It's that time again!!! Announcing the LYON-SHOP, part trois!
The last LYON-SHOP on October 27th was AMAZING, to say the least! To be surrounded and teaching in front of other fellow photographers for an entire day was truly a humbling experience. Justin and I really had a SWEET group of people in attendance! We feel super blessed to have had this opportunity! Here is a little recap on how the day went down:

ls_blog001.jpgAll of our sponsors were so generous to our attendees. So glad to have Into The Darkroom, Renaissance Albums, Fotofafa, and TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS! on our team!
ls_blog002.jpgThis is the view we had from our conference room at the Hotel Laguna.
ls_blog003.jpgOur models (Megan & Michael) rocked it! So glad they came all the way down from Northern California! We worked two different shoots that day. This first set of photos is from the first shoot where we demonstrated working with our clients, posing, natural light, and working with specific lenses.
ls_blog004.jpgls_blog005.jpgls_blog006.jpgJustin working his magic with the window reflection.
ls_blog009.jpgls_blog010.jpgls_blog011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day by Justin!
ls_blog012.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day!
ls_blog013.jpgls_blog014.jpgThis next set of images is from our second shoot where we discussed and demonstrated off camera lighting and more posing. We would have also demonstrated how to capture sun-flare, unfortunately the weather didn't permit, BUT we still got some killer shots!
ls_blog015.jpgls_blog016.jpgls_blog017.jpgls_blog018.jpgls_blog019.jpgls_blog020.jpgls_blog021.jpgls_blog022.jpgCan't wait to meet the next group of LYON-SHOP attendees on January 12th! Hurry fast to reserve your seat as the last LYON-SHOP sold out in just under 24 hours!

Be sure to stop by our official LYON-SHOP site to check out the details!

Also, click here to see what one attendee had to say about his experience at the LYON-SHOP!

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Shannon said:
Man, I really would love to attend the lyon-shop. You guys should consider doing it in other states. Maybe, charge 100 bucks more per ticket, so that it covers your traveling cost, and I'd totally be there if it was close!
(11.07.09 09:21 AM)
megan welker said:
flippin aaaamazing!! thank you guys so much again for everything! ...and....i LOVE the photos :)
(11.07.09 10:13 AM)
richard cao said:
thanks again justin and amelia for a great experience. this workshop rocked!!!!! you two were just so real!!
(11.07.09 10:37 AM)
Lizzy Peterson said:
I can't stop telling people how amazing this day was for me! I seriously learned more about photography and managing my business in this one day than I have in the 2 years I have been building my business! It made me so excited to go home and work even harder with photography! It helped me see the "light at the end of the tunnel!" As photographers, we all come to points where it seems like our business isn't going to go anywhere. I don't know about you but I have hit that "dead end" feeling multiple times. After attending your workshop, I was refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world of photography! Thank you Lyon's for being so willing to share your knowledge and experience with those of us who might need some extra help! Very much appreciated!
(11.07.09 11:53 AM)
Michael said:
AMELIA!!!!! JUSTIN!!!!!! these are frooooooockin awesome....Definitely enjoyed the shooting, and the photos turned out legit. Thanks again for having us, and for convincing me to try to get into art center ha
(11.07.09 12:02 PM)
Debbie S said:
I want to come sooooo bad, but I live in Virginia.
(11.07.09 12:27 PM)
manon said:
One day I want to go to one of your workshops. I sosososososo want to come. saving hard for my ticket.
(11.07.09 12:48 PM)
Marilyn Briseno said:
Hi, I've been following your work for some time now, and I'm such a big fan! How can one sign up to be a model for your next LYON-SHOP? Much love, Marilyn
(11.07.09 01:00 PM)
Amanda Patrice said:
Some of the best money I've ever spent was for the last workshop! I highly recommend it!!!
(11.07.09 02:37 PM)
Anonymous said:
Hi! Will we be able to obtain a model release of the shots we take during the workshop? I am interested in building my portfolio with any workshop I attend. Thank you! Lee
(11.07.09 07:38 PM)
Drew said:
I hope you aren't booked up by Mid December. If you still have an opening then I'm so in!
(11.07.09 10:27 PM)
amelialyon said:
Lizzy, YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment, glad you felt a value in what we taught!! It was great meeting you!
(11.08.09 11:43 AM)
aric + casey said:
soooo want to do this! love the shots!!-hot models!
(11.08.09 03:05 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
Paco and Betty is so there!
(11.08.09 04:48 PM)
megan Plenge said:
I love that last photo...pretty much summed up an awesome day!! Thanks so much Amelia and Justin for the amazing experience...I learned a ton! :) And got persuaded to join life will never be the same!!
(11.08.09 06:48 PM)
Kristy Cefalo said:
Please come to Utah and do a workshop. I would be there :)
(11.09.09 09:05 AM)
jackie wonders said:
I LOVED IT!!! Thanks again you guys :)
(11.09.09 11:24 PM)
Megan Papworth said:
BEST DAY OF MY LIFE :) Seriously. I am kind of jealous that I won't be able to come spend the day with you guys again. Loved every second and I now have a vision for my business. Thanks again, guys!
(11.10.09 12:12 PM)
Becky said:
Amelia and Justin- you guys are AMAZING!!! I am so glad I came and was able to learn all your sweet tips and tricks. I tell everyone about you guys and how that single day saved me years of oops-es, uh oh's, and why didn't I think of that before! :) Seriously you guys are awesome and I really appreciate the chance I had to be a part of such an amazing experience. Let us know if you guys are ever in G-town (Gilbert)....Dan and I would love to take you guys out to dinner! :) -Becky
(11.11.09 11:09 AM)
sandie said:
wow!!!! You guys are rock stars!!!!! LOVE everything you have going one and Im so happy to see you spreading the Lyon Love! miss ya!
(11.15.09 11:08 PM)
yan palmer said:
my heart hurts. i'm going to sign up for your mailing list now.
(11.16.09 03:40 PM)
clippingimages said:
i want to come to are simply rocking.........
(01.09.11 07:19 PM)
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Jane Hasty said:
(11.03.09 05:56 PM)
Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC said:
this would seriously freak me out on a plane. Ive been following the MM's trip in the south and am just loving it!
(11.04.09 10:48 PM)
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