Technically this time of year is considered the "slow season" because the wedding industry has calmed down for a few months and couples are getting engaged over the holidays. For me, this "slow season" hasn't been slow at all, I have so busy shooting family sessions that I don't even know what to do with myself, BUT it's been quite refreshing to shoot something different with a completely different change of pace.

The dynamic of shooting a family with proud parents and cute little kids is definitely a fun thing for me to do! I shot this session of the Wade family a few months ago and I've been meaning to post their photos, especially because their baby girl is adorable!
wade_001.jpgwade_002.jpgwade_003.jpgwade_004.jpgwade_005.jpgwade_006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Mark Brooke said:
cash money.
(12.06.11 12:14 PM)
Casia said:
WOW she's a ham!!! I really like the intimate four shots series & swing ones are too cute. Mom + Dad sure are lucky to have such a cutie-pie.
(12.06.11 12:31 PM)
kaitlyn said:
gorgeous as usual!
(12.06.11 01:34 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
(12.06.11 01:59 PM)
Annelie Johansson Photography said:
How cute is that girl!!! Lovely session.
(12.07.11 03:03 PM)
whitneyingram said:
Do mine next! I keep having friends and family want to see them!
(12.07.11 03:35 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
gorgeous family!
(12.08.11 09:34 AM)
Kayla Thompson said:
Amelia!! Great ideas for the posing :) Keep up the beautiful work.
(12.08.11 05:07 PM)
Nikki said:
I pretty much swoon over everything you do but your family sessions especially rock my world!
(12.09.11 01:12 PM)
Briana @ Divine Light Wedding Photography said:
Lovely! What a beautiful family, and beautiful pics as well! You always capture such life and emotion in your photos, i just keep coming back for more. Thank you for sharing, its obvious that you hold every part of your business to the same high standards, and its inspiring to see.
(12.20.11 11:41 AM)
ariel renae said:
GORGEOUS session!
(12.23.11 10:22 AM)
Shamim said:
What a nice collection. thanks for share.
(08.05.12 07:51 AM)
John said:
Nice family
(12.27.13 06:37 PM)
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I absolutely ADORE this photo session with Sara + Steve! It's shoots like these that recharge my love for photography and remind me why I am SO into this art! Sara had been following my and Justin's work for quite some time and even attended one of our LYON-SHOP classes. I was super excited when she and her new husband Steve decided to hire us for a "day after" session a few short weeks after they were hitched. Sara explained the location they had in mind and I was smitten by the idea! I'm super excited to show these off, it was a RAD shoot!
ss_dayafter002.jpgss_dayafter003.jpgss_dayafter004.jpgss_dayafter005.jpgss_dayafter006.jpgss_dayafter007.jpgss_dayafter008.jpgss_dayafter009.jpgss_dayafter010.jpgss_dayafter011.jpgss_dayafter012.jpgss_dayafter013.jpgss_dayafter014.jpgss_dayafter015.jpgss_dayafter016.jpgss_dayafter017.jpgss_dayafter018.jpgss_dayafter019.jpgss_dayafter020.jpgss_dayafter021.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats to Sara + Steve, thanks for having me out and for such a fun afternoon...seriously!
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Janea Greene said:
I love the images, the location and your pure geniusness!! LOVE!!
(09.12.11 12:31 PM)
Sara Lucero- BRIDE said:
Amelia Amelia Amelia!!! My heart has honestly jumped right out of my chest when i saw these!! You not only did our love a WHOLE LOT of justice... but you made us look super cool too! ;) Thank you! We will cherish these photos forever and display them on our walls to enjoy EVERYDAY! thank you thank you thank you! you are my favorite :)
(09.12.11 12:41 PM)
Katy O said:
Wow. These are absolutely inspiring!
(09.12.11 01:31 PM)
Kassia said:
AH-mazing! You guys are so creative and inspiring! What a beautiful location and a gorgeous couple!
(09.12.11 01:58 PM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
That location is SO RAD!!! Awesome awesome photos..and what a cute couple!
(09.12.11 04:31 PM)
Malinda said:
(09.12.11 05:12 PM)
alyda said:
what a super cute couple and I love that location. You are amazing Amelia!
(09.12.11 10:59 PM)
Laura Ryan said:
I feel like I have seen this place on tv somewhere?? great job!
(09.13.11 01:39 PM)
amber said:
oh goodness, these are stunning!!
(09.14.11 02:19 PM)
Ed said:
sooo rad...
(09.14.11 05:01 PM)
Jeffroger Kho said:
wow... so romantic and natural. lovely photos of an equally lovely couple... loved the location!
(09.14.11 07:47 PM)
Amanda said:
just discovered your blog and I've fallen hard over your style. You certainly know how to capture absolute breathtaking photos. Where was this location? Totally understand if you don't want to disclose exactly where, but, I've never seen so many colorful glass bottles on metal rods like this before- are they like that for a purpose? Is this just an antique shop area? I'm sure I sound silly asking- I'm very curious. Would love a fill in. Definitely a new fan of your page! Look forward to browsing and looking over your work!
(09.15.11 06:46 AM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Amazing Wide Angles! I love how you always use the sun in a different and beautiful way!
(09.15.11 08:51 PM)
Korie Herold said:
Eeeee! Sara, you're a stunna! Oh my sweet goodness, these are incredible! Looooving that location, too! Amazing work, Amelia and Justin!
(09.16.11 11:53 AM)
meredith said:
(09.18.11 11:37 PM)
Marnie said:
Gorgeous images Amelia! Stunning couple, super location. And congrats to the Lyon family +1 !
(09.19.11 08:35 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Amelia! These are RADTASTIC! Boom!
(09.19.11 09:16 PM)
Brett said:
Now that's how it's done! Killer job Lyons. . .
(09.22.11 02:30 PM)
Derren said:
This is such an awesome session guys! Love the location and the the really beautiful shots you guys captured! So cool.
(09.22.11 07:48 PM)
Las Vegas Aviation Attorney said:
Great photos, such unusual locations. Nice to see newlyweds stepping outside the box when it comes to photos!
(09.28.11 11:35 PM)
Ryan said:
The best photo post I have seen in months. Ridiculous...
(09.29.11 12:27 AM)
Charleston Wedding Photographers said:
Just checking on y'all out on the "other" coast. Good too see your great work. We always try to make it all good/fun/relaxed. Your work tells people the same...relaxed and lots of fun; as it should be! From one team to another, keep up the good work and have a ball!
(10.19.11 02:17 PM)
Janel said:
Wow! These are awesome-ly gorgeous! Where is this????
(10.25.11 09:32 AM)
Joshua said:
Great post, really informative with stuff I've not seen elsewhere. Thanks.
(06.25.12 11:09 PM)
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