Is there anything more precious than a newborn baby?! Baby Harper was just two weeks old when I had the sweet opportunity to photograph her! You may recognize her mom and dad from their wedding back in 2011! I'm SO glad they hired me to take their first family portraits, what a wonderful treat it was to see Tessa + Jay being parents!
babyharper_001.jpgLoved the details of her ice-cream themed nursery!
babyharper_002.jpgbabyharper_003.jpgbabyharper_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day....gave me complete baby fever!
So proud of Tess + Jay for creating such a beautiful baby!
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Cammy Hatzenbuehler said:
This is so sweet. I love the in home photos. And I LOVE pics of the little hands, feet, and mouth.
(08.20.13 08:06 PM)
mel said:
Love the family photos. But all of them are amazing. :)
(08.20.13 09:22 PM)
Malinda said:
(08.21.13 12:53 PM)
Leslie Leavitt said:
love the colors. so beautiful.
(08.29.13 05:52 PM)
Net said:
Lovely pictures !
(09.04.13 12:04 PM)
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Meet Amelia...aka Millie!

While we were on our two week long road trip this month I booked a couple of mini-portrait sessions along the way. I was super happy to hear from Millie, who is a sister of a past favorite couple I've photographed (and hung out with a few times). She wanted to book a mini-session with yours truly. I was delighted, to say the least! Not only was she crazy photogenic, but my short 30 minute session with her was filled with giggles and great conversation, you can't beat that!

Shot in Downtown Salt Lake City.

millie_007.jpgThis series!!!:)
millie_008.jpgmillie_009.jpgmillie_010.jpgmillie_011.jpgmillie_012.jpgmillie_013.jpgmillie_014.jpgmillie_015.jpgmillie_016.jpgmillie_017.jpgmillie_018.jpgmillie_019.jpgLast, my favorite shot of the day!

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Mishelle said:
What a great session! Crazy photogenic is an understatement.
(07.25.13 08:33 PM)
Rob (of Grob) said:
You are amazing, Amelias. An exponential power of beauty.
(07.25.13 08:55 PM)
Alyssa Armstrong said:
what.a.cutie. seriously, these are so gorgeous!
(07.26.13 08:02 AM)
Marisa Crider said:
Insanely beautiful work!!!!
(07.26.13 09:56 AM)
Gretta said:
Look at my beautiful sister!
(07.26.13 11:13 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
So FUN! She's gorgeous!
(07.28.13 06:54 PM)
Angela L. said:
Hello amazing!! These are beautiful, Amelia!
(07.28.13 07:13 PM)
matt haines said:
The personality just pops out of every image of her! I can tell she's one of those larger-than-life people just by your images (which means you've done a very nice job capturing her)!
(07.30.13 04:05 PM)
Ashraf said:
All of those Excellent, Awesome, nice Photography... Thank you so much.
(08.04.13 10:06 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Just say amazing collection of photos. I appreciate your photography
(08.24.13 03:10 PM)
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