Corissa contacted us a few months ago about schedule a fun shoot with just her and her husband Kris...just because. I LOVE these kinds of shoots! I appreciate when people take the time to schedule a shoot "just because" so they can have that time in their lives captured.

Corissa also came to one of the LYON-SHOP classes and it was funny because I didn't put two and two together that she was the same "Corissa" that had scheduled an upcoming shoot. I felt like a total dork when I came to the realization after that LYON-SHOP was over, I had to apologize, she just laughed it off, it was pretty funny!

Nicole DeAnne did a fantastic job with Corissa's hair and make-up!
ck_002.jpgck_003.jpgck_004.jpgck_005.jpgLike my cameo in this shot?!;)
ck_006.jpgck_007.jpgck_008.jpgck_009.jpgck_010.jpgck_011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day on the right!

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Corissa said:
Amelia!!! you are amazing! We LOVE them! It is so nice to have some pictures of us now! Thank you so much for everything you did!!
(04.01.10 03:29 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Very nice photo session!! I really like these "just because" sessions!
(04.01.10 04:08 PM)
Nicole Deanne said:
LOVELY!!!! I love the cameo one!!! And what a HOT couple!!
(04.01.10 05:48 PM)
Leah Miller said:
LOVE the grass shot at the end.
(04.01.10 06:43 PM)
abby leigh said:
AMAZING. Wow, you are so creative!!
(04.01.10 07:03 PM)
Catherine Guidry said:
Your images are so SHARP! And I always love the way you create a series...or shift your focus and post the two images together. Very nice!!
(04.02.10 12:07 AM)
Mel said:
Amazing as usual...your sis did a beautiful job as well! Go team Go!
(04.02.10 10:44 AM)
Katy Gray said:
Love the whole shoot! My fave is himj in the aviator shades with her looking right at you. I love the variety of posing, too - inspirational!
(04.02.10 11:48 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
OK. In those tight black and white profile shots, does he not look EXACTLY like Matt Damon?! Pretty pics friends! xx!
(04.02.10 01:14 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Hey she looks so familiar... I think I went to school with her but not sure... anyways love the pix and the lighting!
(04.02.10 03:01 PM)
mckenzie said:
I just found your blog and I'm in love with your pictures. I'm about to graduate and I am a photo major. Your pictures have really inspired me!
(04.02.10 05:29 PM)
Randi said:
Yay! Corissa! She looks absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't have recognized her either if you hadn't said she was the same Corissa from the Lyon-Shop. She was my buddy! AMAZING Amelia. Great work capturing her and their JUST BECAUSE love.
(04.02.10 09:43 PM)
Ro said:
how fun! I am sure she is THRILLED, great set
(04.03.10 04:09 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
I absolutely love that shot with the gate and lock in the foreground! So inspiring. :)
(04.03.10 05:01 PM)
shannon said:
perfect. full of emotion...beautiful. love it to that they did it "just because"....i would have never thought of that when i was first married.
(04.04.10 02:02 PM)
Allison said:
O.K. Where do I begin!!! Your pics are gorgeous. I am on your list for the Lyon Shop but I am still saving my pennies hopefully I can make the next one :) THank you for the inspiration.
(04.05.10 04:20 PM)
Christie said:
Very good choice on Corissa & Kris's part for choosing to have a "just because" session...these pictures ROCK!
(04.11.10 08:12 PM)