We love the Anderton family and have been friends with them ever since we met them seven years prior at church. When they first contacted us about shooting a surprise session with the children for their dad my first thought was how fun it would be to see them again! We shot the session at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. It was slightly comical when we ran into them that following weekend during a wedding we were shooting as they continued their stay there in Laguna Niguel. The Anderton children were a delight to spend the afternoon with, so photogenic and even more well behaved!
anderton_002.jpganderton_003.jpganderton_004.jpganderton_005.jpganderton_006.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day.
anderton_007.jpganderton_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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sally said:
i love your favorite too!!! full of childhood hope and dreams.
(08.27.09 06:05 PM)
Niki said:
Those kids are too good. :) They are all so cute and I love how these photos make them look like such good friends. Once again, well done!
(08.27.09 08:23 PM)
Mitzi said:
The photos look great and capture the children's personalities well. You can also feel their bond as siblings.
(08.27.09 08:36 PM)
Jenny said:
these are so sweet! i want to scoop up the youngest and take him home...what a cutie...
(08.27.09 09:33 PM)
Mike Cunningham said:
the last one with the palm trees is PIIIIIMP! i wish all kids were this well behaved when it's photo time. they're like mini-derek zoolanders.
(08.28.09 09:15 AM)
Michele B said:
What and incredibly sweet session! I'm in love with the b+w pictures. They are so beautiful. You did a wonderful job capturing this family :)
(08.28.09 09:17 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
So cute. The girls have a little sassiness going on there!! :)
(08.28.09 10:31 AM)
yan palmer said:
i love seeing how your creativity transfers to children. the elements in your compositions are so, so interesting, the gates and palm trees in that last shot for example. the two chairs----love looking at all your stuff.
(08.28.09 01:45 PM)
Phi-Phi Anderton said:
THANK YOU SO MUCH, AMELIA!!! I love these photos. I am so blessed to be their mommy. You have captured my greatest treasures on film!
(08.28.09 04:17 PM)
Summer said:
Wow, they are getting so big. How lovely!
(08.28.09 07:34 PM)
Margie Staheli said:
Loved the pictures. Can't believe how they've changed since we saw them last! BEAUTIFUL! Love and hugs, Mom
(08.29.09 01:00 PM)
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Little "Lex", as they call him, was an absolute delight to photograph. I had never met Lex before, but he definitely reminded me of my own Hudson. I felt like someone had given me a chance to step back in time and spend the afternoon with Hudson as a two year old, it was fun!
lex002.jpglex003.jpglex004.jpglex005.jpgLex and his daddy!
lex006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lex007.jpglex008.jpgOh, the emotions of a two year old:)


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DrewB said:
He totally looks like he could be one of your kids! Too cute!
(08.12.09 05:34 PM)
Trisha said:
HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE GUY?! love the range of expressions.
(08.12.09 05:35 PM)
Aunt Chany said:
You are an amazing talent!! I haven't seen my cute nephew in over a year and seeing such beautiful pics of him made my day! If we get to Cali anytime soon- we have to get you to take our family photos! Lex you are the cutest thing ever- love you :)
(08.12.09 05:50 PM)
amy said:
amazing! he looks so much like Hudson. that must have been fun for you. adorable pictures!
(08.12.09 06:27 PM)
SHAWN said:
Awesome job!!
(08.12.09 06:54 PM)
ale said:
I love how you capture childrens emotions, wether they are your own or not, you always manage to capture them as how they are, playfull. You always manage to makes your photos look so natural.
(08.12.09 07:04 PM)
bobbi said:
When I first clicked I thought it WAS Hudson! SO DANG CUTE! You're fantastic, btw :)
(08.12.09 07:38 PM)
jenberry said:
i almost thought this was hudson. soooo awesome.
(08.12.09 08:34 PM)
Jordan Boesch said:
Ok, so HOW did you get a 2-year-old to hold still?! My oldest is just about to turn 2 and won't hold still when I try to get pics of him for anything! All his pictures look like he's drunk because he moves his head, lol. This little guy is so cute, and yeah, I totally thought he was Hudson!
(08.12.09 08:58 PM)
Morgan Trinker said:
So, so, so super cute! You captured his little personality beautifully... and it is pretty crazy the resemblance to your own little one! Lovely work, as always. :)
(08.12.09 09:22 PM)
Meredith said:
what a cutie.
(08.13.09 06:00 AM)
amanda reynolds said:
what an absolute cutie pie!!!! That last shot melts in my mouth :)
(08.13.09 07:02 AM)
Jenna Jameson said:
What a doll! I just LOVE your favorite shot. My favorite too!
(08.13.09 08:17 AM)
Nathalie said:
I just LOVE these captures, the personalitiy in these shots just jumps right out and grabs you! Beautiful stuff.
(08.13.09 08:30 AM)
Doreen said:
Amy - These are amazing! I love Lex's many faces and you captured them perfectly. I love you guys!! - Doreen (Jill's Mom)
(08.13.09 12:11 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
So cute! Your favorite and the one after are my favorites too! :) Love your style!
(08.13.09 04:19 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
I honestly thought that that was Hudson! Crazy!!
(08.15.09 10:25 AM)
Amber said:
I just love these! He definatly looks like he could be Hudson himself!
(08.15.09 12:04 PM)
Kate said:
the most adorable little boy ever!
(08.15.09 05:45 PM)
Nas said:
How adorable! Great photos!
(08.28.09 08:18 PM)
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