Remember Jason + Kristina from our big wedding photography give-away?! They were one of the contestants that won a free portrait session and decided to do a "day after" session dressed in their wedding attire! Loved the romance of this sitting & Kristina's dress was gorgeous!
jk_port002.jpgjk_port003.jpgjk_port004.jpgjk_port005.jpgjk_port006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Kayleen T. said:
Ahh love this shoot, love the warmth and #2 is so pretty and love your fave also!
(03.01.11 04:56 PM)
My Beautiful Lifw said:
Gorgeous. Absolutely love her dress. So many pretty photos!!!
(03.01.11 05:03 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Oh yeah! Got my Amelia fix ....whew. Rockin shots in pure Amelia Lyon Photog amazingness!
(03.01.11 05:14 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
I'm blown away by the awesomeness of this shoot. It is beautiful, creative, and simply amazing!!!!! You guys really never cease to amaze me! And I think your fave shot is also mine. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
(03.01.11 05:14 PM)
Luke Carrangis said:
Nice work, beautiful images!
(03.01.11 07:06 PM)
Lori Wong said:
Gasp!! I love this shoot. SO beautiful. As I scrolled I kept saying to myself, "no, that one is my fave." scroll, scroll, "awe man. Now THAT one is my favorite for sure!" Loved 'em all. I didn't want it to end. Amazing.
(03.01.11 10:42 PM)
Christy @ Polite Society Magazine said:
I'm so in love with her dress... and his socks. :) Beautiful pictures, Amelia, as always. Christy
(03.02.11 06:04 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
so stunning...
(03.02.11 09:13 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
Love the backlight in those wide shots!
(03.02.11 10:28 AM)
Vanessa said:
These are gorgeous!!!!!!! Love them
(03.02.11 12:06 PM)
Leanne Miller said:
Amelia I just adore you work!!! These photos are amazing, stunning couple. Just gorgeous!!!
(03.02.11 11:21 PM)
Denver Photographer said:
I love all those shots into the sun! Totally Great!
(03.03.11 10:20 AM)
Ginger de Vegh said:
Hi Amelia -- have to tell you, really love your work!!! Recently came across your blog and think you have an incredible style and eye! Keep up the amazing work - and I look forward to following you and your adventures!!! G
(03.03.11 11:53 AM)
geneoh said:
love the b/w of them walking!
(03.07.11 09:05 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
These images are beautiful!!!! I am in LOVE with them. :)
(03.07.11 11:50 AM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Spectacular photos! Your work is amazing! I wish more clients would do day after shoots. Just look how relaxed these two look. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos.
(03.08.11 02:05 PM)
maggie fortson said:
The light could not be more stunning. . . GORGEOUS couple!
(03.08.11 08:59 PM)
Vancouver wedding photographer said:
Stunning photos and a stupendous use of natural light!
(03.11.11 05:11 AM)
Lloyed Valenzuela Photography said:
flares are stunning!!! excellent post...
(03.14.11 06:22 PM)
Erin Blakely said:
Beautiful! I love the lighting -- fabulous job!
(03.17.11 07:35 PM)
Stacie said:
He has the cutest smile! And I have to agree with you on your favorite shot of the day- that picture makes me so happy!
(03.18.11 01:13 PM)
ImranKhan said:
wow... stunning photography... the close shot of the couple with a guitar is awesome. Love it.
(03.19.11 11:12 AM)
Lizzy (Peterson) Shawcroft said:
She is stunning! I bet you had a blast shooting this one! Wonderful work, as always!
(03.21.11 03:01 PM)
mary wyar said:
mmmm! love all the flare + cuddles!!!
(03.22.11 12:54 PM)
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One of the absolute joys of being a photographer, for me, is working with brand new little families with new little babies. It's so fun to see new parents in action, with the excitement of this tiny person that has just joined in on the world!

I LOVED crew's nursery!
Introducing baby Crew!
crew002.jpgcrew003.jpgcrew004.jpgAshley is a good little mama...she new just how to calm Crew down.
crew005.jpgcrew006.jpgcrew007.jpgcrew008.jpgcrew009.jpgcrew010.jpgcrew011.jpgcrew012.jpgcrew013.jpgLike father, like son!
crew014.jpgcrew015.jpgcrew016.jpgcrew017.jpgcrew019.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
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kristen said:
Lovely. I love how creative you are in family, baby and wedding portraits. Triple threat.
(02.03.11 06:09 PM)
Sara Bliss said:
Amelia, this is absolutely fabulous! So unique and beautiful! And his parents did an amazing job on that nursery too.
(02.03.11 06:50 PM)
Amelia- these are absolutely stunning. i love this family and you captured that love perfectly...Congrats Rose fam!!!
(02.03.11 06:59 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
What an awesome nursery! This is going in my Favorites folder so that when I have babies in 4+ years, I have inspiration! :) Oh, and I love the images as well....but that's a given.
(02.03.11 07:22 PM)
Mel said:
I love your little baby favorite clients of yours ;)
(02.03.11 07:50 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
So beautiful!!! Such an adorable little family!
(02.03.11 10:03 PM)
Chung Nguyen said:
Absolutely love the nursery - adorable! And Crew's already got daddy's dimples. Cuteness!!!
(02.03.11 11:04 PM)
amber said:
that nursery is BEAUTIFUL and so...HAPPY! i love everything about this family and their style. amelia, ofcourse you captured it all PEEFECTLY, as usual ;)
(02.04.11 07:17 AM)
Aliza Werner said:
I love little Crew's nursery! So creative, colorful, and imaginative. Amelia, you captured the love and life of this family so beautifully! Thank you for sharing!
(02.05.11 11:53 AM)
Rachel Absher said:
Amelia, these are beautiful. Love the moments you captured.
(02.06.11 11:40 AM)
maggie fortson said:
Gorgeous shoot! Last image is perfect~!
(02.06.11 08:02 PM)
mandy said:
ummmm these are uhsmaziiing!!!
(02.07.11 11:11 AM)
cat said:
he's got his father's dimples :)
(02.07.11 09:01 PM)
ajira said:
So AWESOME to see Ashleigh with her family. How beautiful is Crew!! And that nursery!! Wowzers!!
(02.08.11 11:07 PM)
sonya at zenobia studios said:
What an absolutely beautiful little family!!! And that nursery is gooooreous. these photos are a treasure.
(02.09.11 08:32 AM)
Ciara Richardson said:
I love every single photo you do. ALWAYS! Wish you were in Utah!
(02.09.11 12:56 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Best nursery I have ever seen! Super cute, wonderful, darling photo shoot. What a sweet family!
(02.10.11 12:24 PM)
Chris Aram said:
So many fun shots! - I'd have to say the one outside in front of the tree is my favorite composition!
(02.10.11 01:28 PM)
Rich Park said:
wow, these are ALL awesome! great pictures!
(02.11.11 07:35 AM)
Molly K said:
His nursery is soo cute! You should submit it to the Wedding Chicks new site for babies.
(02.12.11 11:23 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
These are all stunning. You did such a great job capturing the sweet connection of this family. Fabulous work once again!
(02.13.11 12:07 AM)
Mr. Haack said:
Awesome Amelia! Jesi and I love the Rose family... I was stoked to here you took some shots of them. Love it.
(02.15.11 03:31 PM)
Noelle Houdek said:
Ok Amelia... you say that none of the blur in your photographs is done post processing (I was actually really happy to learn that because I was getting worried I might have to re-evaluate my zero tolerance blur tool policy) but can you PLEASE tell me how you got the focus on the black and white picture of little crew's foot. The only thing I can think of is lens baby?
(02.16.11 11:04 AM)
amelialyon said:
Hey Noelle, Thanks for the comment! Actually, I shot that either with my 50mm or my 35mm at a super low aperture, so most likely it was shot at a 1.4 aperture. Hope that helps! I don't like to use the lensbaby for newborn shoots.:)
(02.16.11 01:27 PM)
Nicole said:
I really want to know where the mobile above the crib is from!!!!!!!! Please share! It's adorable! ~Nicole
(02.16.11 06:26 PM)
Erica said:
this room is AMAZING! So much love put into it. What a cute family!
(02.21.11 01:35 AM)
My Beautiful Life said:
These are the sweetest pics. I wish you had been around when my baby came home from the hospital a year ago. Hubs was way too tired to take pics. You are an amazing photographer!!!
(02.26.11 11:24 AM)
Jen said:
These shots are amazing! I am expecting soon and I would LOVE to put this amazing blue color in the boys' room! Is there any way to find out what it is? I would appreciate it! I was at Home Depot and I tried finding a similar color... but failed! lol!
(03.10.11 09:56 AM)
Transcription Services said:
Sooooooooooooo sweet.Just love this photography.:)
(10.23.11 07:04 AM)
tanvir said:
Best picture story.
(04.27.14 09:35 PM)
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