I had never been to Tennessee/Mississippi until December of 2009! Justin and I were hired to fly to mid-USA to photograph the ever talented husband and wife team that make up Allison Rodgers Photography. I was very excited to meet both Allison + Jeff after hearing the fun stories from Justin when he met them at Imaging USA last year in Arizona.

The Rodgers needed their photos taken because they will soon be going on tour with PPA around the country, teaching and inspiring hundreds of other photographers along their way. I'm not going to lie, I was VERY surprised that they wanted us to photograph them and I was that much more intimidated once we got into town and toured their amazing studio. These people really know what they are doing, and it was great to see how a different studio across the country runs their photography biz. Despite my nerves, Justin and I were glad and excited to do them the honors!

Of course we had to take advantage of the the twiggy trees...I have a slight obsession with this sort of setting (maybe it's because we don't get to see much of this here in SoCal).
rodgers_002.jpgrodgers_003.jpgrodgers_004.jpgrodgers_005.jpgrodgers_006.jpgrodgers_007.jpgOne of Jeff + Allison's daughters came along for the first half of the shoot, she crept up behind me while I was shooting and was giggling because she had found a fun little key chain in their car...I thought it was pretty funny!
rodgers_008.jpgrodgers_009.jpgThis is my favorite shot of the day!
rodgers_010.jpgOh, the many sides of Allison...

rodgers_011.jpg...& Jeff!
rodgers_012.jpgrodgers_013.jpgrodgers_014.jpgWe finished the first half of our shoot with Jeff & Allison then we picked up the Rodgers' two ADORABLE daughters for a quick family sesh. PS. This would be the Rodgers 1ST family session together! Isn't that always how it goes? The photographer never gets to have their photo taken because they are always too busy shooting everyone else! I'm pretty sure I know that story well.
rodgers_015.jpgThis image makes me smile from ear to ear:)
rodgers_016.jpgrodgers_017.jpgrodgers_018.jpgThis is my second favorite shot of the day with the whole family!
Thank you to Allison & Jeff for having us out! I had a great time visiting Tennessee/Mississippi, even though it was only for a day and a half. PLUS, I got to try fried pickles for the first time and I have to say that they are delish!

We're also very excited to be new members of the highly recognized photography organization known as PPA!
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Beth Morgan said:
Oh...I adore these! The Rogers are such precious people! AMAZING job capturing them!
(01.08.10 12:01 AM)
Micah Cordes said:
wow the first pic on this is EPIC. The set is awesome!!!
(01.08.10 12:04 AM)
Wendy Hwang (Lee) said:
wow! Just wow! Beautiful! I love the lighting :) sooo talented you are
(01.08.10 02:03 AM)
Antonina Mamzenko said:
Adore these! Stunning work! I might steal a couple of ideas off you! :)
(01.08.10 05:36 AM)
Allison Rodgers said:
You guys are so awesome and we had so much fun that day!!! We were so honored that you said "yes" to flying south for this event! I have to say it feels amazing to have a family portrait finally... THANK YOU for that. We LOVE all of our images and are so excited about them being used for the tour and plastered all over our house. Thank you thank you thank you - you guys rock :)
(01.08.10 05:53 AM)
Briony said:
i love love love the hammock one....these are amazing!
(01.08.10 06:05 AM)
Kyle Vaughn said:
You Lyons are the best. The family has got to be excited about all of these!
(01.08.10 07:04 AM)
David said:
Amazing! And really nice to see some photos without a lot of sun. Brilliant.
(01.08.10 07:10 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Great pictures Amelia and Justin! That is always how it goes! Photographers never have family pictures taken for themselves! The ones you took of us were the first and ONLY ones we have!
(01.08.10 07:47 AM)
Kat Speyer said:
Aaaah! I love your off-camera lighting. I need to learn how to do that. Then I can die happy. :)
(01.08.10 09:41 AM)
Mel said:
Twiggy trees are the BEST! Love this shoot, everything looks effortlessly flawless as usual...
(01.08.10 10:38 AM)
Josh Rigsby said:
the last image is phenomenal! Great work.
(01.08.10 12:30 PM)
Julie said:
Wow. Those are fabulous images. Great job!
(01.08.10 12:34 PM)
eric langlois said:
holy radness!!!! i'm not worthy, i'm not worthy!
(01.08.10 05:53 PM)
Kelsi said:
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(01.09.10 06:51 AM)
Alexandra said:
Oooh I love these :) So beautiful.
(01.09.10 07:02 AM)
Josh Souder said:
Love this one! great job again...
(01.09.10 07:36 AM)
Susan Hydzik said:
Wow, these are so stunning! I love the lighting in the darker photographs! The family photos are so adorable and yet trendy... the ones in front of the fence are some of my favs ever! Beautiful, beautiful work!
(01.09.10 11:28 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Gorgeous family!!
(01.10.10 02:29 AM)
Julie Parker said:
Fabulous. FABULOUS!
(01.11.10 07:30 AM)
Leah Simmers said:
These are awesome in more ways than I can say.
(01.18.10 07:35 PM)
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We've been friends with the Bates family for quite sometime, in fact, some of you might remember the session I shot of Marianne with baby Tanner in her belly.When were just barely learning how to work a camera the Bates family let us shoot our first family portrait session with them way back in 2004 (man, I wish I had those images just laying around so I could blog them for everyone to see). We love the Bates family and are so thankful to call them friends. Justin and I met them when we first got married, in Pasadena. The friendship has grown since then and so have both of our families! Glad they still let me photograph them as the years pass by:).
My favorite shot of the day!
Also, a special thanks to Jessica Claire for lending me a helping hand that day, you're a good friend:).
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Feuza said:
Probably my favorite holiday session EVER! oh my Amelia, how do you do it!
(12.11.09 04:56 PM)
jackie wonders said:
holy cow...that family's unbelieveable! per usual, great images Amelia :)
(12.11.09 05:31 PM)
Rebecca said:
They have such great style! Beautiful.
(12.11.09 05:41 PM)
Beth said:
Gorgeous family. I love every single of these - I am sure you friends are over the moon! (wow I sound like my mom...). Seriously, if I ever can I coming to the west coast to have shoot of me and my kids :o) Beautiful work
(12.11.09 05:51 PM)
Briony said:
these are insanely awesome. every shoot just gets better and better. beautiful job!
(12.11.09 06:34 PM)
Jennifer O. said:
Awwwwesome shots!
(12.11.09 07:33 PM)
lroah said:
Wow. I simply must have you photograph my family sometime soon! These are gorgeous.
(12.11.09 07:47 PM)
yan palmer said:
this post makes me want the baby in my belly to be a boy so so so so so so bad (have two girls already). fun to check out some of your roots, your eye has always been amazing. i think my favorite is the second to last shot...or my favorite might be all of them.
(12.11.09 08:54 PM)
Brandon M Sweet said:
blam! Thats the sound my brain makes from being blown, especially by that first and last photograph. Amazing! Love the Tone's of the last one especially! -Brandon M Sweet
(12.12.09 07:19 AM)
Ellena van Tonder said:
Absolutely stunning!!!
(12.12.09 07:22 AM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
I think this is my fave family shoot you've done to date. They are gorgeous and the shots are phenomenal!
(12.12.09 08:57 AM)
Jeanette LeBlanc said:
I head over heels love your work, but this family shoot blows me away. Awesome, awesome. awesome.
(12.12.09 11:35 AM)
marianne said:
Amelia....I love these photos, but I love you more! I can't wait to plaster them everwhere. You really captured my kids personalities. It helps that they think you're awesome! Thanks again, and thanks internet world for all the lovely comments.
(12.12.09 03:54 PM)
brooke bowland said:
i want to take my family and jump into these photos. they are perfectly perfect. love.
(12.12.09 10:36 PM)
Angela Hubbard said:
simply GORGEOUS!
(12.12.09 11:09 PM)
Alexandra said:
What beautiful family portraits! I love the colors and the feel. Gorgeousssss!
(12.13.09 02:44 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
love them. awesome set!
(12.14.09 10:20 AM)
Jenny Duffy said:
I LOVE these! The color is amazing!! Awesome!
(12.14.09 04:54 PM)
Travis Smith said:
Beautiful family. Inspirational work. You never cease to amaze!
(12.15.09 12:18 AM)
Stacey said:
Goodness gracious, I LOVE the use of RED!!!!! Such gorgeous photos and lighting... and people :-) Incredible!
(12.15.09 07:30 AM)
Emily said:
Beautiful family!! I love your processing... LOVE it.
(12.16.09 01:59 PM)
Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC said:
these are really amazing! wow! i would love some photos of my fam like these one day
(12.19.09 11:26 PM)
Carol Benesh said:
Such a darling family, such great photos! Is Tyler ever going to quit being irresistible?
(12.20.09 07:54 PM)
Paul said:
The chairs in the field are really beautiful and I love that last shot with the kids walking!
(12.21.09 11:12 PM)
irma said:
Where is this place located? It's a nice spot to just hang out. :)
(11.10.10 03:40 PM)
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