This lovely family was referred to me by my fabulous sister in law Jill. Joel, the father of the Schneggenburger clan, is a co-worker of Jill and had seen the photos we shot of her and my brother a few months ago and decided to book a sitting for his family. It was a delightful afternoon to say the least:)!



My favorite shot of day, a little out of the norm, but I love it!







"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..."





And this is how the session ended, the kids win!!!;)

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angel swanson said:
what an adorable family!! i love these shots, especially the 6th one. they look soo happy!
(12.03.08 12:18 AM)
Lyndzee said:
Upon editing on my beloved computer my phone chimed in a twitter from you saying you had a new post up and of course I had to check,,,,, addiction. (I know,, I should get help) Anyway,, what a happy little family,, so much fun. My favorite is the shadow shot too,, I LOVE shadows. Shadows of anything,, but people and trees especially. Anyway, when can you fit my cute little family in? I want some rockin shots for HUGE canvases in my house. Whoo,, RED BULL. Very nice,, I like you! I like your pictures!
(12.03.08 12:28 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
how fun! wonderful.
(12.03.08 01:26 AM)
john waire said:
this is such a cool session. looks like everyone had a ton of fun. it's evident in the big smiles...and the creativity in your shots. awesome!
(12.03.08 05:34 AM)
Jill said:
Awww...what a cute family! Great images, Amelia, as always.
(12.03.08 08:51 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
i KNEW it! dinosaurs ARE everywhere!!!!! (i love that b/w silhouette image).
(12.03.08 11:29 AM)
Pascal said:
Absolutely love the last one. These are some great captures of a very nice family!
(12.03.08 01:20 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are so fun! I am actually editing some pictures from the same location right now and I love seeing what other photographers were able to pull from the same place. These are so so fun , and defiantly show what real family is all about!
(12.04.08 08:44 AM)
Vasti said:
How do you get your photos to look like they're a relief sculpture? It looks like the photo is popping out! Especially the first and the one of the parents in vertical color. HOW?! It's just fantastic.
(12.04.08 09:02 AM)
David Terry said:
Beautiful images. All of them. But I especially LOVE the shadow picture. So unique. Awesome idea! I also love the one of the kids looking like they are running towards you holding hands with the parents in the background.
(12.04.08 06:35 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
I love the shadow picture! They look like they were a fun family to shoot!
(12.04.08 09:41 PM)
Meg said:
Wonderful spirit in these....the location is so simple yet your images tell so much.
(12.05.08 09:00 AM)
sandie said:
i love those toothless smiles!!! you really rocked this one! :)
(12.05.08 10:33 AM)
caspix said:
So utterly fabulous and full of love and joy xx
(12.05.08 05:33 PM)
Cathy said:
I LOVE these! They just look so real and so full of joy :)
(12.06.08 06:55 PM)
Hanssie said:
Love the shadow shot! Fun, fun!
(12.08.08 07:45 PM)
German Sittner fron Argentina said:
Hey Amelia!!! i can stop watching your blog...i'ts amazing.....
(12.17.08 08:08 AM)
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A few weeks ago we shot photos of the Jacobs family in Newport Beach. You may also recognize Christian (the dad) if you are an Aquabats fan, or you may have even noticed his random cameos on Nick Jr. and Noggin being interviewed as one of the creators and directors of Yo Gabba Gabba. We're not usually ones to choose to shoot at the beach, but we thoroughly enjoyed this session, the whole family was awesome to work with, Christian brought his surf boards, and we even found some crazy ocean creatures along the beachside.





Tickle war!!!






Such adorable kids!




Seriously! Those starfish are REAL, no joke!!! I've never seen a starfish as big as the one that Oskar found!



My favorite shot of the day, that sunset was killer!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have a safe and happy holiday!!!!
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erika verginelli said:
WOW!!!! I so much looove this session!!!!
(11.27.08 09:49 AM)
heather said:
I love seeing your family portraits and the last one here is killer! I absolutely love all of them, but that last!
(11.27.08 10:27 AM)
Ashley said:
I adore that last image!!! That makes me want to shoot at the beach. And so random, but she's my former landlord!
(11.27.08 11:14 AM)
Liz said:
so fun and sweet...
(11.27.08 11:27 AM)
Quinze said:
Grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat ;)
(11.27.08 01:04 PM)
tracey said:
what an amazing shoot..sooooo great! :)
(11.27.08 04:56 PM)
Christian Kaysen said:
Wow... The Aquabats. Gosh that brings me back to high school so fast. Stunning images btw.
(11.27.08 10:00 PM)
Stevie said:
Wow those are all stunning!!! You are such an inspiration!!
(11.28.08 06:23 AM)
Stevie said:
Wow those are all stunning!!! You are such an inspiration!!
(11.28.08 06:23 AM)
Stevie said:
Wow those are all stunning!!! You are such an inspiration!!
(11.28.08 06:23 AM)
Sara Montour said:
Those starfish shots are killer! And I love that he's still holding it in the last one. Adorable!
(11.28.08 08:35 AM)
rik andes said:
holy cow, the aquabats grew up and had families?! hehe, these are so very cool. all those shots of them with the seastars are amazing, but the first one made me laugh out loud. my wife loved the pair of shots of the mom with her daughter, calm, serene, and the dad with his sons, crazy and hyper--it reminds us of our family. you may have inspired some new family shots for us =]
(11.28.08 09:07 AM)
Beka said:
Seriously, such a cute family. I am in love with your skills!
(11.28.08 07:02 PM)
Brenda Andreasen said:
Those are the BEST Family pictures I have ever seen! WOW!
(11.29.08 07:36 AM)
greta, smitten photography said:
awesome session! i love the aquabats and so does my 6 year old! it's cool to see him without the mask :)
(11.29.08 01:22 PM)
Ryan said:
" It was a cool pool la la laaa." I have been known to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on our DVR even when my son is sleeping. :) As for the pictures: Friggin amazing Amelia! You continue to be a huge inspiration for me and my photography.
(11.30.08 12:13 PM)
angie monson said:
Love this session, beautiful! I used to go to all the Aquabats shows in high school, good times...
(11.30.08 06:41 PM)
Augusta said:
Love them all, especially the second to last one.
(11.30.08 07:29 PM)
Kristy R. said:
Givin' me chills!
(11.30.08 09:47 PM)
john waire said:
my daughter LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. addictive to say the least. what an awesome session!
(12.01.08 05:04 AM)
jac said:
love love love LOVE this session. awsome!!!
(12.01.08 08:46 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
Those are the most beautiful family shots ever! Wow, sooooo good :)
(12.01.08 09:18 AM)
Heather said:
All of these are amazing! The emotions in them are almost tangible :)
(12.01.08 10:03 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
SO SO SO fun! Love the one of them laying on the boards and LOVE the last shot. Awesome job!
(12.01.08 10:08 AM)
Emma said:
These really turned out amazing. I miss these kids so much! Bravo!!!
(12.02.08 12:48 PM)
sunnnnnnn said:
that last picture is just killer. the water doesnt even look like water. :)
(12.02.08 07:23 PM)
Matt said:
I just found your site last week and I dig!!! What a fun family and sweet use of location, props and marine life :) This fam must have been amped when they got the goods, I can't stop laughing at the kids' starfish expressions
(12.03.08 11:35 PM)
andi said:
these are beautiful family portraits!!!
(12.20.08 10:16 PM)
ScotWharton said:
I have lots of favorites, but that last shot is BEAUTIFUL!
(12.22.08 12:57 PM)
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