Remember Jason + Kristina from our big wedding photography give-away?! They were one of the contestants that won a free portrait session and decided to do a "day after" session dressed in their wedding attire! Loved the romance of this sitting & Kristina's dress was gorgeous!
jk_port002.jpgjk_port003.jpgjk_port004.jpgjk_port005.jpgjk_port006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Kayleen T. said:
Ahh love this shoot, love the warmth and #2 is so pretty and love your fave also!
(03.01.11 04:56 PM)
My Beautiful Lifw said:
Gorgeous. Absolutely love her dress. So many pretty photos!!!
(03.01.11 05:03 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Oh yeah! Got my Amelia fix ....whew. Rockin shots in pure Amelia Lyon Photog amazingness!
(03.01.11 05:14 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
I'm blown away by the awesomeness of this shoot. It is beautiful, creative, and simply amazing!!!!! You guys really never cease to amaze me! And I think your fave shot is also mine. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
(03.01.11 05:14 PM)
Luke Carrangis said:
Nice work, beautiful images!
(03.01.11 07:06 PM)
Lori Wong said:
Gasp!! I love this shoot. SO beautiful. As I scrolled I kept saying to myself, "no, that one is my fave." scroll, scroll, "awe man. Now THAT one is my favorite for sure!" Loved 'em all. I didn't want it to end. Amazing.
(03.01.11 10:42 PM)
Christy @ Polite Society Magazine said:
I'm so in love with her dress... and his socks. :) Beautiful pictures, Amelia, as always. Christy
(03.02.11 06:04 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
so stunning...
(03.02.11 09:13 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
Love the backlight in those wide shots!
(03.02.11 10:28 AM)
Vanessa said:
These are gorgeous!!!!!!! Love them
(03.02.11 12:06 PM)
Leanne Miller said:
Amelia I just adore you work!!! These photos are amazing, stunning couple. Just gorgeous!!!
(03.02.11 11:21 PM)
Denver Photographer said:
I love all those shots into the sun! Totally Great!
(03.03.11 10:20 AM)
Ginger de Vegh said:
Hi Amelia -- have to tell you, really love your work!!! Recently came across your blog and think you have an incredible style and eye! Keep up the amazing work - and I look forward to following you and your adventures!!! G
(03.03.11 11:53 AM)
geneoh said:
love the b/w of them walking!
(03.07.11 09:05 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
These images are beautiful!!!! I am in LOVE with them. :)
(03.07.11 11:50 AM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Spectacular photos! Your work is amazing! I wish more clients would do day after shoots. Just look how relaxed these two look. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos.
(03.08.11 02:05 PM)
maggie fortson said:
The light could not be more stunning. . . GORGEOUS couple!
(03.08.11 08:59 PM)
Vancouver wedding photographer said:
Stunning photos and a stupendous use of natural light!
(03.11.11 05:11 AM)
Lloyed Valenzuela Photography said:
flares are stunning!!! excellent post...
(03.14.11 06:22 PM)
Erin Blakely said:
Beautiful! I love the lighting -- fabulous job!
(03.17.11 07:35 PM)
Stacie said:
He has the cutest smile! And I have to agree with you on your favorite shot of the day- that picture makes me so happy!
(03.18.11 01:13 PM)
ImranKhan said:
wow... stunning photography... the close shot of the couple with a guitar is awesome. Love it.
(03.19.11 11:12 AM)
Lizzy (Peterson) Shawcroft said:
She is stunning! I bet you had a blast shooting this one! Wonderful work, as always!
(03.21.11 03:01 PM)
mary wyar said:
mmmm! love all the flare + cuddles!!!
(03.22.11 12:54 PM)