'Tis the season for family portrait sessions! While our wedding season in Southern California has slowed down, I am busier than ever photographing sweet families with beautiful children. It really is a delight and a whirlwind right at the same time!

Also, it's always great working with the Williams family, I've photographed them many times throughout my career (along with many other families), I love watching each family grow!
williams_2012_002.jpgwilliams_2012_003.jpgwilliams_2012_004.jpgwilliams_2012_005.jpgwilliams_2012_006.jpgwilliams_2012_007.jpgwilliams_2012_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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crystal blackledge said:
This is amazing! I just love seeing your work, it inspires me so much! You do such an awesome job capturing life!
(12.11.12 05:56 PM)
Malinda said:
Love love love it!!!! You're soooo talented Amelia. I can hardly stand it. I look daily to see what's new with you:)
(12.11.12 08:03 PM)
heather said:
Thank you so much Amelia!!! I LOVE these pictures of my little family. You are one talented lady and I feel so blessed to reap the benefits of you sharing that talent with others. I can't say it enough, the pictures you take of our family are truly priceless to me.
(12.11.12 10:05 PM)
Becca said:
oh how i love your work. it is a breath of fresh air and SO DANG INSPIRING! Thanks for sharing your best and inspiring me!
(12.12.12 08:00 AM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
What a great looking family. Your work never ceases to amaze me!
(12.13.12 08:05 AM)
Jason Brown @ San Antonio Wedding Photograper said:
Really nice work, I hope I get as good as you one day. How long have you been doing this?
(12.18.12 08:44 PM)
toronto wedding photographer said:
great mood and emotions on your photos - love them!
(12.29.12 07:18 PM)
Marcos said:
Love your photography and's very unique
(12.30.12 09:26 AM)
Rob Holley said:
Great work. Are you using a tilt/shift lens?
(01.04.13 08:35 AM)
Ashraf said:
Great Photography & also nice Style r all. thanks
(01.06.13 08:39 AM)
Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer said:
Super like! Love your posts.
(01.08.13 01:04 AM)
Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers said:
Great post and blog. super Like !!
(01.11.13 10:17 PM)
Ashli said:
Ooh! The Colors! She makes me want to try red lipstick again...
(01.15.13 12:47 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Wow! what a happy family photos collection! really amazing... thanks for share
(08.02.13 09:38 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Amazing Photography I say nothing just WOOOOW !
(08.24.13 07:30 AM)
Habib said:
Beautiful family photography... Looking just awesome. Thanks for sharing
(10.04.13 02:48 AM)
Ramy Racelis @ Ramyphotography said:
Amazing set of shots! I can tell that your session relied on ambient lighting and wide open aperture. Did you use Radlab on these by any chance?
(03.09.14 10:35 AM)