Many of my readers may recognize Jill from her last maternity session! That shoot was one of my favorite maternity sessions, Jill came up with the concept of her and Kenny on a boat and around the docks. I wondered what Jill would come up with for her second maternity session that would top the last shoot. Well, she did it, she came up with the idea of having herself photographed in a grocery store, filling her cart with all the crazy things women crave when they're pregnant, all the while being a total glam-mama! It was super fun, definitely a step out of the box for me, and we were giggling the entire time! LOL! LOVE this maternity session Jill! Great idea!
jill_mat2_006.jpgjill_mat2_007.jpgjill_mat2_008.jpgjill_mat2_009.jpgjill_mat2_010.jpgjill_mat2_011.jpgjill_mat2_012.jpgjill_mat2_013.jpgjill_mat2_014.jpgjill_mat2_015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Ha!
jill_mat2_016.jpgjill_mat2_017.jpgjill_mat2_018.jpgjill_mat2_019.jpgI can't believe Lola is already two! Jill + Kenny's family is growing, so fun!
I love that I get to have a new niece to love and hold! Newborn shots of baby Jade coming soon!
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carly said:
probably the cutest thing I've seen in a very, very long time. The freezer door/ice cream shot needs to be printed life size :) You're too rad.
(04.24.12 01:59 PM)
michele bowman said:
LOVE these!!!
(04.24.12 02:06 PM)
Emily @ Southern Weddings said:
So cute, Amelia! Great session!
(04.24.12 02:08 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
So cute! I love this! What is that ring she is wearing on her middle finger - it's really cool :)
(04.24.12 02:13 PM)
Rog said:
Dudes and dudets. I love this. I absolutely can't stand when Lyndzee opens food up in the grocery store before she paid for it. But when Jill does it,'s cute ;) Well done. We'll probably start seeing this idea more and more now. Look what you've done.
(04.24.12 02:36 PM)
David said:
Is it stating the obvious to say that everyone in the Fotofafa office is absolutely loving these. Amazing as always!
(04.24.12 02:51 PM)
Phill said:
There is one single photograph of my mother when she was carrying me, and it's priceless. There's a treasure trove of priceless images here and the context is beautifully entertaining. The little un yet to come is going to be so grateful of these decades from now.
(04.24.12 02:53 PM)
Jill said:
I'm still giggling just looking at these! This was so fun and I LOVE how they turned out. THANK YOU!
(04.24.12 03:01 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
I LOOOOOOVE this maternity shoot! More than anything! What a great idea! I love that she put some (lots) of thought into it! Those gelato shots just kill me. Is it bad that I would do the same thing even though i'm not pregnant? It definitely wouldn't be as cute of a photo shoot! haha! Congrats again to Kenny & Jill! Oh and I love that you set up a flash in a grocery store aisle. That's amazing. Always impressed with you :)
(04.24.12 03:20 PM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
Your brother and his wife have such amazing pictures! Way to be brave and take it to the grocery store. Definitely taking maternity shoots to a whole new level! :)
(04.24.12 03:58 PM)
Christina Dely said:
What a fun & original idea! Lovely images!
(04.24.12 04:07 PM)
Becky said:
Love EVERYTHING about these!! Great job Amelia. :)
(04.24.12 04:33 PM)
Kelly said:
SO gorgeous! I love all of the colors!
(04.24.12 05:07 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
Oh, Amelia. You raise the bar, yet again, These are simply too rad and I LOVE the flash in the grocery aisle. I was telling eddie, most grocery stores don't even allow photography so I am sure you had to be super stealth - so crazy. You are genius and your images exude your beauty and brilliance. LOVE you!!
(04.24.12 05:57 PM)
Katy O said:
These are beyond brilliant. What a fun idea!
(04.24.12 06:28 PM)
Ed said:
Love the market concept, totally fresh! No pun intended. Always inspirational Amelia, cheers.
(04.24.12 07:20 PM)
Veronica Lane said:
Very creative Amelia! That's refreshing to see!
(04.24.12 07:51 PM)
Erin Woolsey said:
I love the eating ice cream photos, how fun!
(04.24.12 07:57 PM)
Alana said:
(04.24.12 08:46 PM)
Gena D said:
this is beyond amazing - just love, love, love it!!! well done!!!
(04.25.12 02:29 AM)
Stephanie Lyell said:
I am a often blog reader, but seldom blog commenter...I just had to comment on this one. What a cool idea, and wonderfully executed! So great!
(04.25.12 05:13 AM)
Emilia Jane said:
So beautiful!
(04.25.12 06:21 AM)
Jenny said:
Seriously you're amazing. You just may be my favorite photographer ever. Just lovely! Oh, and Happy birthday Hudson! :)
(04.25.12 08:53 AM)
kristin eldridge photography said:
Oh my gosh...I love this! Her last shoot was gorgeous and this one definitely topped it!
(04.25.12 04:04 PM)
Robin said:
THese are great Amelia! Jill looks beautiful too. Love the colors in these shots. I LOVE LOVE fun bright colors.
(04.26.12 09:45 PM)
mary dougherty said:
i absolutely loved the first shoot you did with them... and this is one lives up to the first! so out of the box and you did a great job
(04.27.12 08:42 AM)
Paige and Blake said:
we adore Fotofafa! and we adore you. double love for this shoot.
(04.27.12 01:22 PM)
ariel renae said:
these are ridiculously amazingly cute!!! love every frame!
(04.27.12 03:43 PM)
Alli Hudson said:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange juice and ice cream shots!!!! Such a fun shoot and the mommy-to-be looked GREAT!!!!
(04.28.12 07:47 PM)
angie said:
Oh my stinking adorable! Jill is gorgeous as ever and I LOVE this idea! So good Amelia!
(04.29.12 10:46 PM)
Zaida said:
Pure genius. And those photo skills? Wow, looks like a magazine spread. AHmazing. :)
(04.30.12 02:44 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Awesome idea Jill and Amelia you made it reality. My favorites are her sitting on the ground eating the gelato. I want to do that everytime I go to the store.
(05.01.12 09:26 PM)
Lisa said:
Was permission given to do this shoot before the grocery store was open? Was it a mom and pop grocery store? Reason I ask because all the big named grocery stores will not let you photograph in their stores because of their branding and marketing. Just like you couldn't decide to do a photo shoot in a target store because you would be on thier property photographing their brand (regardless of how little) for commercial purposes (Phtoo shoot for client). If you did this stealthy I am pretty impressed you got it done without being thrown out.
(05.02.12 10:59 AM)
Tracey SHayewitz said:
This might be the cutest maternity session Ive ever seen!!! So creative and just perfect! And I love love love her dress!
(05.02.12 11:15 AM)
Sheila Sim said:
Hilarious, but also very beautiful! Love this session :-)
(05.07.12 07:08 AM)
francine said:
unbelievably spectacular!!
(05.08.12 07:25 PM)
fotoclipping said:
Best wishes for this family.
(05.08.12 08:59 PM)
Delbensonphotography said:
She is beautiful pregnant lady! I enjoyed so much looking at her photos. I love when she was sitting on the floor, eating. That's really cool! This is an excellent job!
(05.09.12 12:23 AM)
heather said:
beautiful, as always (your photography AND miss jill brady). such a unique pregnancy shoot in the grocery store. i've never seen that before and i love it!!
(05.11.12 09:00 PM)
Erin Lassahn said:
That first Ice Cream eating shot is to die for!!!
(05.15.12 02:43 PM)
Alyssa said:
Best idea for a maternity shoot ever. I love it. So cute!
(05.16.12 08:58 AM)
Emily Heizer Photo said:
Her lipstick is amazing! I love it! The sullen little girl in the background- hilarious! I love the shot with the stacks of vegetables in the back- the color blocking is a fantastic backdrop! Same question Amelia, did you ask permission first before shooting in the grocery store? We've had a couple 'togs around here do TTD's in grocery stores and they never responded as to how they cleared it first. And they did it like in Albertson's. How'd ya do that? :)
(05.20.12 10:49 PM)
Shamim said:
amazing piece of collection! thanks for sharing!
(05.21.12 05:35 AM)
Molly said:
Wow you are really good! I love these pictures!
(05.29.12 03:43 PM)
Shannon said:
(06.14.12 01:56 PM)
Aaron Snow said:
I love these! The supermarket was a brilliant idea!
(06.19.12 02:15 PM)
Lyubov said:
Hello! Your photos are very, very nice! I am inspired by your work! My native language is Russian, so I'm sorry for my English.
(07.20.12 02:40 AM)
Brandi said:
I absolutely adore the maternity shoot in the grocery store! Very fitting! I stumbled upon your page via Pinterest and your photographs are truly amazing... I just realized I've been going through pics on your page for about an hour now and I get so caught up in reading the stories you write with them, it shows that you really getting to your clients. Keep up the great work. :)
(08.30.13 08:54 PM)
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I was saving this fun family post of the Thompson family because I thought it would be a perfect feature on this holiday of love with the colors and fun graffiti wall at the end. I LOVE the Thompson family to pieces...and Lucy is such a crack-up, her personality just gets better and better the older she gets!

Here's to wishing you all a day full of love and happiness!
thompson2_007.jpgthompson2_008.jpgthompson2_009.jpgthompson2_010.jpgthompson2_011.jpgI have to give a big shout-out to my talented little sis Nicole DeAnne, she has a ROCKIN company that works magic on hair and make-up on most of my brides, seriously, her and her associates are amazing! If you're looking for a fantastic hair & make-up artist, I highly recommend Nicole DeAnne!

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Shari Hanson said:
amelia, I LOVE these! the one from behind with mom and dad swinging lucy up is my fave! soo sooooo sooooo cute! can't wait to see you at BREATHE this weekend! xoxo
(02.14.12 02:44 PM)
Jill Brady said:
Awwww. I like those people. And I like these photos.
(02.14.12 03:06 PM)
Maddie said:
Gorgeous images! What a happy little girl and a beautiful family :)
(02.15.12 02:51 AM)
Katie said:
Love!! I love your work and this family is so adorable!
(02.15.12 06:48 AM)
Carrie Miller said:
She is the most smiley girl ever! Super cute!
(02.15.12 06:52 AM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Such a nice series. These three show so much love and fun. Well done!
(02.15.12 09:25 AM)
Josh Gruetzmacher said:
Too cute!!!
(02.16.12 11:22 AM)
anna said:
i've been dying to see these photos!! LOVE them!!!! lucy is so precious, and nicole and jeff are such a good looking couple!! :) LOVE love love!!!
(02.16.12 02:15 PM)
Magan said:
You guys make family sessions look like the coolest sessions EVER. I love your work so, so much. I'm keeping a lookout for workshop announcements. I'd like to break out of my norm and hopefully learn a thing or two from you guys. :) Happy belated Valentine's Day!
(02.16.12 07:14 PM)
kati said:
So lovely! I just love how dreamy your images are!
(02.17.12 03:14 AM)
canvas prints said:
your picture are amazing, you should be very proud
(02.17.12 05:00 AM)
Erin said:
I've seen this bridge before... is it in Yorba Linda?
(02.17.12 12:07 PM)
Eileen said:
These are so amazing - such real moments!!
(02.23.12 07:56 AM)
Charleston Wedding Photographers said:
Great photos! I really like the black and white one on the bridge! Good job!
(02.23.12 11:12 AM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Oh my goodness I LOVE these. Lucy is such a crack up and Jeff and Nic are beautiful as always. Hotties!!
(02.23.12 04:32 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
I can honesty hang up any of these photos in my house. Haha! All of your photos have that effect on me, Amelia. Gosh this is such a beautiful and playful session and Nicole looks STUNNNNNNNNING.
(02.23.12 09:19 PM)
Hannes Uys said:
Amelia I discovered your site today. I love the energy and approach to your work.
(02.28.12 01:31 AM)
SR said:
Love these!!! Lucy is way too cute! Amelia & Nicole, you both are the best!
(03.05.12 05:32 PM)
lublin fotograf said:
Fantastic set!!
(03.06.12 03:53 AM)
Dinu George -Fotograf Nunta said:
Beautiful Light
(03.06.12 10:07 AM)
Jean Smith said:
AMELIA!! These are so wonderful and make me smile so huge :)
(03.07.12 07:40 PM)
bryan said:
always helps when its a good lookin family
(03.10.12 04:55 PM)
Catherine said:
Just stumbled upon your site.. and am floored by your stunning images. I'll definitely be checking back when in need of inspiration.
(03.13.12 02:59 PM)
briana @ Divine Light Photography said:
Gorgeous! I love the life, emotions and movement displayed in these images. Such a beautiful portrayal of a beautiful family, amazing as always!
(03.15.12 09:43 AM)
ava said:
wow! made my day. you are very talented. the two last ones are killer
(02.14.13 07:18 PM)
mcaullum said:
I am just short of my words really amazing work you have carved here thanks for sharing
(06.12.13 08:44 AM)
shane watson said:
good wishes for the cutie pie and your sweet little family lovely gorgeous family pictures....touch wood
(06.13.13 09:31 PM)
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