I've known Angel Swanson, the lovely owner of Events of Love & Splendor, for a few years now! I've always been SO impressed with her work, her team, and her sweetness! I really look forward to each time I get to work with these ladies, it's the dream-team!

Angel hired me to do a photo shoot of her, Anna, & Michelle for the launch of their new blog as well as for their profile page. It was a fun afternoon full of giggles, laughs, & Taco Tuesday! Angel also hired Nicole DeAnne to do their hair & make-up...they all looked like beauties!
lovesplendor_001.jpglovesplendor_002.jpglovesplendor_003.jpglovesplendor_004.jpglovesplendor_005.jpglovesplendor_006.jpgAngel LOVES say "loves" is a bit of an understatement, lol! Most of her collection comes from Twigs & Honey!

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christina {simply modern} said:
love these girls!!! and i am obsessed with all of angel's fabulous headbands!!
(06.28.11 12:49 PM)
angel swanson said:
we love you so much, amelia!!! thanks for these lovely images; we had sooo much fun with you (as always). see you this weekend! xoxo
(06.28.11 01:02 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I want her headband collection!
(06.28.11 02:28 PM)
Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer said:
Gaaaah! I love your style!!!! :)
(06.29.11 09:54 AM)
anna said:
LOVE these pics! thanks amelia!! xo
(06.30.11 09:55 AM)
Becky McArthur said:
LOVE these! And love those headbands!
(06.30.11 03:09 PM)
michelle said:
amelia, these pics are gorgeous! we had so much fun and thank you, thank you for making us all feel so comfortable in front of the camera. xoxox
(07.01.11 03:26 PM)
Poradnik Fotograficzny said:
Great job.
(10.22.11 01:09 PM)
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I love it when clients travel all the way to Southern California for a shoot in the sun! Krystal + Yegor came all the way from Maine! Krystal + Yegor are engaged as well as expecting! Krystal had her baby just a few short days after their visit to SoCal, glad her and baby are doing well so far!

I shot the first half of this session at the ever-so-amazingly-designed SLS Hotel and then the second half in Santa Monica on the beach. Krystal + Yegor wanted to couple the shoot celebrating their engagement as well as the anticipated coming of their first son. Congratulations to them in both instances, what an exciting time in their lives!
yk_eng005.jpgyk_eng006.jpgyk_eng007.jpgyk_eng008.jpgyk_eng009.jpgyk_eng010.jpgyk_eng011.jpgyk_eng012.jpgyk_eng013.jpgyk_eng014.jpgyk_eng015.jpgyk_eng016.jpgyk_eng017.jpgyk_eng018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Rachel Tatem said:
These look great! They look so in love.
(05.31.11 06:50 PM)
kati said:
love these!
(05.31.11 07:14 PM)
Sara Bliss said:
I fall more in love with your work every day. I should probably tell you more often. When I grow up I want to be you :) Your photography always just makes me so happy!
(05.31.11 09:49 PM)
Dannie said:
OMG! So amazing...!!!
(05.31.11 11:21 PM)
Jeramy said:
Lovin that first shot--ALOT!!!!!
(06.01.11 08:45 AM)
Krystal said:
Wonderful job Amelia! We had a blast with you. You captured exactly what we had in mind, all that gooshy love!! You are amazing!
(06.01.11 09:06 AM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
To say I'm in love with these would be an understatement... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! What a creative and amazing set!!!!!!
(06.01.11 01:39 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Wow! These shots are beautiful! Amazing lighting and great angles.
(06.02.11 07:45 PM)
kaylie said:
I hope to take pictures this beautiful one day! Love these!!
(06.04.11 12:29 PM)
Fotografo Matrimoni Torino said:
I like the way you catch emotions, your style is inspirational for my pictures. Thanks for sharing
(06.06.11 02:16 AM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
Nice light. Amazing shoot's/
(06.08.11 11:44 AM)
Justin said:
Awesome set. Your tones kill me! (In a good way of killing of course!)
(06.11.11 12:34 PM)
Fotografia ślubna Lublin said:
These photos are full of love. Fantastic!
(08.25.11 04:54 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Thanks for your post .Really happy couple photography.
(08.25.13 07:29 AM)
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