This is the first of three parts to the story of little Azure's birth! I HAD to capture my beautiful sister in all her pregnant glory before she welcomed her second baby girl into the world. Many of you may remember Nicole's first maternity session, I thought is was lovely! This maternity session was a bit more impromptu, Nicole and I both have had so much going on with the wedding season, I'm so glad we were able to squeeze in a mini session before Azure was born!
prego_nicole003.jpgprego_nicole004.jpgprego_nicole005.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
prego_nicole006.jpgprego_nicole007.jpgprego_nicole008.jpgprego_nicole009.jpgprego_nicole011.jpgNicole's two daughters:)
Excited to show off the remaining two parts to Azure's birth story!
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Michelle Joubert-Martin Photography said:
beautiful as always
(09.12.12 04:57 AM)
anna said:
OMG! these photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! Nicole looks gorgeous! Seriously stunning in these photos!!
(09.12.12 08:30 AM)
amy rex said:
(09.12.12 11:53 AM)
Juli said:
beautiful maternity shoot. I always look forward to viewing your posts
(09.12.12 02:47 PM)
Kim said:
These pictures are so beautiful! I love the first picture and the ones of the details!
(09.12.12 05:47 PM)
Heidi said:
Ahhh so cute! And Azure was always the name I loved and wanted, but with our boy we went with Asher instead. So cute!
(09.12.12 08:57 PM)
kristin eldridge photography said:
Gorgeous! I love her jewelry too!
(09.13.12 08:10 PM)
Emily said:
really lovely portraits, my sister in law is expecting, so i'm very excited to be an aunty! em xxx
(09.14.12 02:55 PM)
Lo said:
STUNNING images.
(09.15.12 08:41 AM)
Keshav Ramful said:
I am a second year student from the university Charles Telfair Institute, found in Mauritius. I am actually doing my degree in Mass Communication and photography is among the streams of my course that I study. I am in point of fact specialising myself in photography. I love taking pictures but I am still an amateur concerning that. I only know the basics and i really want to get into it. I mean I want to build up my career and become a professional photographer. It is always a pleasure to view photography blogs and gather the knowledge and concepts of other great photographers, like you :) I deeply appreciate this particular concept of yours. Being a mother is I think 'the' best ever feeling of the world for a woman and your sister is surely happy with Azure's birth :) I really love the different exposures use for all the different pictures. Also the expression of the protagonist is the most essential aspect which defines the happiness that comes from her, and for you to capture that moment is epic. I would like to know if the source of light that was used was only daylight or flash was also used?
(09.18.12 09:42 AM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
I love you amelia. there are a thousand reasons why, but for now I love because you are a freaking amazing photographer!
(09.18.12 03:47 PM)
nicole gervais said:
Omg that little girl is so cute!! Love the pics
(09.27.12 12:33 PM)
Karen Brimley said:
GAWH! These are gorgeous! You are truly amazing. And Nicole is Beautiful.
(10.03.12 11:57 AM)
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There are so many wonderful moments that I feel extremely blessed to be a part of and photograph. One of the most amazing things I've had the opportunity to photograph and witness are the births of my little nieces. Many of you may recall Lucy's birth story and Lola's birth story. What an emotional roller coaster, yet it's such a spiritual experience, photographs do not do it justice. I was thrilled when Jill and Kenny told me that they wanted me to be there to photograph the birth of their second baby girl Jade. What an intimate experience, to be honest I debated whether or not if I should blog these, but the images are too remarkable to not share (plus, I have the blessing from Kenny + Jill to share). Not to worry, I kept it clean!:) So here you go, let the images speak for themselves and tell this wonderful birth story of Jade Matilda!
jade_birth023.jpgjade_birth024.jpgjade_birth025.jpgjade_birth027.jpgjade_birth028.jpgjade_birth029.jpgKenny liked adding a bit of comic relief by making silly faces while I was shooting!LOL!
I'm SO happy I get to have another beautiful niece in my life! Jade Matilda this aunt already loves you so much!
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Kathy said:
These are so inspiring and beautiful!! You really allowed the beauty of birth to show in these photos. Kudos to Jill. Most of us could only wish to remain so beautiful throughout labor! :D
(05.29.12 02:03 PM)
Anonymous said:
I'm blown away! Amazing work.
(05.29.12 03:23 PM)
Angie Baxter said:
Absolutely breathtaking - some of the most moving images I have seen! x
(05.29.12 05:20 PM)
Traci said:
#1: These are amazing images! #2: I've never seen anyone look that beautiful during and after birth--holy cow!!!
(05.29.12 06:21 PM)
talia said:
these are beautiful! I don't know how to explain it but birth photos are ALWAYS better in black and white! thank you for sharing!
(05.30.12 10:17 AM)
Amy DeYoung said:
Just beautiful!! Love them all :)
(05.30.12 02:14 PM)
Katie Metka said:
absolutely beautiful! 2.5 months til I get to meet our 5th! these photos make me wish these next few months would pass more quickly:)
(05.30.12 04:09 PM)
Erika said:
These are absolutely magical. What a special set of photos for little Jade to have when she gets older, to see how much her parents loved her even before she got here!
(05.30.12 07:22 PM)
Angie said:
LOVE these, so beautiful!
(05.31.12 12:54 PM)
MOM said:
WOW Honey you are so talented in shooting just the right moment and catching the right emotions - That was so beautiful how Kenny and Jill were feeling in those photos - It is such a blessing having a family, I am so thankful for you kids and for having such wonderful precious grand babies for Dad and I to love! Thanks again - YES....I am crying!!!
(05.31.12 02:24 PM)
Malkoza said:
(05.31.12 04:28 PM)
Melissa Rossiter said:
(06.01.12 09:58 PM)
canvas prints said:
very well done, your pictures are amazing
(06.03.12 03:14 AM)
SR said:
These melt my heart!
(06.09.12 03:22 PM)
Anonymous said:
That picture of him checking his cell that David Beckham? Amazing pics!
(06.11.12 10:55 AM)
Denver maternity photographer said:
your best work yet and some of the best coverage i have never seen like this. Congrats for your new baby. Both of looking very loving and caring, really outstanding job you guys.Denver maternity photographer
(06.11.12 11:52 PM)
Aruba Photographer said:
Wow! This is the first time I've ever seen a birth photo session. I love it! You did a great job at it! We do weddings but I think this is a much more significant moment to capture! Thank you very much for sharing!
(06.12.12 06:24 PM)
Shannon said:
What a special day captured. I had a chance to meet Kenny at The What IF Conference and he is one Awesome guy!! The way he talked about his wife and daughter was so special and was excited to see the new photos you posted of his new little one.
(06.14.12 01:58 PM)
clipping path zone said:
What have for say. Lovely...
(06.21.12 03:56 PM)
Tracey Best said:
Wow girl those are soooooo fantastic!!! I love seeing the love between Kenny and Jill:) Jade is beautiful, just like her Momma:)
(07.18.12 03:46 PM)
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