I remember when Nicole and I were kid sisters together, pretending to be sumo wrestlers on our parents' bed...LOL! Then, it seriously feels like yesterday, she met the man of her dreams and got married! NOW, my Pickle (Nicole) and Jeff are about to have a little baby girl! I can hardly stand it, I'm full of so much excitement I might just explode!

pregpick_003.jpgpregpick_004.jpgpregpick_005.jpgpregpick_006.jpgpregpick_007.jpgNicole definitely has that "pregnant glow" about her, she really is a beautiful mama-to-be!
pregpick_008.jpgpregpick_009.jpgI know Jeff is super excited to be a dad too!
pregpick_010.jpgpregpick_011.jpgpregpick_012.jpgpregpick_013.jpgpregpick_014.jpgpregpick_015.jpgpregpick_016.jpgpregpick_017.jpgpregpick_018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Justin and I love you both Nicole + Jeff, we CAN'T WAIT to meet little Lucille! Just 4 days left and Nicole is ready to pop!

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Kirsten said:
SO incredible. normally i think maternity shots are kind of barfy... this is amazing.
(03.29.10 11:21 PM)
brooke bowland said:
totally and utterly speechless. seriously.
(03.29.10 11:22 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
way to rock the prego photos! beautiful stuff. i like the b&w silhouette one a lot.
(03.29.10 11:23 PM)
angie + matt said:
yay! Nicole is so beautiful!!! Can't wait to see her little baby girl!
(03.29.10 11:24 PM)
Cynthia W said:
(03.29.10 11:29 PM)
Jane Jeon said:
OMG! she's such an ADORABLE mama to be!! great great shots!!
(03.29.10 11:31 PM)
jac kaiser said:
nicole, you look divine! seriously a beautiful preggo lady :) lucille is one lucky little lady to have you two as parents...and I'm sure amelia is going to be the best auntie :)
(03.29.10 11:36 PM)
alyda said:
wow wow wow! Your sister is beautiful!!! This is easily the best pregnancy shoot i've ever seen :D!
(03.29.10 11:38 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
wowzers! Nicole is one hot mama!! I am in love with this set. Seriously a work of art!
(03.29.10 11:56 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Oh my beautiful Nicole. What a beautiful Mommy to be and INCREDIBLE pictures. So excited for her and Jeff to be parents. Can't wait to meet sweet little Lucy. Love you guys!!
(03.30.10 12:02 AM)
Melissa@ The Loveliest Day said:
Nicole looks beautiful! I'm so excited for her!!!
(03.30.10 12:23 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Nicole is gorgeous!!! Beautiful photos!!!
(03.30.10 01:51 AM)
Heather Brown said:
AMAZING!!! Love love them! You can tell how excited and happyt hey both are! Cant wait to see Lucille! What a cute name!! Congrats Nicole!!
(03.30.10 01:52 AM)
anna said:
wow these are some of the best preggers photos ever! so sweet and romantic. love the colors.
(03.30.10 02:52 AM)
Hannah said:
Beautiful, beautiful photographs. I love all of them. These are the kind of maternity shots I'd want if I were pregnant.
(03.30.10 04:06 AM)
johnwaire | photo said:
...this shoot looks like it was so much fun. truly awesome!
(03.30.10 04:47 AM)
jess@studio3z said:
your sister is BEAUTIFUL!!! congrats to them, and wonderful job Lyons!
(03.30.10 05:45 AM)
Stacey said:
SUCH gorgeous shots. A beauuuutiful couple, and amazing use of the scenery and lighting. The whole feeling is just so sweet.
(03.30.10 06:11 AM)
Adele Cabanillas said:
Oh goodness these are so beautiful. :)
(03.30.10 06:21 AM)
Jesse Chamberlin said:
amelia! these are gorgeous!!!!!
(03.30.10 06:21 AM)
Ravyn Stadick said:
These are beautiful!
(03.30.10 06:44 AM)
Katie said:
These photos are stunning! Not to mention they are a beautiful couple! Love LOVE love these photos.
(03.30.10 06:46 AM)
Nicole Deanne said:
YAY! Justin & Amelia these turned out amazing! It was SO much fun taking these & I am soooo excited for Lucy too! Thank you so much for capturing this for both Jeff & I. We LOVE you guys!
(03.30.10 07:53 AM)
Jill Brady said:
:) That's all. And maybe a "beautiful" too.
(03.30.10 07:58 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
She is super beautiful! We can't wait to see pics of the sweet baby girl!
(03.30.10 08:06 AM)
Lissa Anglin said:
These are gorgeous. Can we know where she got that first shirt? :)
(03.30.10 08:06 AM)
Lissa Anglin said:
These are gorgeous. Can we know where she got that first shirt? :)
(03.30.10 08:06 AM)
Candice brooke said:
These are amazing!!! I love love love them!
(03.30.10 08:25 AM)
liana said:
Congrats Nicole!! How awesome is that! Absolutely beautiful pictures :)
(03.30.10 08:34 AM)
Ryan Huston said:
YES! Nicole and Jeff are going to join the club and we could not be more excited to have Olive meet her new best friend Lucille! The pictures are fantastico...I expect nothing less from you guys! MY favorite is most definitely the 4th from the it Jeff! haha! But in all seriousness you fav is mine as well! It is most certainly knocking my socks off right now! SO many elements are slaying me right now!
(03.30.10 08:41 AM)
Courtney said:
Plus, she has wonderful maternity tops! So you must be very proud of her taste :) I wish she were my friend so that I could ask her where she got them! I'm due in August, UGH! :)
(03.30.10 09:01 AM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
It's impossible to pick a favorite. They are just stunning!
(03.30.10 09:01 AM)
jamie said:
breathtaking, seriously breathtaking
(03.30.10 09:37 AM)
jenn delisle said:
stunning stunning stunning! these shots are gorgeous and nicole is a beautiful, glowing mother to be! all the best to you and your new family nicole!!
(03.30.10 09:45 AM)
Cindel Huston said:
LOVE!!! love love love!! Amelia, you did an amazing job, they're so beautiful! Jeff and Nicole...i LOVE you guys, and you both look so happy, you're going to love your little Lucy! I cannot wait to meet her! Pickle, you are gorgeous, i love you to pieces! Congrats you two!
(03.30.10 09:49 AM)
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said:
congrats nicole! you look stunning!!!
(03.30.10 10:09 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
AMELIA AMAZING!!! I LOVE these so much!! You did such a fantastic job. :)
(03.30.10 11:18 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
She is stunning! Such gorgeous photos!
(03.30.10 11:30 AM)
Emily Ruth said:
Ummm, these pictures make me giddy!!!!!
(03.30.10 11:51 AM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Nicole! You are such a cute pregnant momma! Lucille will change your life
(03.30.10 12:07 PM)
Steven Elmer said:
Gosh! What a stunning location and hot couple! ;)
(03.30.10 01:15 PM)
Becky said:
Gorgeous!!! I love every one! She is a pretty mama for sure!
(03.30.10 01:30 PM)
Dave Richards said:
(03.30.10 02:57 PM)
Leif said:
DANG!!! You rocked it big time on this shoot!
(03.30.10 05:06 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
Sooo beautiful session!
(03.30.10 05:41 PM)
Yolanda said:
These are really inspiring. I love the third one up from the bottom, with the two of them in silhouette. But all of these images make pregnancy look so fun, natural, and freeing.
(03.30.10 07:20 PM)
chelsea donoho said:
soooo lovely :) i realllllly like the seventh one from the bottom, where she's laying in the grass. gorgeous.
(03.30.10 09:42 PM)
Catherine Guidry said:
I believe that is the hottest looking maternity photos I've seen!!! Her outfit was very cute, but it's the way you've capture her...your angles. She looks BEAUTIFUL!! I think the first few remind me of the beginning of Grease! lol..
(03.30.10 11:17 PM)
Eileen said:
These are the most beautiful images I've seen from a Maternity shoot - STUNNING! I love them:)
(03.31.10 06:20 AM)
Jessica Charles said:
WOW! Absolutely breath-takingly stunning!!!
(03.31.10 07:16 AM)
Kaila said:
wow! is breathtaking!
(03.31.10 11:07 AM)
Katy Gray said:
What a great session - she looks wonderful!
(03.31.10 11:55 AM)
Xander Swanson said:
absolutely awesome. love the tilt-shift used on maternity pics. great work!
(03.31.10 12:47 PM)
Rog said:
Kindred, you look so pretty! Nicole is as glowing as ever. Even their shadows are are hot. When their walking around outside, even their shadows get hit on by the other shadows. They have shadow stalkers. Mine is one of them. What's creepier than a shadow stalker? A shadow stalker with a ponytail.
(03.31.10 01:06 PM)
arenda said:
ooooh, these photos are absolutely beautiful! i love the light, as well as her super cute shirt!
(03.31.10 02:15 PM)
Jenny said:
LOOOOOVE these! You always inspire :)
(03.31.10 04:47 PM)
Kat Speyer said:
Gorgeous, breathtaking images! Love the sunset photos, and where she's lying in the field. Great session ... I'm inspired!
(03.31.10 05:33 PM)
heather said:
i am so in love with these pictures! i could stare at them all day long.
(03.31.10 08:45 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
I think I just drooled a little. This shoot THIS SHOOT is BEYOND!!! Best Amelia shoot yet, hands down.
(03.31.10 11:20 PM)
Kelly said:
Oh could you please please please share where Nicole Deanne got her gorgeous floral top? I ADORE it. The photos are spectacular, btw!
(04.01.10 02:38 AM)
Nicole Deanne said:
Hello everyone!!! Thanks for all of the sweet comment, I think I'm blushing! Just wanted to mention I got the floral top at Urban outfitters & the light pink top with fluffy shoulders at H&M! :) Thanks for enjoying the photos!!!!
(04.01.10 09:21 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
We're definitely drooling. ZOMG! You are on another level.
(04.01.10 12:49 PM)
Jill Ison said:
oh how i wish i knew of a valley of golden goodness! those are beautiful (as always) my littlest baby's name is Lucy and I adore it so!
(04.01.10 11:21 PM)
Becky said:
wow! She might be one of the most gorgeous pregnant woman I've ever seen! These shots are fantastic! They just make me smile! LOVE the colors!
(04.02.10 07:08 AM)
Katie Slater said:
WOW!!! These are stunningly and insanely beautiful! Dang!!!
(04.05.10 03:24 PM)
Amber Fox said:
These photos are truly spectacular! I have to say they are the best maternity photos I have ever seen. You guys are really pushing the medium and I LOVE IT!
(04.10.10 06:42 PM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
GORGEOUS!!! Amelia amazing job, as always!! And Nicole, you are the cutest 'about to pop' preggo ever!! Congrats to your whole fam on the new addition!
(04.13.10 10:21 AM)
Supermar said:
This has to be the best pregnancy shoot I've ever seen. I hate those shoots usually because everyone does them so tacky, but you really have it down. This is so absolutely gorgeous. I love them all but especially the highway ones at the beginning.
(04.13.10 01:09 PM)
Desi said:
WOW, this is stunning STUNNING PHOTOSSSSSS!!! how do you do it? its really good!!!
(06.01.10 06:39 AM)
evelyn said:
(06.08.10 05:31 PM)
Rebecca said:
One question, when are you going to do a photography class in Denver. Please come! Oh one more question, what lenses do you use on these images? Mostly?
(08.02.10 05:54 AM)
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Lindsey contacted me a few months ago to book a portrait session with her newly married man Mike! I noticed at the bottom of her email a link to her blog, so I decided to click and suddenly, 15 minutes later, I was still looking at her beautiful work! I always get so flattered when other talented photographers contact Justin and I to schedule a portrait session. It's really humbling to shoot and provide a product for someone else that can really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into a simple portrait session.

We shot Lindsey + Mike right before Christmas in Palm Springs. We started their session out at the Viceroy Hotel and then courageously ventured out toward the desert to the windmills (I say "courageously" because the winds were INSANELY fast that day and there was all sorts of dust and debris flying around in the air, but the light and backdrop was too amazing to pass up).

I absolutely ADORED this shoot because of all the thought Lindsey put into her "look" and outfits (Mike looked dashing as well). You'll see what I mean below. Plus, to make things even better Lindsey hired Nicole DeAnne to come out for hair & was a RAD shoot, to say the least!
lm_002.jpglm_003.jpgLindsey's friend got her these amazing large head-pieces for the shoot, I was in love with each one!
lm_004.jpgThe desert and windmills! Totally worth the trip! Lindsey + Mike were troopers.
lm_005.jpgI heart this shot by Justin.
lm_006.jpgLindsey's shoes rocked out! You can't go wrong with Christian Louboutin.
lm_007.jpglm_008.jpglm_009.jpglm_010.jpglm_011.jpglm_012.jpglm_013.jpglm_014.jpglm_015.jpglm_016.jpgThe last location we found was an abandoned empty mall. It was a great place to work with, so many leading lines modern architecture.
lm_018.jpgHands down, this is my FAVORITE shot of the day!
Lindsey + Mike, thanks for having us out!
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Alison, TKB blog said:
Love the lighting, Amelia. LOVE the LIGHTING. Everyone should wear hats for shoots. Wouldn't that be great? That would be great. I'm gonna start this thing. Hats, people, wear 'em.
(02.04.10 11:08 PM)
Amanda Patrice said:
I love the windmills in the background... and the mall was such a great find! Beautiful portraits!
(02.04.10 11:16 PM)
corey said:
Man you guys rocked this session i LOVE it esp the windmill shots your stuff has always been a daily favorite of mines...
(02.04.10 11:29 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I freaking love Justin's shot! I have a slight obsession with windswept hair! and love your favorite too.
(02.04.10 11:37 PM)
Joanna Tano said:
Love all of these images! You are so TALENTED!
(02.04.10 11:44 PM)
Mary said:
woweeee! I love this session! My fav is the one with Mike up close in the abandoned mall lot and Lindsey out of focus in the background...beautiful composition! All of these are great! bravo!
(02.05.10 12:01 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
can you shoot me and my wife and my baby please?! k.... thanks!
(02.05.10 12:15 AM)
Mel said:
Oh My. These are so Fresh! Love them and how you incorporated their style into a truly fun landscape~
(02.05.10 05:24 AM)
Lindseybelle said:
Wow. Amelia. Justin. These are insane. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. We LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them!!!!! You are incredible.
(02.05.10 05:47 AM)
Briony said:
wow what an amazing set of images....i love the one with the windmills in the background, her hair blowing in the breeze...epic! great job :)
(02.05.10 06:00 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
(02.05.10 06:10 AM)
Cat Watson said:
Wow. These are beautiful! The colors are just so soft and yummy. I love her headpiece, and her shoes:)
(02.05.10 06:35 AM)
Dognbird said:
I love what you have done with the light here, especially how you played up all the details surrounding this adorable couple. Beautiful!
(02.05.10 06:55 AM)
Amy Carson said:
Amazing shoot, I love the feeling of these images. Lindsey has great style too!
(02.05.10 07:22 AM)
yan palmer said:
sigh... you make it look so easy. what a fun and beautiful couple. soooo impressed you trekked to the windmills---i've dreamt about it but lacked the gumption, but not miss amelia lyon and co., so awesome.
(02.05.10 07:48 AM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
LOVE EM! Especially out by the windmills!!! And I love the hair pieces!!!
(02.05.10 08:25 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Awesome stuff Amelia & Justin!! Fabulous shoot. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink hair piece, love the color pop it gives to the photos!!
(02.05.10 08:38 AM)
Michelle Guzman said:
I love her headbands and outfits. The photos in the parking garage are so great. Wow, the dramatic lighting is amazing.
(02.05.10 08:38 AM)
Micah Cordes said:
loooove the last couple shots. great shoot!
(02.05.10 09:06 AM)
Paige said:
Oh my goodness.. i NEED you guys to have another workshop so I can come learn how you do your lighting. It is freaking amazing!!
(02.05.10 09:49 AM)
Rachel Castillero said:
This is SO AWESOME....I think I just died. Those desert shots! Beautiful work!
(02.05.10 10:24 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
Oh- Love!! What a great couple in a great location! Love those shots with windmills... so great and inspiring. :)
(02.05.10 10:50 AM)
Chris Hunt said:
love the windmill shot. Also amazing to follow justin's updates from Haiti, our prayers are with him and those affected.
(02.05.10 11:46 AM)
denise bovee said:
love love love!
(02.05.10 05:45 PM)
matthew morgan said:
these are really pretty
(02.06.10 12:10 AM)
Stacey Malleck said:
Gorgeous. My faves are the windmill shots. Nice work!
(02.08.10 09:41 AM)
Ellena van Tonder said:
Wow, these are FANTASTIC!!!!!
(02.08.10 10:02 AM)
Rachel said:
I love the windmills in the background! Did you do a family portrait shoot there before?
(02.08.10 10:26 AM)
rog said:
you guys are still the best.
(02.08.10 09:31 PM)
amy little said:
I LOVE IT! it's crazy that everything you do is perfect. I love the shot Justin took with the little wisps of hair flying in the wind. plus your off camera flash is spectacular. nice.
(02.08.10 11:52 PM)
Sergio said:
I love this engagement session! It is very creative and passionate. Fantastic images!
(02.08.10 11:54 PM)
Kia Gregory said:
Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely check them out.
(02.09.10 03:26 PM)
Olivia said:
What a great shoot and good looking couple! I love the lighting!
(02.10.10 07:34 PM)
Jill Ison said:
I adore your work. I never comment but man your stuff is cool! I hope my stuff is that cool someday. I think the windmills brought the comment in me out :) i just did a blog post and my last picture was of the windmills on the way home from CA. I've always thought it would be a wonderful place for a photoshoot... thought confirmed, by you! always a pleasure to check out your stuff. thanks. jill
(02.12.10 11:28 PM)
dean ray said:
WOW!!!! SWWWEEEEETTTT!!!!!! these r GREAT!!!! no.6 is to die for......... "A MOMENT IN TIME"
(02.15.10 03:56 PM)
Emily Scott said:
The light in these photos are stunning and the last few are amazing. Also, I want her SHOES. beautiful.
(02.16.10 11:42 PM)
Jennifer said:
The desert and windmills was oh so totally worth the trip! Wowsers. These are amazing.
(02.17.10 01:51 PM)
Carl Reid said:
Thanks for the pics and the recipes. My favourite pic is the side portrait of Lindsey with the off-lighting. Regards, Carl from T.O.
(02.20.10 05:36 PM)
Dognbird said:
Very romantic photos, love the tonal quality!
(02.21.10 09:02 AM)
cl sandal said:
we should help them .now they are in trouble.cheapsexyshoes
(03.09.10 06:37 PM)
manolo blahnik said:
I like these photos,they are beautiful.thanks for sharing .
(05.20.10 11:26 PM)
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