I photographed these two lovely sisters last year & I had a blast! Never have I seen so much personality and playfulness between siblings! I was delighted when their mom decided to hire me again for round two! I love, love, LOVE the look of this shoot! The contrast of the fancy dresses, bare feet, and white sand combine together to make me feel something oh-so-happy!
My favorite shot of the day!

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Sara Lucero said:
Oh get out of here with that b&w lounge chair shot!! so cute. so stinking cute. i love this whole shoot!
(12.12.11 10:52 AM)
tara said:
these are so perfectly perfect!!! what i would give to have these shots with my sister. so much fun.
(12.12.11 05:59 PM)
Malinda said:
Wow! They'll cherish these photos for a lifetime. So beautiful, free and lovely!
(12.12.11 10:34 PM)
Aubrey Newnham said:
Every aspect of this shoot is..... GORGEOUS!
(12.13.11 05:06 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
These are gorgeous. What amazing photos to have for future memories.
(12.14.11 07:00 AM)
Ashley said:
these are soooo great! i love them all!! and i've been stalking your blog for months! love your work!
(12.19.11 08:24 PM)
Andreas Feusi said:
I like your black and white treatment. Images full of emotions, great!
(12.20.11 01:00 AM)
SR said:
Love the shots, love the dresses!
(12.20.11 05:21 PM)
rental mobil jakarta said:
Very nice photo shot, thanks for sharing.
(12.20.11 05:38 PM)
alyda said:
seriously I don't think they could get any cuter! you are amazing Amelia!
(12.21.11 02:02 AM)
fotograf lublin said:
Gorgeous as always
(12.26.11 04:04 AM)
Amanda Pomilla Hagood said:
GORGEOUS. Their mom must have been over the moon when she received these! Love them all! I want to go barefoot in a fancy dress now, yeah!
(01.09.12 06:15 AM)
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Technically this time of year is considered the "slow season" because the wedding industry has calmed down for a few months and couples are getting engaged over the holidays. For me, this "slow season" hasn't been slow at all, I have so busy shooting family sessions that I don't even know what to do with myself, BUT it's been quite refreshing to shoot something different with a completely different change of pace.

The dynamic of shooting a family with proud parents and cute little kids is definitely a fun thing for me to do! I shot this session of the Wade family a few months ago and I've been meaning to post their photos, especially because their baby girl is adorable!
wade_001.jpgwade_002.jpgwade_003.jpgwade_004.jpgwade_005.jpgwade_006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Mark Brooke said:
cash money.
(12.06.11 12:14 PM)
Casia said:
WOW she's a ham!!! I really like the intimate four shots series & swing ones are too cute. Mom + Dad sure are lucky to have such a cutie-pie.
(12.06.11 12:31 PM)
kaitlyn said:
gorgeous as usual!
(12.06.11 01:34 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
(12.06.11 01:59 PM)
Annelie Johansson Photography said:
How cute is that girl!!! Lovely session.
(12.07.11 03:03 PM)
whitneyingram said:
Do mine next! I keep having friends and family want to see them!
(12.07.11 03:35 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
gorgeous family!
(12.08.11 09:34 AM)
Kayla Thompson said:
Amelia!! Great ideas for the posing :) Keep up the beautiful work.
(12.08.11 05:07 PM)
Nikki said:
I pretty much swoon over everything you do but your family sessions especially rock my world!
(12.09.11 01:12 PM)
Briana @ Divine Light Wedding Photography said:
Lovely! What a beautiful family, and beautiful pics as well! You always capture such life and emotion in your photos, i just keep coming back for more. Thank you for sharing, its obvious that you hold every part of your business to the same high standards, and its inspiring to see.
(12.20.11 11:41 AM)
ariel renae said:
GORGEOUS session!
(12.23.11 10:22 AM)
Shamim said:
What a nice collection. thanks for share.
(08.05.12 07:51 AM)
John said:
Nice family
(12.27.13 06:37 PM)
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