Yes, oh yes, this truly is the most adorable couple I've ever had the chance to photograph!!! My Aunt Karen + Uncle Floyd! Their daughter Kaitlyn surprised them with a portrait session for Christmas last year and Justin and I finally were able to get them in front of our cameras a few weeks ago. I watched them as we did the portrait session and I saw complete, utter, and unbelievable happiness. I want to be like them when Justin and I grow up!

My first and favorite shot of the day!
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Jacky said:
amelia these are adorable! :)
(05.25.10 03:53 PM)
Bethany Hill said:
Haha! LOOOVE those mustache pics! And check out her shoes, rawr!
(05.25.10 03:53 PM)
this is perfection. i love people in love.
(05.25.10 03:56 PM)
Megan Welker said:
alright. that's just too cute! I love her skinny jeans and yellow pumps!! I want to be like them when I'm older too!! Loved it Amelia!
(05.25.10 03:57 PM)
zahra said:
HA!! This images are awesome. Their outfits are sooo friggin cute!! I want to be as cute as them when I grow up as well!!
(05.25.10 03:58 PM)
Dana Goodson said:
Awesome session! They are such a gorgeous couple! I can only hope my husband and I look half that hot at our 50th anniversary. :o)
(05.25.10 04:24 PM)
Thresha said:
That is soooo cute how she is crossing her legs over his on the bench!!! Great job!
(05.25.10 04:26 PM)
Brandon Wong said:
AHH!! I love these so much. Thank you for showing the world that love can still be captured at such an age.
(05.25.10 04:36 PM)
Karen Brown said:
Amelia and Justin. We love our pics! I am so grateful to you and Kaitlyn, as we probably would have never taken pictures of just us! You are amazingly talented and actually the best part of the day was being with you and Justin. I loved watching you guys work together. We just had so much fun! Thank you so much!!!
(05.25.10 04:56 PM)
Shari said:
that is some kind of wonderful right there! those shooooes! those 'staches! love the images!
(05.25.10 05:11 PM)
Kim Ugale said:
Love at its finest! On a side note, I'm lovin' Karen's yellow heels!
(05.25.10 05:11 PM)
Simply Natural Photography said:
THis is so precious! I want to be like them too! Great work. Katherine
(05.25.10 05:12 PM)
Adam said:
Holy cow this is fun! My wife is going to love this, I have to go show her right now!
(05.25.10 05:13 PM)
Kathrina said:
I want to always be that hip and in love! Love it
(05.25.10 05:14 PM)
jenn king said:
this is crazy adorable!
(05.25.10 05:53 PM)
Laura said:
Too cute!!! May we all be so fortunate to have a story so touching and lucky enough to have it captured so beautifully. P.S. I kinda (and by kinda, I mean totally) want her outfit :)
(05.25.10 06:07 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
Oh my goodness! SOOOO cute! :) Love her yellow shoes!
(05.25.10 06:12 PM)
Rog said:
Just in time for mustache may!
(05.25.10 06:38 PM)
katie b. said:
the black & white with the tree and the geese? amazing shot. love the mustaches too ;)
(05.25.10 06:49 PM)
Ravyn said:
Photos are adorable ... and her shoes are super cute!
(05.25.10 06:53 PM)
Tom deBruyn said:
I love OLD LOVE! It's so uncommon and awesome!
(05.25.10 08:02 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Aww they are so cute! check out her skinny jeans and yellow heels! Love it!
(05.25.10 09:09 PM)
Stacy said:
This is seriously the most adorable thing I've ever seen! I hope to be just a fraction as cute as they are at that age!
(05.25.10 09:15 PM)
jenni hill said:
I love this It makes me feel happy !!
(05.25.10 09:53 PM)
(05.25.10 10:02 PM)
Mike Cunningham said:
Well you've really got a winner here A&J. These are super good. I love that Floyd is wearing his Sperry's from the wedding. Such a great family. Maybe Brandon will let you photograph his
(05.25.10 11:34 PM)
Ashley said:
What an adorable couple! Her little pop of colour with the yellow heels is absolutely endearing, and love love LOVE the mustaches.
(05.25.10 11:50 PM)
Melanie said:
Her shoes are so cute! Great shots!
(05.26.10 01:18 AM)
Rianne said:
So cute!!
(05.26.10 04:00 AM)
anda said:
gah -- they are SO SO adorable! i hope i'm still wearing yellow peep toe heels when i'm that age. awesome session!!
(05.26.10 06:08 AM)
Kat said:
I love your aunt! Skinny jeans and yellow heels oh my! They're a totally awesome couple :)
(05.26.10 08:31 AM)
Caitlin said:
wait a minute -- these are awesome, but what's the awesome story behind the moustaches? I am amazed by that
(05.26.10 10:09 AM)
Katie Beverley said:
These are so awesome!!! They are suuuuch a cute couple!
(05.27.10 01:14 AM)
Katie Beverley said:
These are so awesome!!! They are suuuuch a cute couple!
(05.27.10 01:14 AM)
ann said:
excuuuuuuuuse me are they not the CUTEST!? :)
(05.27.10 06:48 AM)
Tricia said: cute is your aunt?! Love those heels!!!!! :-)
(05.27.10 08:01 AM)
jessica peterson said:
so so so so so so sweet!
(05.31.10 08:47 AM)
Justin said:
I want his shoes! Those things are Sweet! Great series!
(06.03.10 06:22 AM)
Brandon Lata said:
I am sorry these pictures are the BEST! I really can look at these for hours! Great work!
(06.07.10 11:16 AM)
Cheap flights said:
Nice pics...
(06.16.10 11:35 AM)
jennifer said:
these are soooo precious! they make me smile!
(06.26.10 09:01 AM)
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Jessica Snow, or better known to me as Jet Snow, has been following Justin & my work for a few years now ever since Justin did a shoot for Eliza Magazine. Now she is getting married to the her sweetheart Pat! Jet + Pat decided to hire us for a fun fantastic pre-wedding shoot in Santa Monica. We started out at the LDS Temple, it was really nice to have them all to myself. Unlike all of the other times I've shot at this temple, it's always been on a wedding day with all of the wedding guests and family around along with the hustle and bustle of the day's activities. So it was super nice to be have the luxury of time in order to get as creative as I wanted. Jet + Pat were super uber sweet to work with, I loved their dynamic and style together!
jp_001.jpgjp_002.jpgjp_003.jpgI've had this shot in my head for quite some time, I'm glad I finally got to do it!
jp_006.jpgjp_007.jpgjp_008.jpgjp_009.jpgjp_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!!!
jp_011.jpgjp_012.jpgjp_013.jpgWe ended up at the Santa Monica Pier. The light was perfect, the weather was perfect, and of course Jet + Pat were perfect!
jp_014.jpgjp_017.jpgJet threw on some rain boots to make walking in sand easier, I thought it was a fun look.
jp_018.jpgjp_020.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day! *Photographers-Justin and recently purchase Radio-Poppers and we LOVE them!
Amid the craziness of Santa Monica pier.
jp_024.jpgjp_025.jpgjp_026.jpgjp_027.jpgjp_028.jpgjp_029.jpgCongrats on the new Mr. +Mrs. to-be!
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Mel said:
LOVE!! I first discovered Eliza magazine on your blog years ago and have been a fan of it ever since...thanks for sharing your amazing talent =)
(04.29.10 12:25 PM)
Julia Wade said:
One of THE BEST LDS couple shoots like, ever! Amazing Amelia.
(04.29.10 02:06 PM)
Courtney said:
I wish we could talk more people into a pre wedding shoot! Seriously... so much better without family wanting it all to be over, you know?
(04.29.10 02:24 PM)
John said:
You are an amazing artist. *inspired*
(04.30.10 11:40 AM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE them Amelia! Quick question, which kind of RP's did you get? The Manual ones? Or TTL?
(04.30.10 04:27 PM)
Gretta said:
Jet! Why does you dress have to be so much better than my dress was!?'s not a contest ;). Amelia, you made my beautiful friend look as amazing as she does is real life! And you captured her even more gorgeous spirit. Love to you all!
(04.30.10 05:43 PM)
Dana Goodson said:
What a cute session! I love it.
(05.01.10 05:49 AM)
Verster said:
Really cute! I love the retro feel.
(05.02.10 09:15 AM)
barbara dieppa said:
super cute shoot! Love them all!
(05.04.10 09:19 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
LOVE her dress and those sparkly shoes!! So amazing!
(05.04.10 09:43 PM)
Micah cordes said:
Love the entire shoot, the pier shots are amazing.
(05.06.10 05:54 PM)
Rebecca Nielsen said:
Amy: I always thought the LA Temple was a horrible place to shoot wedding photos - but you make it look so awesome! I wish I'd had you shoot my wedding when I got married there!
(05.07.10 06:51 PM)
Bernedette said:
AMAZING WORK! And OMG where did she get her shoes!!!! FAB!!!
(05.07.10 08:26 PM)
Tyson said:
Jet, you better be wearing those boots on your real wedding day.
(05.10.10 05:16 PM)
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