Wow, our little Sloan is now THREE!! He's turning into such a sweet little man! Here are a few fun facts about Sloan this year:

1. He's been doing this silly thing with his mouth lately when he gets embarrassed or when he's proud of something he's done (see below).
2. His favorite thing right now is to go to Target and buy a 97 cent Hot Wheels car.
3. In the early part of the morning, the first thing he wants to do is hop in bed with his older brother Hudson and snuggle with him.
4. He's still obsessed with pigs.
5. His favorite color is pink...that's right, PINK!
6. He's learning his ABC's and is really good at counting.
7. Always wants to play with Hudson, Sloan thinks Hudson is the coolest kid alive.
8. When he gets in the right mood, he has a giggle that can send the whole house into laughter!
9. For breakfast, he LOVES "light brown cereal" or granola.
10. He likes to call mommy "Ameeeeewwweeeeaaahhh" (Amelia) to be silly.
11. He always has a Cars car in hand when he goes to sleep, he gets to earn one a week from daddy's stash in the garage.
12. When he walks somewhere, he doesn't just walk, he jumps, skips, and hops everywhere.
13. Knows exactly where Chuck E. Cheese's is when we drive by it.
14. His favorite song is "Boom Boom Pow" by Black Eyed Peas.
15. He is the BEST snuggler of all time. Knows the best way to crawl onto mommy or daddy's lap, curl up in a ball, and make the world seem wonderful while he's there.

We love you Sloanie....You are the apple of mommy & daddy's eye, you are such a wonderful little brother to Hudson and you make our life brighter with each day! Happy Birthday son!!!

sloan3_001.jpgsloan3_002.jpgI spent a good part of the day on Sloan's birthday putting together this sign. He loved it!
sloan3_006.jpgNote to self: never again buy cupcakes from the grocery store with crazy food colored frosting! Can you say STAIN?!

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Mel said:
Oh my, I love these!! It's amazing how much he looks like you should have more ;)
(10.28.10 12:12 PM)
Braedon said:
So freeking cute!!
(10.28.10 12:14 PM)
kristine atienza said:
i always enjoy your "personal posts" alongside your "professional posts". Happy Birthday Sloan!! We definitely agree with #7 after watching you mimic big brother Hudson last Friday while he was playing video games! hehe!
(10.28.10 12:17 PM)
jessie said:
Please stop the world, do NOT let him grow up any more!! He his so delightful and brings so much joy to everyone!! Especially grandpa duck, (who's eyes he has) and grandma Lyon! He looks VERY pleased with HIS day!
(10.28.10 12:39 PM)
shari said:
so cute! what a fun party... my little guy turns 3 on Saturday! I can't believe how fast time has flown by!!!!
(10.28.10 12:41 PM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
Oh my gosh I love the stained cupcake mouths!! And the fact that he loves pink is awesome! ;) Happy Birthday to your little man!
(10.28.10 04:18 PM)
Lizett Esparza said:
omg! He is so ridiculously cute! Happy Birthday to him. I love how you posted those cute little facts about him. Once again, great shots! thx for always sharing ;)
(10.29.10 04:04 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Happy Birthday Sloan! When I was reading you list of things about Sloan I though to myself "is she talking about Paige or Sloan? Just replace the cars for Barbies!" 3 years old is a super fun age.
(10.29.10 06:08 AM)
Derek Frenzel said:
Ha! We have dance parties to Boom Boom Pow while driving. Love it! Happy Birthday to your little man.
(10.29.10 10:30 AM)
Eiman said:
Happy Bday Sloan!! Looks like he had a blast!! I absolutely love the cupcake mustache pics!! Absolutely adorable!
(10.29.10 11:58 AM)
Jared Tseng said:
What a cutie! Congrats!
(10.29.10 05:12 PM)
Amber said:
Miss you guys! Felt like I should have been there. But then I saw Sloans 3 stained fingers and was glad I wasnt. Or at least my kids werent! Eliza's Birthday is in 2 days and I just dont have the party planning in me.
(10.29.10 10:13 PM)
Karen said:
SO cute! I love his hair!! My little boy's favorite color is pink too...this makes me feel a little bit better about it!
(10.30.10 04:28 AM)
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Wow, I can hardly contain myself!!! Justin & I have been itching for a few months now to show off these images we shot for Nancy from So Happi Together and Melissa from The Loveliest Day. We had to keep the photos on hush-hush until they were submitted and published in the Southern Weddings Magazine. Now I'm SO excited that the day has finally come to feature this amazing concept shoot on our blog!!! 

The concept was put together by Nancy and Melissa, they named it Woven & Spun. Here are the featured spreads, plus some of my personal favorites that didn't quite make the cut for the final print.

Thank you to the lovely Southern Weddings Magazine ladies for the sweet feature! We feel honored, to say the least!

I also have to mention all the other vendors involved, everyone pulled together to make this concept shoot possible:

Event Design & Coordination: Nancy Park- So Happi Together
Event Design & Styling: Melissa Huber- The Loveliest Day
Florals: Megan Gray- Honey and Poppies
Baked Goods: Melody Brandon- My Sweet & Saucy Shop
Stationery & Paper Goods: MaeMae Paperie
Hair & Make-up: Nicole DeAnne
Bride's Wardrobe: Vivian Lee, Tomato Weddings
Furniture Rentals: Jeni Maus, Found Vintage Rentals
Table Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
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robyn said:
Epic spreads. You rocked it! Really beautiful work, as usual. :)
(10.07.10 01:02 PM)
John said:
Absolutely beautiful, really seriously stunning work. I love the colours, the poses, the mood, really excellent images as usual. Great work.
(10.07.10 01:04 PM)
Ravyn said:
GORGEOUS!! The colors are amazing ... I'm in love!
(10.07.10 01:11 PM)
crissie said:
Agh gasp, sigh. So amazing. Your work makes me salivate every time. You SO deserve this. Love love love love love everything you spit out. I hope to someday cross paths with your amazingness.
(10.07.10 01:15 PM)
francis said:
Boom! congrats on an amazing set!
(10.07.10 01:16 PM)
Juli said:
Love it!! it is well deserved to be put in a bridal magazine
(10.07.10 01:18 PM)
Jessica said:
amazing. perfect. fabulous. SO CLASSY. i am dying right now.
(10.07.10 01:21 PM)
Jennifer said:
Congratulations! The images are beautiful!! :)
(10.07.10 01:39 PM)
geri e. said:
i'm seriously drooling. ahhh!
(10.07.10 02:07 PM)
Lisa Rigby said:
Gorgeous! I love everything, but especially her headpiece and the table setting.
(10.07.10 02:13 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Absolutely beautiful Amelia! Congrats! SW is a beautiful magazine!
(10.07.10 02:33 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
AMAZING!!!! Love, love love!
(10.07.10 02:41 PM)
Ariel Renae said:
WOW. These are absolutely STUNNING!!! I've followed your work for a few years and your work is always inspiring to me. Thank you for being so awesome! :)
(10.07.10 02:49 PM)
Jessica Hills said:
WOW what a gorgeous shoot. No wonder why you were featured. Congrats! I think this is my favorite shoot of yours so far!
(10.07.10 04:24 PM)
Becca said:
I feel as though it's a little ridiculous how amazing your photography is :-) spread some of that talent around! haha just kidding -- but what an absolutely amazing shoot! I LOVE it!
(10.07.10 04:43 PM)
Mel said:
Pure perfection as usual!!
(10.07.10 07:19 PM)
Megan Welker said:
so amazing!! Great job Amelia!!
(10.07.10 07:30 PM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
Great job Amelia!!! We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished...
(10.08.10 07:13 AM)
michelle fraley said:
dear lord, i am in awe of this shoot. you are simply fantastic.
(10.08.10 09:46 AM)
Kristy Berends said:
I love the way these turned out, can't wait to see more! What a beautiful couple!
(10.08.10 06:11 PM)
Adam Coberly said:
WOW! Amazing style and color. Will have to pick up the magazine just to see these shots in print!
(10.08.10 09:34 PM)
Brooke Romney said:
What an guys totally deserve it. Loved it all.
(10.10.10 06:08 AM)
Angela Hubbard said:
so gorgeous! congrats
(10.10.10 10:07 AM)
Natalia said:
aaaand this is why my daughter is named after you! (besides it being an awesome name meaning INDUSTRIOUS!) ;) Excellent work you deserve all the best!
(10.10.10 09:43 PM)
CONGRATS!!!! hey- you are both awesome, and southern weddings is awesome, so that's way too much awesomeness.
(10.10.10 10:35 PM)
Christine Pobke said:
This is STUNNING. :) Congrats and SO well deserved, friend! :) xoxo
(10.10.10 11:39 PM)
Anda said:
CONGRATULATIONS, Amelia and Justin!! I love every single photo!! I love how whimsical it all is. Beautiful! I have come back here to look at it several times now :)
(10.11.10 06:29 AM)
esther said:
amelia! your work is art!!! it is absolute perfection!!!!
(10.11.10 11:10 AM)
SR said:
So gorgeous! Can't wait for you to shoot our wedding!!!
(10.11.10 09:36 PM)
Kelly Mendoza said:
(10.11.10 10:18 PM)
Whitney Law said:
my absolute fav shoot you've done. bravo.
(10.12.10 12:08 AM)
Meredith said:
These images are so lovely! Such a fantastic job. I could look at them for hours.
(10.13.10 09:44 AM)
Suzanne said:
GAWP! These are glorious!!!
(10.13.10 10:32 AM)
arenda said:
congratulations!!! ps - white horse + white dress = gorgeousness!
(10.13.10 10:58 AM)
Leanne Brischetto said:
OM goodness - LOVE!!!
(10.13.10 07:25 PM)
Katie said:
Seriously??? Incredible!! Some of my fave photos from you guys EVER!
(10.13.10 07:37 PM)
Caitlin said:
How lovely! Even better that it was here in Texas! Can I say that even if I've only lived here 2 years? Great work ya'll!
(10.14.10 09:02 AM)
Jill Ison said:
holy cow Amelia! These are wonderful :)
(10.15.10 04:15 PM)
Shan said:
Absolutely stunning! Congratulations!
(10.17.10 09:39 AM)
Jillian said:
Amelia this is absolutely astounding!!! The photos all have an ethereal, yet modern feel to them...thank you for seeing the beautiful things in life...
(10.18.10 01:29 PM)
Ruth Silver -- Chicago Wedding Photographer said:
Fabulous pictures! Congratulations for being featured that is really great!
(11.29.10 02:29 PM)
dentist london said:
wow... beautiful pic .. damn... i saved em :D
(04.11.11 01:42 AM)
Polish Dentist said:
Great images , congratulations
(08.09.11 07:13 AM)
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