'Tis the season for family portrait sessions! While our wedding season in Southern California has slowed down, I am busier than ever photographing sweet families with beautiful children. It really is a delight and a whirlwind right at the same time!

Also, it's always great working with the Williams family, I've photographed them many times throughout my career (along with many other families), I love watching each family grow!
williams_2012_002.jpgwilliams_2012_003.jpgwilliams_2012_004.jpgwilliams_2012_005.jpgwilliams_2012_006.jpgwilliams_2012_007.jpgwilliams_2012_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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crystal blackledge said:
This is amazing! I just love seeing your work, it inspires me so much! You do such an awesome job capturing life!
(12.11.12 05:56 PM)
Malinda said:
Love love love it!!!! You're soooo talented Amelia. I can hardly stand it. I look daily to see what's new with you:)
(12.11.12 08:03 PM)
heather said:
Thank you so much Amelia!!! I LOVE these pictures of my little family. You are one talented lady and I feel so blessed to reap the benefits of you sharing that talent with others. I can't say it enough, the pictures you take of our family are truly priceless to me.
(12.11.12 10:05 PM)
Becca said:
oh how i love your work. it is a breath of fresh air and SO DANG INSPIRING! Thanks for sharing your best and inspiring me!
(12.12.12 08:00 AM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
What a great looking family. Your work never ceases to amaze me!
(12.13.12 08:05 AM)
Jason Brown @ San Antonio Wedding Photograper said:
Really nice work, I hope I get as good as you one day. How long have you been doing this?
(12.18.12 08:44 PM)
toronto wedding photographer said:
great mood and emotions on your photos - love them!
(12.29.12 07:18 PM)
Marcos said:
Love your photography and's very unique
(12.30.12 09:26 AM)
Rob Holley said:
Great work. Are you using a tilt/shift lens?
(01.04.13 08:35 AM)
Ashraf said:
Great Photography & also nice Style r all. thanks
(01.06.13 08:39 AM)
Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer said:
Super like! Love your posts.
(01.08.13 01:04 AM)
Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers said:
Great post and blog. super Like !!
(01.11.13 10:17 PM)
Ashli said:
Ooh! The Colors! She makes me want to try red lipstick again...
(01.15.13 12:47 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Wow! what a happy family photos collection! really amazing... thanks for share
(08.02.13 09:38 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Amazing Photography I say nothing just WOOOOW !
(08.24.13 07:30 AM)
Habib said:
Beautiful family photography... Looking just awesome. Thanks for sharing
(10.04.13 02:48 AM)
Ramy Racelis @ Ramyphotography said:
Amazing set of shots! I can tell that your session relied on ambient lighting and wide open aperture. Did you use Radlab on these by any chance?
(03.09.14 10:35 AM)
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Sometimes when I'm unavailable or already booked on a potential client's wedding day, the couple will opt to hire me to shoot a "day after" session. That is exactly what happened with Kelleigh + Dom.

This featured lovely couple had me come out to spend a fun mid-morning shoot at their amazing wedding venue, the Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate in Palm Springs. I was elated, to say the least, and loved the surroundings I was able to work with. This house is full of SO much history as this was one of Frank Sinatra's homes! There was definitely a ton of "eye candy" on this swanky shoot! Loved it!

I showed up and Kelleigh was just finishing up getting ready.
kelleigh_dom_001.jpgkelleigh_dom_002.jpgkelleigh_dom_003.jpgkelleigh_dom_004.jpgkelleigh_dom_005.jpgkelleigh_dom_006.jpgkelleigh_dom_007.jpgThis station was the actual place that Frank Sinatra would record live for radio broadcasting while he was staying in Palm Springs. SO amazing!
kelleigh_dom_008.jpgkelleigh_dom_009.jpgkelleigh_dom_010.jpgkelleigh_dom_011.jpgKelleigh's bouquet was so simple and so perfect!
kelleigh_dom_012.jpgkelleigh_dom_013.jpgkelleigh_dom_014.jpgkelleigh_dom_015.jpgkelleigh_dom_016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congratulations to Kelleigh + Dom, what a great morning I spent photographing you both together at this magical place!
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Amy said:
These are amazing, as always Amelia. Can I get married again so that you can take my pictures? Actually, we're celebrating our 10 yr anniversary this year. Having some ALP photos would be amazing. I wish we were closer!!
(10.30.12 05:28 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
Can we please talk about the fact that she is a Kate Hudson look-alike? Wow! She is stunning!
(10.31.12 10:04 AM)
Meredith said:
I don't normally comment on blogs but this was Ahhhhh-MAZING!
(10.31.12 09:09 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Really love her bouquet. And her dress. And everything else. :)
(11.01.12 12:08 AM)
Alli said:
Stunning ! Gorgeous photos as always :)
(11.23.12 07:54 PM)
David Oliveras said:
Beautiful work. You captured a lovely sense of romanticism with your lighting. Soft, gentle, soothing. You make your subjects look as if they live their whole lives filled with love and joy. Wow! Keep it up!
(01.09.13 09:32 AM)
Creative Design House BD. said:
Nice & wonderful photography. all of them very loving mood. I'm like it.
(04.03.13 11:35 AM)
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