Last month for mother's day my cousin Sam surprised his sweet girlfriend with a portrait session with yours truly. I thought it was a pretty sweet idea! Nikki and her girls are adorable together and there's definitely a great love that shines through their images!
nikki_016a.jpgnikki_022.jpgnikki_028.jpgnikki_056.jpgnikki_058.jpgnikki_059.jpgnikki_065.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...complete happiness!
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lroah said:
Love these!
(06.30.09 11:06 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
Wow, I love these! You have captured some really adorable moments. I especially love the last one.
(06.30.09 01:09 PM)
geri e. said:
i'm smiling just looking at them! the light is so sweet and beautiful and all of the little faces are so darling. you're good. you're really really good.
(06.30.09 01:19 PM)
connieMchung said:
these are adorable.
(06.30.09 01:23 PM)
Jason Roger said:
Like a BOSS!!!!
(06.30.09 01:29 PM)
Tyler said:
These are AWESOME!
(06.30.09 02:02 PM)
Amanda De Santis said:
oh these are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful little family!! I wish my hubby would do some surprising like that. Your cousin Sam, is the sweetest.
(06.30.09 03:11 PM)
Curtis Copeland said:
Fantastic family portraits! You really captured the love of this family. The second to last is my favorite. Nice work. Thanks for sharing!
(06.30.09 03:37 PM)
Macy said:
You captured so much joy on their faces. Beautiful session.
(06.30.09 05:12 PM)
Abra said:
These are great. Love the happiness. Especially love the big sister protective hug.
(06.30.09 09:08 PM)
joy harmon prouty said:
just found your blog. these are amazingly touching and beautiful. especially as a mama. i have dreams of my children looking this way in a few years.... loving each other selflessly and joyfully. great, great, great captures. your photos really show that their hearts are happy. =)
(06.30.09 10:58 PM)
Jenny m said:
Nikki and the girls look beautiful! Such a great capture of her little ones. Love that last one of tay!
(06.30.09 11:22 PM)
rich m said:
ADORABLE!!!!! I'm going to be smiling all morning now :)
(07.01.09 05:12 AM)
angie + matt said:
Yes, they are BEYOND adorable!
(07.01.09 10:49 AM)
Cyrielle said:
Thoses pictures are amazing!! You can see love and happiness through, really beautiful :) and the girls are cute!
(07.02.09 02:17 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Amelia, these are SO adorable. Great captures!
(07.02.09 11:15 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said: cute!
(07.02.09 01:15 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
great photos that tell a wonderful story. keep it up
(07.04.09 11:20 PM)
feuza said:
Such cuties! and love the shot of the kisses where the girls are in opposite direction.
(07.05.09 09:27 AM)
Jenna said:
OOOHHHH! Cool pictures! I'de be real interested to know the processing on the color ones, the skin tones look wonderful!
(07.05.09 10:49 AM)
Sarah @ said:
These are lovely! Pictures of moms and their babes are always so sweet. I hope she enjoyed them all =)
(07.06.09 08:22 AM)
Rog said:
I love the face sandwich. I think I love all face sandwiches. They're especially good with cherry limeade fresca. Oh man, I'm going to the store now...Just got back from the store and went with the arm and leg salad instead.
(07.06.09 03:30 PM)
KarlB said:
so so
(07.08.09 10:12 AM)
Beth Armsheimer said:
so so sweet! I love those last two so much!
(07.11.09 09:10 AM)
evelyn said:
(07.11.09 11:21 AM)
Jenna Tye said:
O my goodness this is so precious. If I had two little girls this is exactly the shoot i'd want of them!
(07.18.09 01:18 PM)
Dasha said:
these shots are amazing! you made them lovely n look very cute!! i love em! great job!
(08.19.09 12:39 AM)
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Last week we photographed some our favorite people that exist...THE KAISER FAMILY! Many of you may know these amazingly talented peeps as Nate and Jaclyn of The Image Is Found

Here's a little back story about how we came to know The Kaiser clan:

About three years ago we hired The Image Is Found to shoot our family pics (scroll down about 4/5ths of the way and you'll see us) after having blog stalked their work for quite some time. Nate invited us back to a viewing session in their studio and then invited us to dinner with he and Jaclyn that night. We quickly agreed because we already thought they were the coolest people alive and why wouldn't we want to become friends with them?!!! We hit it off, to say the least, and now Hudson thinks that Grace is his best friend! Flash forward three years and many awesome memories later, they ask US to shoot THEIR family pics! We were flattered of course and glad to do it! I am so happy to have them around and to call them friends!







My favorite shot of the day! I do have to give credit where credit is due, Nate was the one that taught me how to use off camera lighting...thanks Nate!!!







On a little side note, Nate and Jaclyn are photographing our little family tomorrow and I CAN NOT wait!!!!
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Jamie Delaine said:
Lovely, lovely, LOVELY.
(05.12.09 05:38 PM)
Kristen said:
Those are rad/cool/fabulousity/omg-gasmic! :)
(05.12.09 05:40 PM)
heather said:
so fun! can't wait to see what they come up with!
(05.12.09 05:47 PM)
jill said:
holy hannah, maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen. jaclyn... can i have your dress? way to rock it out lyons.
(05.12.09 06:07 PM)
David Blakeman said:
Frick these are amazing. I am as jealous of your friendship as I am of all of your (Nate, Justin, Amelia & Jaclyn) abilities behind a camera. Please don't ever stop taking photographs.
(05.12.09 06:24 PM)
Cindel Huston said:
Awwh i've been dying to do pictures with some power lines!! You beat me to it...they look great love!
(05.12.09 06:24 PM)
Vania said:
Nate & Jaclyn really are two of the best individuals/photographers/human beings. I am not surprised to see that you captured their bursting energy so perfectly in every image!
(05.12.09 06:24 PM)
Vania said:
PS: I look forward to seeing the images they will create of your family :)
(05.12.09 06:24 PM)
haley lamb said:
that is one HOT family! ggreattt job!
(05.12.09 06:41 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
Me LOVES these! Glad to see that I'm not the only one who likes dirt roads and electric towers. Simply Divine!!!
(05.12.09 06:44 PM)
heather saunders said:
WOW!!! Thats about all I can say! They are ALL amazing, but the off camera light shot is UNREAL!!! Do tell specs PLEASE! Love you all! Can't wait to see the Kaisers shots of your crew.
(05.12.09 06:50 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
What a killer session! Can't wait to see what your family photos look like!
(05.12.09 06:56 PM)
sally ervin-mabry said:
these are wonderful!!! what a fabulous job! all family photo shoots should be this fun!!
(05.12.09 07:04 PM)
Richard cao said:
i'm also a stalker of their blog haha!! but gosh darn now i gotta stalk your blog too.. these set of images are awesome.. love your style..!!
(05.12.09 07:10 PM)
LMT said:
Awesome pictures! This family is very entertaining. It is nice to see people (and its a cute family) incredibly, naturally happy, and happy being together. It seems like this was an easy shoot. Good models!
(05.12.09 07:14 PM)
Jenna said:
This family always looks fantastic in front of the camera, and you captured them looking so natural and happy.
(05.12.09 07:15 PM)
shannon said:
these are incredible.
(05.12.09 07:23 PM)
ben + laura said:
awesomeness!!! love these shots, captured the kaiser fam well ... brave you two!!
(05.12.09 07:46 PM)
Molly Williams said:
thanks for letting me blog stalk your work too :) I love your pictures
(05.12.09 07:50 PM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
they are the cutest!!!
(05.12.09 08:14 PM)
kayleen t. said: the last one, such a cute daddy-daughter moment!
(05.12.09 08:16 PM)
matt sloan said:
yay! i like them!
(05.12.09 08:33 PM)
Emily Beaty said:
Love these SO much!!!
(05.12.09 08:35 PM)
ken kienow said:
i had a feeling y'all got your electrified awesome from hanging out under electric pylons all day. it does things to your brain.
(05.12.09 09:07 PM)
angie + matt said:
Oh my! Jaclyn and Grace= Gorgeous! Nate and Jasper=Handsome! Kaiser family=Perfect! Amelia=Incredible!!!!!
(05.12.09 10:24 PM)
patrick love said:
Sorry to get all competitive, but with each family photographing the other, it's like a SoCal shootout for who's best!
(05.12.09 10:29 PM)
jac said:
aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! i'm so excited! we are so happy to have these :) we are so blessed that you guys took these and even more blessed by your friendship :) love you guys!!!!
(05.12.09 10:31 PM)
gretchen knoblock said:
I am in love with love!!! I hope we can hire you to shoot our family someday! =) awesome job!
(05.12.09 10:35 PM)
serena said:
sooo cute!
(05.13.09 01:20 AM)
Christine said:
This must be the cutes-funnest-most-darling family session ever!!! you SO captured the Kaisers' crazy energy to a T. I had the pleasure of meeting both Nate and Jaclyn a few weeks back, and seriously, this encapsulates them perfectly. Well done, Amelia.
(05.13.09 06:26 AM)
kelsy nielson said:
Those are seriously some of the best family pics I have EVER seen. You rule.
(05.13.09 06:59 AM)
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) said:
Love the feel! very whimsical and dramatic~
(05.13.09 08:08 AM)
Kayla said:
These are fabulous! You really captured their personality! Love them!
(05.13.09 08:09 AM)
Kelli Taylor said:
Could you there be more rockin peeps? All 8 of you guys!
(05.13.09 09:06 AM)
Ashley said:
I LOVE these!! You guys did a fantastic job!
(05.13.09 09:17 AM)
Krista Photography said:
these are so GREAT!!!!
(05.13.09 10:54 AM)
papa nate said:
amelia and justin, you're AMAZINGNESS. these melt my heart like a polar bear fart on ice. i love you guys.
(05.13.09 11:27 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Oh my, your fav is by far my favorite plus the first one, plus all the rest. They all have such HAPPY smiles,, they just light up their whole faces. Jasper - most beautiful eyes ever. Grace- most infectious smile ever. Jaclyn- most delicious bicepts ever. Nate- most charming dimple ever. Awesome!!
(05.13.09 11:29 AM)
Holly Gauper said:
These are just outstanding. I have been following your work for a while and I am always so inspired. Your photos just ooze of your style and I love that. It is really visible that you think creatively and don't just settle for average photos. My husband and I are wedding photographers so we follow a lot of other photographers blogs and you are certainly my favorite! I just adore the little vintage vibe in this set!
(05.13.09 01:09 PM)
Tyler said:
(05.13.09 03:38 PM)
jackieblair said:
jaclyns dress is awesome. so is the off-lit shot. I have a power tower like that by my house that I like to use for shooting too =) I cant wait to see the ones they do of you!
(05.13.09 06:29 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
These pictures are wonderful! I'm so glad I found your blog! :)
(05.13.09 07:00 PM)
Philippe said:
wonderful job! I like these pictures. I also usually go to The Blog is Found. I look forward to seeing your family pictures shot by Kaiser.
(05.13.09 07:18 PM)
Alice Hu said:
what an adorable family! amazing set of photos.
(05.13.09 09:26 PM)
Camille Gould said:
I love these pictures!! I love when you have family posts even though they're far and in between! These are great and so creative for a famliy!!
(05.14.09 11:48 AM)
MIchelle Black said:
Amazing! Love the wide feel. I flippin love you guys!
(05.14.09 11:59 AM)
Mary Marantz said:
whaaaaat?! these are AMAZING you guys!!
(05.14.09 04:49 PM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
These photos capture this family perfectly! Their faces are way too cute!
(05.14.09 06:35 PM)
Kristin Rogers said:
So cute and fun, I am sure they ADORE these!
(05.14.09 11:27 PM)
(05.15.09 11:22 AM)
kate said:
I love the shots of them on the blanket from above...superfabulousss
(05.16.09 12:18 PM)
michelle cunningham said:
4 of them laying down w gracie wrapped around nate is my absolute fave! blow it up and hang it over the sofa!
(05.16.09 02:59 PM)
kerin burford said:
man, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your work and style !!! fresh and alive yay LOL
(05.17.09 02:16 AM)
Bree@MemoryJournalists said:
I absolutely adore the second shot!
(05.17.09 09:44 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
Amazing photos as always. This is why I check your blog every week. Always inspiring. The Kaisers rock! Greetings from the UK :) Steve
(05.18.09 03:17 AM)
Sarah @ said:
What a beautiful family! I love these! They're very creative =)
(05.18.09 11:48 AM)
Rog said:
Ok so here's some pics that inspire me of some people that inspire you. That's a cool chain and I'm stoked to a part of it. I'm sure tons of people are in the chain. But they'd take my place and I can't have that. It's my place. It's all got my butt marks and stuff. No one can fit my butt marks but me. That's why they're mine. Just like the place in the inspiration chain. My butt cheeks inspire tons of people too, but that's a whole new chain. The butt cheek chain. It's inspirational.
(05.18.09 08:46 PM)
Curtis Copeland said:
What fun pictures! Great work. Thanks for sharing!
(05.19.09 08:10 AM)
sandie said:
amelia! you are fab-u-los! awesome power lines for and awesome power family! I love all the shots of them laying down shot from above! ROCKIN!
(05.19.09 10:10 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
That is one gooood lookin family!
(05.25.09 06:32 PM)
Nikki Tolentino said:
Your work is AMAZING. I'm inspired...completely! Great job captivating genuine smiles and affection. I love it!
(06.25.09 02:05 PM)
Margaret said:
So much fun, they look a lot like the Kaiser's photos, which is just incredible. You can feel the Kaiser energy in these, with your creative spin!
(06.30.09 09:16 PM)
Lucy M said:
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Rockin' job!!!
(07.25.09 10:49 AM)
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