A few weeks ago we joined a bunch of our friends and our crazy kids at the magical land of Disney for their celebration of Halloween Time and trick-or-treating there. The tickets were a bit pricey, but let me just tell you that they were worth it! What a fun experience to be there with the kids all costumed up and all the fun things Disneyland had planned for the evening were really awesome (especially the halloween fireworks show), plus you go home with a big bag of candy!

My little Mario Bros boys from earlier that day.
dlandh_001.jpgdlandh_002.jpgHere's our group of kids, I can only imagine what they'll look like next year!
dlandh_003.jpgSo fun to have the Sloans, the Thompsons, the Kaisers (minus sick-at-home-Nate), and the Becklunds along for the ride!
dlandh_004.jpgdlandh_005.jpgdlandh_006.jpgdlandh_007.jpgSloan's favorite ride is Autopia!
dlandh_008.jpgMatterhorn with Jaclyn, Gracie, Candice, and're going to LOVE the next photo of Ang! LOL!
dlandh_009.jpgdlandh_010.jpgGrace did an amazing job of steering on the Teacups (with a little bit of help from Jaclyn), it was trippy taking photos and spinning in circles...super fun!
dlandh_011.jpgdlandh_012.jpgLittle Paisley Pirate:)
dlandh_013.jpgIn each land there were different places to dance and "club it up" with your kids;)
dlandh_014.jpgdlandh_015.jpgAnd of course, you can go to Halloween Time at Disneyland with out seeing the amazing display of Nightmare Before Christmas on the Haunted Mansion ride, it gets better every year!
Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone! We'll be at the Ace Hotel in good company with the Flashdance's Halloween Dance Party there. If you're looking for something to do, feel free to join us, it'll be a blast!!

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robyn said:
GAH!! That looks so fun. What an amazing memory of it you've made for your family. Love it ALL.
(10.30.10 10:56 PM)
Jory Cordy said:
OH MY GOSH! What the crap. That's the cutest group of trick or treaters ever. I'm having kids just so I can dress them up as Mario and Luigi. Nice job on have cool kids everyone. They might grow up to be cooler than yall.
(10.31.10 10:49 PM)
Angie+Matt said:
funnest Disney Trick or Treat yet! Loved that it was at Disneyland this year!!!
(11.04.10 08:58 AM)