Sometimes I like to give well deserved shout-outs to the amazing companies Justin and I like to use to help our business run a little smoother. One of the best moves Justin and I ever made was to outsource all of our post production of proofing images before we put them online for our clients to see. FOTOFAFA is our company of choice. They really have their heads on straight with the color correcting, customer service (this is HUGE to me), and turn around time! Not only do I get my images back in a timely manner, but the work I get back from them is phenomenal! PLUS, I get to use the time I would have spent editing these photos to play with my family, go on a date night with Justin, or take a guiltless afternoon off for some "me time". If you feel like you're drowning in your business, maybe it's time to let go and outsource, you will never turn back once you do and guaranteed it'll be the best thing you ever did!

Thank you FOTOFAFA, we love you and what you're all about! Here's to more business together in the future!

Here are some images from a wedding I received back recently from Fotofafa, you can see the awesome befores and afters!
foto_001.jpgI like my images a bit warm in white-balance, Fotofafa nails it every time!
foto_002.jpgI love that the details in her dress and in the sky weren't lost in the proofing process.
Well, Justin and I off to WPPI in Las Vegas! If you see us, please come up and say hello! Excited for a fun week of playing, dancing, networking, and sharing ideas!
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Lindsay said:
They do a great job! I relish the day we can afford that! RELISH, I tell you!! (Nice shots, too) :)
(02.17.11 04:51 PM)
Rich Park said:
your shots are amazing - and their edits make your pictures so warm and bright!
(02.17.11 05:31 PM)
Lauren said:
The brides dress is beautiful. I love the neckline.
(02.18.11 09:44 PM)
Christine C. said:
Lovely job, indeed! I'll come and say hi to you guys for sure, if we bump into each other amongst the 30,000 others. :) It'll happen.
(02.19.11 02:00 AM)
Dina said:
The before and after pictures are amazing! They do great work!
(02.20.11 09:59 AM)
Brittany said:
Very neat!
(02.20.11 11:37 AM)
Lisa Woods said:
Thanks so much for posting these. I can't wait to try Fotofafa out!
(02.22.11 06:43 AM)
Denver Photographer said:
All the post production on these shots looks great.
(02.22.11 06:22 PM)
clippingimages said:
nice emotions.........just love them :)
(02.23.11 01:18 AM)
crissie said:
This is awesome. Now when you do this, are you doing the basic color edits or the full psd edits for the hourly rate? It's amazing the time it must save you! I was just checking out their site.
(02.24.11 03:55 PM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Hi guys, thank you for introducing us to Kenny at the show. We will definitely be looking into using them and seeing this blog post helps a lot too. It was so great to meet you. You did an excellent job. I hope that you feel better soon!
(02.24.11 06:43 PM)
Sarah DeShaw said:
Thanks for the post! Lately I've been working like a dog and my husband politely asks me if there is anything he can get me. I always say, "more time in the day, please!" It looks to me like this is how I will get it! Wonderful! And you can't beat their pricing, really! Thanks again. This is going to make a big difference in the quality of my days :)
(02.26.11 05:03 AM)
Chelsea said:
Beautiful! how did you get hair so perfect? I must know.
(03.04.11 02:06 PM)
Weddingish said:
I LOVE that you give credit where credit is deserved! I love your style and it's comforting to see these photographs aren't always perfect the way they're taken! I found you through 100 Layer Cake and can't wait to see more of your work. :)
(03.17.11 07:07 PM)
Elizabeth Bishop said:
I absolutely adore her dress. Does anyone happen to know where the bride got it?
(03.18.11 03:18 AM)
caroline said:
That's all great but as a bride to be I'm drewling over the dress. Can you let me know how I can find out what maker it is.
(03.18.11 03:36 AM)
reba said:
Photos are beautiful, and I LOVE this dress. Any information on where its from/ designer?
(06.25.11 10:00 AM)
Alli said:
ill join in like everyone else.. i love the pictures, but any idea where the dress came from?
(01.22.12 10:55 PM)
Molly said:
Where did this dress come from?????
(02.26.13 07:46 PM)
Clipping Path Outsource said:
Pictures so warm and bright.all the post production shots great.nice emotions.........just love them :)
(08.12.13 03:21 PM)
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KATE WHITMORE!!! Congrats to the winner of the Airplanes & Blazers contest! You won a free seat to any one of our LYON-SHOP classes this year!!! I'll be emailing you, Kate my dear, for details very soon!!!

That was a TOUGH decision! First, we had to go through all of the comments and see which commenters guessed our favorite quote, second, we then gave each correct commenter a number, and third, we ran a random number generator online and that's how Kate Whitmore won, whew!

PS. our favorite quote from Anchorman is #3! "What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing." LOL! Makes us laugh EVERY time!

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Robin said:
I wish I had entered, I was going to guess that quote! However my photog skills are not up to par.
(02.15.11 08:40 AM)
wedding reviews said:
Congrats to Kate!
(02.15.11 02:33 PM)
Tamara Nicole said:
Congrats to the winner! P.S. I was doing a random search for letterpress wedding business cards and came across yours! Lol LOVE it:-)
(02.16.11 09:52 PM)
wedding photos said:
woon! I'm in love with this wedding! Gorgeous Bride! Handsome Groom! Fabulous decor and who wouldn't be head over heels for a wedding in here?!
(03.23.11 08:22 PM)
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