One of the best treats is to be hired back from past wedding clients to photograph their family as it grows! Such is the case with Danah + Ahmad...I've been photographing their family grow since their engagement session! Now 5 years and two kids later it's been a delight to watch!
pasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_001.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_002.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_003.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_004.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_005.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
pasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_007.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_008.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_009.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_010.jpgpasadena_familyportraits_amelialyonphotography_edrisfamily_011.jpgThe cutest!
I'm looking forward to seeing how their family continues to grow as the years go by!
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Sasser said:
Lovely family... That little angel is sooooo cute! Beautiful photographs! :)
(08.30.14 09:26 AM)
Atiqur Sumon said:
Great Couple with their future and Beautiful Photographs. I think so. They all enjoy so much.
(02.07.15 02:47 AM)
Monir Hossain said:
Every shot is awesome and beautiful, I'm they are happy family.
(02.12.15 11:27 AM)
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Remember that one time I photographed Jill and her beautiful belly along with Kenny on a paddle board in Newport Beach?! Remember when I photographed her at a grocery store pregnant with her #2? So, with #3, Jill wanted to do a "book end" shoot again with the paddle board to celebrate her last pregnancy, I thought it was a fun idea to show how the family has grown since the first maternity session!! I love being part of capturing their growth, plus I'm one happy aunt to welcome a little nephew into the world!!
maternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_001.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_002.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_003.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_004.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_005.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_006.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_007.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_008.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_009.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_010.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_011.jpgMy last and favorite shot of the day!

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Kate Whitmore said:
True Life: I searched your entire blog the other day looking specifically for your maternity pictures (because I'm obsessed) + ended up looking through all of Jill's old sessions. Incredible. This is a beautiful bookend!
(06.05.14 01:14 PM)
Ashley Thalman said:
Always beautiful Jill with ever talented Amelia and adoring Kenny! Love it!
(06.05.14 01:44 PM)
Kilean Hernandez said:
All I want in life is to look this good pregnant.
(06.05.14 03:11 PM)
Katie said:
love that first shot!! your work is so beautiful!
(06.06.14 05:02 AM)
ellen patton said:
These are beautiful!
(06.06.14 10:29 AM)
Christina Dooley said:
Simple and lovely... Nice photographs!
(06.08.14 05:49 AM)
Meghan & Julie said:
Awwwww. Gosh I wish I looked that stunning when I was pregnant with my 3rd. I was humongous. What lovely photographs. Congrats to the couple and siblings. Xo
(06.21.14 01:54 PM)
Tre Cavil said:
Nice variety with the maternity shoot. Really liked the approach to this photo shoot.
(07.30.14 09:39 PM)
Adidravidar Matrimony said:
wow...cute baby...wonderful shots
(10.09.14 01:55 AM)
Joolo said:
aah! another one on the way, eh? i wanted to get some belly photos of my wife while she was pregnant but she wouldn't let me. and her excuse was that she would look fat on the pics. too much look conscious she is, hahaha
(11.04.14 09:30 AM)
Ryan said:
This looks fantastic Amelia! Love the under exposed shot with the Palm trees !
(12.13.14 02:09 PM)
Sumon Chowdhury said:
Happy family also nice photography.
(02.12.15 11:05 AM)
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