? whta camera and lense did you used in these shots?? thanks!
(08.31.09 10:57 PM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
soooo freakin' adorable! am i really going to have one of these?! :)
(09.01.09 04:53 PM)
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This last month we've been featured twice, and we even made the cover of Destination I Do Magazine!

Here's our cover shot (remember Jenn + Will?):
Brides Southern California gave us a few fancy features:
publicity003.jpgpublicity004.jpgWe were super surprised about this featured image on the last page, and we also LOVE this photo.
publicity005.jpgHere's the fine print, glad we were able to capture such a fun moment for Erin + Jeremiah!
publicity006.jpg.....and for those of you looking closely, we were appeared randomly on page 214 with Kenny and Jill (yes, that is yours truly in the yellow sweater and Justin in the crazy afro wig!). This was definitely not planned on our part, we visited a random Etsy fair back in December of 2008 and decided to pose in this fun set up for Oh Snap! Studios.
publicity007.jpgHere's a closer look, LOL!
We feel super blessed to have had such sweet opportunities and are honored to have our work among so many other great artists in the wedding industry!
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Becky McArthur said:
Awesome! Congrats you guys. You deserve every bit!
(08.18.09 05:44 PM)
Kisha of Sahara Blue said:
congratulations! that is definitely something to be super proud and excited about!
(08.18.09 05:48 PM)
Kerry said:
I just adore that photo of the couple with his grandparents -- such a great moment!
(08.18.09 05:54 PM)
amy said:
wow! congratulations!!! polish off the spot in your vault. i'd keep a pristine copy forever. so very cool. cute pic of you too.
(08.18.09 06:19 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Congrats! What a dream come true! You guys sooo deserve all the press!
(08.18.09 07:51 PM)
Molly said:
beautiful you guys!! congratulations!!!!! :) Sorry we missed you at the bonfire last night, thanks for the invite!
(08.18.09 08:23 PM)
laura said:
congrads.. flippin awesome!
(08.18.09 10:37 PM)
mary said:
Congratulations you two! This is all very well deserved and its so exciting to see your images popping up everywhere in print! Rock on!
(08.19.09 12:16 AM)
Debbie S said:
That's awesome! I love your pics and follow your blog religiously. In fact, I just ordered my first DSLR, Canon Rebel XSi. I know it is a beginner model, but I am a beginner. :) You inspire me! Thanks!
(08.19.09 07:02 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
YEA!! That is so exiting. You guys are A-MAZING!!
(08.19.09 08:56 AM)
ChristanP Photography said:
Congrats! You guys have awesome inspiring talent!
(08.19.09 10:09 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
How exciting! Congratulations!
(08.19.09 10:36 AM)
Chad said:
Shoot guuuurl you's craaazy
(08.19.09 01:15 PM)
Karen Slate said:
Congrats to you!
(08.19.09 02:07 PM)
jenn king said:
don't forget, more of your photos are on page 202 in southern california bride!! you totally deserve this!! you are talented beyond measure!!
(08.19.09 05:14 PM)
MOM said:
Hey cute girl and fabulous son in law - You guys are awesome and a lot of FUN TOO! Of course you would be in and ON the front of these magazines - I know how famous you are. WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD OF ALL THE TALENT YOU BOTH HAVE!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH - MOM AND DAD STIDHAM
(08.19.09 05:44 PM)
jenberry said:
did somebody say FIRE!!!!
(08.19.09 08:22 PM)
Julie Parker said:
Congratulations Amelia! Wow, the cover-that's awesome!!
(08.19.09 09:28 PM)
acip said:
awesome! congrats!
(08.20.09 10:42 AM)
Feuza said:
That is so awesome!!!! and that grandpa picture! wow how inspiring!
(08.20.09 10:20 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
(08.21.09 06:52 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
(08.22.09 12:49 PM)
Laura Eastes said:
Congrats! Erin + Jeremiah's wedding was fabulous. I love the table shoot over looking the water!
(08.24.09 08:13 AM)
CReid said:
You all are too funny!!! I won't count on you to put a smile on my face. Keep inspiring us photogs!!!! Regards, Carl
(08.25.09 07:47 PM)
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