I LOVE posting photos of my kids, especially when they turn a new leaf like growing older! Sloan is the delight and humor to our family, and I can't believe that this kid is already FOUR years old! My oh my, he's turned out to be the witty-sweet-sassy kid I didn't know I could have! I love you my Sloanie-bologna!
sloan_4_002.jpgsloan_4_003.jpgsloan_4_004.jpgsloan_4_005.jpgsloan_4_006.jpgsloan_4_007.jpgSome fun facts about Sloan right now:
1. he JUST became a new big brother to his little sister Monroe!
2. loves Beyblades just like his older brother Hudson..."loves" is an understatement, he's a bit obsessed with them!
3. still likes to watch Yo Gabba Gabba episodes and I catch him singing the songs to himself all the time
4. has a small case of stage fright, but when you get him in the comfort of his own element he's a riot and's pretty funny the things he comes up with!
5. is attending pre-school right now in the seniors program. He says, "guess what mom, I go to seniors now because I'm a BIG-year-old!"
6. still loves the color pink, I think it'll always be his favorite!
7. is really sweet to his little sister Monroe and is constantly wanting to "see her face and kiss her cheek"
8. really good at coming up with games to play with older brother Hudson
9. his favorite thing to do with mom & dad is to "snuggle", he could do this all day long...we're embracing this as long as we possibly can!
10. he's learning how to write his name and its' so cute to watch him try to write while he sticks his tongue out (as if that helps lol!)
11. is pretty sneaky at getting things done the way that he wants them done, he's a clever kid
12. knows how to sweet-talk daddy into snuggling with him just to have daddy fall asleep in Sloan's bed all night long
13. we know if he's telling the truth with his embellished stories when he ends it with, "no, FOR REAL!"
14. asks mom everyday if he can "go to Target to get another hot-wheel" and if mom says no he says, "it's okay, we can go to Target to get another Beyblade!"
15. was able to do a voice-over for a "story-time" segment on one of the new Yo Gabba Gabba episodes. His raspy voice is adorable, we hope he never looses it!
16. is really sweet to Hudson & Monroe, what an amazing brother he is!
sloan_4_008.jpgA week after his birthday, we threw him a Halloween/Costume party, what a fun afternoon!
sloan_4_009.jpgAfter wanting to be a beyblade character, then a rhinoceros, then a ninja guy, he finally settled on being a dragon for halloween! 
sloan_4_010.jpgsloan_4_011.jpgsloan_4_012.jpgIt's not a Lyon party without a pinata!
sloan_4_013.jpgJustin manned the rope, all the while holding Monroe in a wrap!
sloan_4_014.jpgLoved Hudson's mummy costume, he was in character the entire afternoon, so funny!
sloan_4_015.jpgMax was the one that finally broke the pinata!
sloan_4_016.jpgMagga & Crampa!
We LOVE you Sloanie-Bologna!
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Braedon said:
Such cute pics!!! Love the last few with all the kids. Amazing.
(11.08.11 02:57 PM)
sandie said:
I can't believe he is 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and miss you and love seeing your personal posts! They are my very fave!
(11.08.11 07:30 PM)
Adrienne said:
How adorable! I love how much you love your children. It makes me feel like there is some hope for the human race. Keep on, keepin' on. Cheers!
(11.09.11 12:21 AM)
Grandma & Grandpa Lyon said:
We loved the photos very much too. Sad we couldn't be there, but there will be other B-days we can celebrate with him. We love his adorable personality, his big brown eyes and his raspy voice. Love you Guys...
(11.09.11 12:41 AM)
Shari Hanson said:
SOOOOO cute! how fun that our kiddos are all about the same age... (well except for my oldest- he's almost nine) Joshy is 6, Drew just turned 4 OCt. 30th and Aleks was born Sept. 22 - just after Monroe! I love the fun b-day pics...looks like it was a blast!
(11.09.11 06:53 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
(11.09.11 09:10 AM)
Malinda Warder said:
My husband & I absolutely LOVE following your sweet family! So much fun & life in the Lyons. Thanks for sharing!
(11.09.11 11:38 AM)
The Detailed Life said:
Seriously, what a cute kid. Nice photos, too :)
(11.09.11 09:32 PM)
amber fischer said:
That looks like the most fun birthday party in the history of the world. And those costumes! I can't get over that little candy corn - adorable. Happy Birthday Sloan - you've got the raddest hair, kid.
(11.10.11 10:18 AM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Such a simple idea, but with great beauty!
(11.10.11 01:18 PM)
Amy Paulson said:
Love times infinity.
(11.15.11 08:28 AM)
Stella said:
What a gorgeous little munchkin you have!
(11.17.11 08:06 PM)
Joanie said:
Adorable. There's so much energy in these photos.
(11.21.11 04:24 AM)
Gordo said:
Damn i have the coolest looking nephew. haha He is such a STUD!
(11.22.11 09:19 PM)
Katie said:
So so so adorable!!!!!!
(11.22.11 09:25 PM)
Angi Davis said:
Fun shots! And what a great party!! I love that they call their grandmother "Magga" - our kids call Bill's mother "Mugga."
(11.23.11 08:51 AM)
Wedding Photographer Rayleigh said:
This girls photo is very very nice... I liked it...
(12.10.11 10:22 AM)
Magga said:
I love you too for being such an awesome MOM - You are an amazing and talented photographer - I love you sooooo much - Love your MOM and "Magga to your cute kids!
(12.18.11 04:59 PM)
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I still can't hardly believe that four weeks ago Monroe became part of our family! I guess time flies when you're enjoying life, right?! These photos were taken just two weeks ago and Monroe has already changed so much! What a sweet blessing it has been to have her around.:)

Hudson and Sloan are absolutely in love with Monroe! They are already such great big brothers to her!
It's fun to see ALL three of my kids together, it makes my heart happy!
happiness_004.jpghappiness_005.jpgI have to give a shout out to Jackie Wonders for gifting this awesome headband to Monroe, love it!
happiness_006.jpghappiness_007.jpghappiness_008.jpghappiness_009.jpghappiness_010.jpgWhile I've been super busy taking care of Miss Monroe, Justin has occupied his free time doing fun little projects (like building robots out of our recycling) with the boys!

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Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
I am in love with your little family...these photos melt my heart!
(10.13.11 02:18 PM)
rog said:
Man I love this adarlingorable family. If I could draw, I'd sculpt a 1/50 life sized mt rushmore of you.
(10.13.11 02:39 PM)
Mel said:
These are so sweet, love the ones with the three of your babes!
(10.13.11 03:24 PM)
Shari Hanson said:
adorable!!!!!!! gorgeous family -- you and justin definitely make 'em cute!!! and i love the robots!!
(10.13.11 03:53 PM)
Julia said:
Amelia, it's awesome! Kids r so nice.
(10.13.11 08:07 PM)
kristen holly said:
SO precious!! You have a beautiful family!
(10.14.11 08:48 AM)
SR said:
These are beyond adorable! My favorites are all three of them on the bed!
(10.14.11 10:55 AM)
Katie said:
Love the new photos! Especially like the one of you kissing those chubby cheeks of Monroe, so sweet! enjoy all the pretty girly-ness:)
(10.14.11 12:02 PM)
angie said:
she is a little pumpkin! Love this sweet little family shoot you did. :)
(10.14.11 03:06 PM)
joy marie said:
congratulations Amelia & Justin, she's beautiful. such sweet pictures.
(10.15.11 05:54 AM)
Kati said:
how sweet is she???!!!!! You look beautiful Amelia!
(10.15.11 06:47 AM)
Amy said:
Such beautiful pictures Amelia. Monroe is precious. What a gift from God she is. My favorite pictures are those of you and her sitting on the bed. She looks so happy to be with her mommy. You look beautiful with your new mommy glow. Congratulations! I love the robot costumes too!
(10.15.11 05:47 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
What a BEAUTIFUL baby! All her sweet and funny can tell she is a Lyon...full of personality. :) Hope you are doing well and hanging in there.
(10.15.11 06:53 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Cutest family EVER. Hope to see you guys soon!
(10.18.11 01:26 AM)
Drew Renner said:
Guys, Congrats on the new little one. All your kiddos are stink'n cute. Thanks for sharing these.
(10.18.11 02:33 PM)
francis said:
the robots are out of control!!
(10.18.11 10:28 PM)
lori said:
sooo cute! i'm totally borrowing your robot inspiration to tuck away for my little ones later on. and i'm a wee bit obsessed with that headband, any idea where it's from?!?
(10.23.11 01:15 PM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
Fantastic photos:) Realy cute Baby.
(10.26.11 09:57 AM)
tylerharms said:
very cute kids. styling, though...insufferably ostentatious.
(11.12.11 03:55 PM)
Chris said:
Wow,, these images are truly natural and spirited! The way capture people is amazing.. I am inspired!
(03.28.12 11:00 AM)
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