Melissa + Maliya could possibly be the most adorable mother/daughter duo ever...and I had the pleasure of photographing them!
mm_002.jpgmm_003.jpgmm_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
mm_011.jpgmm_012.jpgmm_013.jpgmm_014.jpgOne of Melissa + Maliya's favorite past-time activities is to go get frozen yogurt, so that's where we ended the session!

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Jessica Shae said:
I love these . . . they are so happy and fun! She looks like a doll! :)
(07.15.10 12:39 PM)
Melissa said:
i LOOOVE them!! Thank you so much Amelia!!
(07.15.10 12:46 PM)
Tricia said:
Oh, these are so beautiful! I would love to attend one of your workshops someday, you have such a great eye for different types of shots...way to go!
(07.15.10 12:49 PM)
haley lamb said:
oh my goodnesssss!!! i want to eat every single one of these images--they are so sweet!
(07.15.10 12:53 PM)
JV said:
What cuties!!!
(07.15.10 01:04 PM)
Lora said:
OMG-the one of the little one in high heels is too precious!
(07.15.10 01:12 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Oh my goodness! They are so lovely and cute!!! Adorable girl and gorgeous mother!!
(07.15.10 02:03 PM)
matt sloan said:
omg! so cute! i want to go on a mommy date.
(07.15.10 03:26 PM)
Shari said:
ooooh that miss sassypants face is classic! great shots amelia!
(07.15.10 03:54 PM)
Tracy said:
precious shots. My fave is the kissing one in black and white. Such a great moment between mum and daughter
(07.15.10 04:52 PM)
kelli taylor said:
Love, love, love!!!
(07.15.10 05:58 PM)
Aliza Werner said:
What a special moment and memory for this mom and little one! Such a great personality from the daughter...great shots! Love the heels!
(07.15.10 07:03 PM)
gerry said:
nice... i really admire your work every original and fresh... by the way im from Philippines
(07.15.10 09:38 PM)
brooke bowland said:
you so make me smile! these are unreal. i would give anything to have photos like this when my girl is a wee older. sigh....
(07.15.10 11:20 PM)
Eileen said:
Ah, AWESOME photos!! Just love this little girl to bits:)
(07.16.10 03:05 AM)
Photographer said:
So sweet! All of them are absolutely beautiful, amazing photos, I really admire your work!
(07.16.10 05:29 AM)
lindsay said:
great shots!
(07.16.10 09:48 AM)
Jen said:
that grouchy face is the best...i love how you can tell she's about to start laughing :)
(07.16.10 09:43 PM)
Becky said:
WOW, that shot of her in her mom's heels is priceless!!! Gorgeous session!
(07.18.10 07:13 AM)
Christina Brosnan said:
In her mothers shoes is the sweetest thing!
(07.20.10 05:53 AM)
arenda said:
that black and white one w/ her arms folded? my absolute favourite ever!!!
(07.22.10 05:09 PM)
Supermar said:
You are right! Totally adorable! I love the pic of the little girl in her mom's shoes with the balloons. So good.
(07.28.10 12:46 AM)
Rachel said:
this is so beutiful,mom and daughter,nice shoots..congrats!!!
(08.10.10 12:10 PM)
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I love the feel of this little family shoot I did. I have a secret place in Fullerton that I call my "insta-forest" and it's great when I need lots of greenery to work with. I thought the Hoang family was ADORABLE together, plus their little one Lauren is cute-to-the-max!
hoang_004.jpghoang_005.jpghoang_006.jpghoang_007.jpghoang_008.jpghoang_009.jpghoang_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
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Jen said:
I love the last feels so timeless
(06.24.10 01:12 PM)
Adam Kealing said:
These are fantastic! I absolutely love the location and the eye of the photographer :)
(06.24.10 01:25 PM)
Aubrey said:
What a sweet family shoot. I love your work Amelia!
(06.24.10 01:37 PM)
kelli taylor said:
Gorgeous! This little girl is adorable!!
(06.24.10 02:49 PM)
Candice Benjamin said:
I Love this location! I live in Fullerton so I think I know where this "secret" forest is. :)
(06.24.10 02:59 PM)
Alex Beadon said:
You are so talented it is unbelievable! Seriously I'm so in love with your work.
(06.25.10 02:51 AM)
Hy Lam said:
awesome shots Amelia! I am definitely going to need to book a session with you.. I've already seen you shoot two of my friends (Patricia & Art's wedding in Oct 2009 and now the Hoang's) and it looks amazing!
(06.25.10 05:44 PM)
belle said:
Love this shoot!! I love your work!!! I'm a student photographer preparing myself for my first maternity shoot and this is exactly the kind of green area we've been looking for. I was just wondering if you would share your secret with me. I promise to guard it well.
(06.26.10 04:45 PM)
tanni said:
I think i know where you took these, but not sure. Can I have a hit? thanks
(06.27.10 06:07 PM)
Alisa Greig said:
(06.27.10 07:37 PM)
Bradley James said:
Ahh!! This family is ADORABLE!! Love these!! :)
(06.28.10 06:14 PM)
Karin said:
bahhhh! beautiful! ahhh! i love them! they are adorable! ahhh!
(06.28.10 06:46 PM)
Sadie said:
These are the most GORGEOUS pictures!! What a beautiful family, you really captured the love between them!
(06.28.10 08:52 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
What a beautiful family! And, their little one is too cute for words! Love your insta-forrest! I have hiking trails near my studio that serve the same purpose. Gotta have my greenery! Great shoot, Amelia!
(06.29.10 11:53 AM)
Jessie Emeric said:
beautiful family images! the little girl is just too adorable!
(06.29.10 12:50 PM)
Hannah said:
Wow wow! So many beautiful images. I just found your blog and thought I should stop to post and say "You rock"!
(06.30.10 10:58 AM)
i love when you post family stuff! great images...she's flippin' cute.
(07.01.10 03:06 PM)
Oswaldo said:
Congratualtion!! wonderful photographs!!
(07.16.10 06:41 PM)
3tlens said:
The kid is aboslutely adorable & your images are amazing!!
(07.18.10 06:53 PM)
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