Wow! We really have had such an amazing response to the first Lyon-Shop!!! We sold out JUST under 24 hours, woot-woot!

For those of you that wanted to attend, but didn't make it in time, not to worry, we will be doing more Lyon-Shops in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, we CANNOT wait to meet our first 12 attendees, it's going to be a blast!!
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Jamie Delaine said:
See ya there! :)
(06.18.09 02:14 PM)
Corissa said:
Shoot! I missed it. Hopefully you do another one really soon!!
(06.18.09 02:16 PM)
John said:
Oh man, I just saw this today and thought ok.. I'll sign up, and then bamno, sold out. You guys rock.
(06.18.09 02:21 PM)
Tyler said:
I'm pretty ticked, I was pumped about meeting y'all!!! Oh well I'll know to jump on it next time!!! Everyone have fun!!! :)))
(06.18.09 05:25 PM)
the lyon den is balling out of control. way to go guys!
(06.18.09 06:26 PM)
Lydia Jane said:
Whoohoo :)
(06.18.09 07:57 PM)
hana chung said:
darn!!!! i saw it too late! i've been waiting for you guys to do a workshop!!!!!! congrats on selling out, but i hope you have another one soon so i can come!!!!!
(06.19.09 01:13 AM)
Sarah @ said:
I couldn't go because I should have a newborn right around then, but I hope I can make one of the other ones down the road! I hope you all enjoy it! =)
(06.19.09 10:48 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
Yay! So so proud of you guys!!! GO GO GO!
(06.19.09 02:06 PM)
Jason said:
Great set...I really love number six!
(06.22.09 06:43 AM)
amber dawn said:
I love your favorite shot of the day too! So amazing...great work!
(06.22.09 03:49 PM)
leah said:
oh so i have been trying to figure out what lighting you use to get the boat shots if you could please help me out thanks :)
(06.23.09 04:43 PM)
Jen said:
I just saw this! I'd love to do a LYON-SHOP! Let me know por favor when you're planning a second one!!
(07.21.09 01:25 PM)
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For more info check out our Lyon-Shop Website by clicking here!

***A HUGE thanks to Into The Darkroom for creating our Lyon-Shop Website and for providing us with the Dream Package!!! For those that are interested in purchasing a Dream Package, be sure to mention our name and they'll definitely take care of you!;)
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Jasmine* said:
It's ABOUT TIME! ;) I'm so happy for you both! :) xoxo
(06.17.09 02:43 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
So want to go...I will be out of town!! Bust! Next time for sure!
(06.17.09 02:48 PM)
Leila Khalil| Wedding Publicist| Be Inspired PR said:
can i come? it sounds so fun! I am huge fan and big supporter of what you do!
(06.17.09 02:53 PM)
Megan Welker said:
I have soooooo been waiting for this!!!
(06.17.09 02:53 PM)
Ryel j said:
Wholly cow Batman!!! Yay, yay, ya!!
(06.17.09 02:56 PM)
Paige Green said:
looks amazing! any chance you'd give a discount to one of your past brides? :-)
(06.17.09 03:11 PM)
matt sloan said:
do it! do it! do it! do it!
(06.17.09 03:17 PM)
cat from nextexit said:
Congrats you guys!!
(06.17.09 03:22 PM)
Christy said:
Nice! What a fab and educational way to spend a day! Hope it's a wild success!
(06.17.09 03:32 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
good goin Lyons!! excited for you kids!
(06.17.09 03:39 PM)
seanflanigan said:
(06.17.09 03:48 PM)
nate said:
you guys are the coolest! so stoked for you!!!
(06.17.09 04:15 PM)
Julie said:
Oh man I would love to jump on this! It's not something I can afford right now but I hope you continue to host them in the future.
(06.17.09 04:17 PM)
Anna said:
Oh my goodness. I've been drooling over you both for quite some time now (loveloveloveloveloveLOVE you guys) and this workshop is just...EEEP! I have a wedding booked that day. Are there apt to be others to follow? I'm so excited you're doing this!!!
(06.17.09 04:37 PM)
Austin said:
I knew it! How awesome is this? Congrats guys!
(06.17.09 04:42 PM)
Kelli Taylor said:
I'm so BUMMED! I'm going to be on your side of the country one month TOO LATE! WHAAA!
(06.17.09 05:55 PM)
yan palmer said:
wow you two. i'm sure it will be better than better than better than amazing. i know it sounds cheap to say, "wish i could go," blah blah blah, but well, that's what i'm saying. hope to save up for next year, though.
(06.17.09 06:42 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
How exciting! I looooove the Lyon-Shop Website!
(06.17.09 08:28 PM)
Mark A Higgins said:
Congratulations! I wish I was free that week for a trip out to the West Coast! I'll be in beautiful Amish country that week in PA.
(06.17.09 09:16 PM)
Rog said:
Oh CRAP! I'm all out of paypal and credit card...just this morning in fact I was spending the last credit on the actual moon boots that N. Dynamite worn in the dance scene, and get this, they were $750. What a sad day! Do you take payment in the form of song or partial nudity? If so, I'm in! You guys, I need to be serious for one holy second...if I buy all 12 spots can you come to my house for the Lyon-shop? I've had a long week that week...(?what?) and just want to relax in this killer fort I've made out of dictionaries and floral patterned curtains. Love on! -Rog
(06.17.09 10:30 PM)
Cory Callahan said:
AWESOME! I have been waiting for this!
(06.18.09 05:55 AM)
Gav said:
So when you coming to London+England? :D
(06.18.09 07:32 AM)
Laura said:
Wish I could come!
(06.18.09 08:04 AM)
Megan Papworth said:
ahhhh I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time! I wish I didn't have a vacation planned. PLEASE DO A WINTER SESSION VERY SOON! I LOVE your work :)
(06.18.09 10:56 AM)
sandie said:
you are too awesome! Love the lyon-shot idea/site/and the super cute pics of you two getting down at a reception! LOVE IT ALL! um.. let me know if you need an assistant :)
(06.20.09 11:04 PM)
CReid said:
Sorry I can't make this workshop but I can't wait for the next one. Regards, Carl
(06.22.09 10:21 PM)
Vivian Tran said:
Congratulations on your first workshop! We are all so excited for the both of you!
(06.23.09 09:36 AM)
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