A few weeks ago I spent a delightful afternoon with this wonderful family visiting from Singapore. Ekson's sister, Agnes, hired me via email and I had been anticipating the photo sitting since this was a hire from such a far away place! The little girls were adorable to say the least and did such a great job, despite the apparent jet-lag!

My first pick from the session and its my favorite!

Seriously, what a cute family!!






Its so awesome how Brianna's whole face can disappear with a little squintch! We grabbed a few shots with Grandpa too!



I love Sofia's dimple in the bottom of her left cheek!



Thanks to Agnes for having me out!

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joshmccullock said:
uber-cute times infinity!
(10.23.08 08:58 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
What a super cute family! I love the little one in the swing. :)
(10.23.08 10:43 PM)
Cristy Cross said:
They've got some cute models on their hands. I love the 3rd one from the top. What a beautiful little girl.
(10.23.08 10:43 PM)
Agnes said:
Amelia! OMG! I Looooove them all. We are trying to figure out which ones we love but these are all amazing!! Thanks, Amelia. You rock!
(10.23.08 11:46 PM)
rychelle said:
that shot with grandpa is priceless!
(10.24.08 07:42 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are AMAZING!!! so adorable! I cant get over the one of the little one at the end of the side. Its seriously perfect.
(10.24.08 09:14 AM)
Mariana Maya said:
I love your work!!! It has a slight film feel which makes it timeless!
(10.24.08 11:53 AM)
Paige Green said:
like i said...youre an inspiration!
(10.24.08 02:28 PM)
Ryel j said:
a package full of greatness topped of with tasty joy! yup so great is this fam post!
(10.24.08 03:08 PM)
Ashley said:
Yay! I've been waiting for this one! You captured those adorable little girls perfectly! I love the one of Brianna on the slide.
(10.24.08 05:26 PM)
jackie wonders said:
sooooo cute!! those girls are adorable. that family has such a cute style too:)
(10.24.08 07:07 PM)
heather said:
that third picture, big sis looking into the timeless. I love to see you shoot families! such a good eye. love it!
(10.25.08 07:17 PM)
john waire said:
amazing family and coverage. kudos as always!
(10.27.08 04:30 AM)
nicole green said:
absolutely adorable! :)
(10.27.08 11:20 AM)
Kari said:
I seriously want this pumpkin chocolate chip recipie you keep talking mouth is watering for fall food
(10.28.08 11:51 AM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
number 3!!!!!!!!!!! pure awesomess!
(10.28.08 05:52 PM)
Julie said:
Hello! I follow your blog on a regular basis and absolutely love it! My quick question is how you processed the images in this post. Are they with totally rad actions? If so, what is your favorite black and white? Thanks! Julie
(10.29.08 08:16 AM)
Mandy said:
I love your coloring in the PP of these photos. What a beautiful day, and you really caputured them perfectly. I have to say...I have just thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful blog, and unique style.
(10.30.08 06:35 AM)
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My beautiful cousin Emma and newly handsome husband Jedidiah were recently married and they asked us to do a portrait session of them in their wedding attire since we were unavailable to photograph them on their wedding day. We quickly agreed, especially after Emma described how awesome the design of her dress was. I have to say that this dress definitely made it to my top ten list (plus its modest and fashionable...two things that are usually very hard to find together!). We shot this session down in Newport Beach and we fell in love with all of the old fashioned fit Emma + Jed's attire perfectly!

Also, here's a little trivia for all you Yo Gabba Gabba fans out there: Emma plays Foofa (the pink character) AND she does the voice for Foofa too!











If you look super close you can see that both of her feet are off the ground!


My favorite shot of the day! It was a tough call!






Congrats Cousin, you found a good one, he's definitely a "keeper"!:)
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preston said:
the floating picture is so cool!
(10.22.08 01:52 PM)
WeezerMonkey said:
These shots are incredible!
(10.22.08 01:56 PM)
chenin said:
seriously? Do you have *any* ugly people in your family? Beautiful job :)
(10.22.08 01:56 PM)
jac said:
dang guys! this looks amazing!!!! what a flippin rad dress too!
(10.22.08 01:59 PM)
carrie said:
these images are insane. seriously, not only did you and your siblings, cousins etc get the gorgeous gene. looks like you all got the talent gene too. nicely done.
(10.22.08 02:05 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
ridiculously amazing and adorable.
(10.22.08 02:25 PM)
jackie wonders said:
this post rocked my world! so so gorgeous. can we talk about how wonderful her veil and feathers are?!?! loved every single one. and, where do you find cute parasols?! i've been looking everywhere!
(10.22.08 02:36 PM)
heather said:
talk to me about that dress...(and the pictures of the dress).
(10.22.08 02:39 PM)
Jeremy Gilliam said:
The first and last images just blew my mind!
(10.22.08 02:40 PM)
Val said:
These are gorgeous!!! I just had to comment that your cousin may be my 17 month old's hero. That is his FAVORITE show!
(10.22.08 02:46 PM)
kristin said:
wow wow wow.. could not love it more. What a beautiful girl with amazing style gees! These are amazing. A-mazing actually!
(10.22.08 02:54 PM)
Lynn@CHRIS+LYNN said:
(10.22.08 03:02 PM)
Sergio said:
These images are so beautiful!! Great, great work!!!
(10.22.08 03:52 PM)
katherine robertson said:
Gorgeous and unique, just like her dress! what a beautiful face she has!
(10.22.08 04:01 PM)
joshmccullock said:
holy crap these are amazing!
(10.22.08 04:11 PM)
Miss Sapphira said:
Amazing pictures. Beautiful couple! I love your work.
(10.22.08 04:53 PM)
Melissa said:
These are just AWESOME!! I LOVE the umbrella shot!
(10.22.08 05:09 PM)
Kathryn said:
I love it! I love the dress, the veil, the light - beautiful!
(10.22.08 05:20 PM)
Daniel Lanton said:
Disgustingly awesome images
(10.22.08 05:37 PM)
heather saunders said:
that dress is absolutley STUNNING!!!!! I don't know which I LOVE more, the dress, these insanely gorgeous images or her eyebrows. Absolute perfection! SO YUMMY, SO YUMMY!
(10.22.08 06:05 PM)
Haley said:
The first one.. wow.. and the close up shot of her.. love em.
(10.22.08 06:06 PM)
Brandi said:
Wow... amazing ensemble. Great photos!! Super cute couple. :)
(10.22.08 07:06 PM)
Amanda K said:
She is hella gorgeous. And THESE are soooooo beautiful! Love every single one of them. And, my kiddos love yo gabba gabba. So extra super awesome.
(10.22.08 07:21 PM)
Angie said:
I am so addicted to your blog! Surely you could post 2 or 3 times a day??? These pics are brilliant - such a gorgeous couple.
(10.22.08 07:30 PM)
Dani said:
I always love your work, but you've totally outdone yourself here. You must share some of your post processing techniques. I'm totally enamoured.
(10.22.08 07:34 PM)
Amy Carruthers said:
Your images make my heart ache - in all the best ways possible. Can you share a bit about which TRA recipes (if they are all TRA) you use to get this beautiful color?
(10.22.08 07:51 PM)
ksen :) said:
LOVE this! sooo great & such a dreamy, lovely feel to them all. her dress is outta control awesome. talk about one gorgeous couple, too!
(10.22.08 08:00 PM)
Tyler Jacobs said:
Again, great job, yous guys. Seriously knocked my socks off. I'm proud of my little Emma... and I'm jealous! I want a photoshoot with too! :)
(10.22.08 08:25 PM)
rychelle said:
where, may i ask, did she find such a fab dress??? and, the couple is so GORGEOUS, it's crazy.
(10.22.08 08:57 PM)
YAAAAYYYY!!! :) I LOVE foofa, she's my favorite ;) and these images are INSANELY perfect, I love them, friends!! p.s., I've been meaning to text you, does Gabba have any halloween costumes? the boys wanted to be gabba characters for halloween.
(10.22.08 09:21 PM)
denisebovee said:
"la la pretty pretty flowers" :) FOOFA!! foofa is lucys fave! love these shots amelia! so inspiring!!
(10.22.08 10:09 PM)
abany said:
as always amelia, you amaze me and push the lid off the limits. thanks for sharing such GORGEOUS work!
(10.22.08 10:14 PM)
Hanssie Trainor said:
Love the b&w in the trees. And her dress IS seriously awesome!
(10.22.08 11:48 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
great job guys!
(10.22.08 11:58 PM)
bethany said:
hi lyons :) i'm a new blog subscriber... just wanted to say helllo and WOW because your work is amazing! excited to see how your work develops and improves over our time together... (our being me and my rss reader hehe)
(10.23.08 02:23 AM)
john waire said:
wowsers. your post-processing techniques really compliment this couple so extremely well. amazing. the look/feel is just incredible. they've gotta be truly happy to have you in their life :) great job as always!
(10.23.08 04:38 AM)
Melissa said:
Wow! Her dress is out of this world! These pictures are beautiful| Way to go :)
(10.23.08 06:28 AM)
Erin said:
These are awesome! I love her dress and veil. So pretty.
(10.23.08 06:42 AM)
jesse Chamberlin said:
holy cakes! this work is off the chain! amazing!
(10.23.08 07:30 AM)
Heather Cole said:
I love these pictures. Her dress is amazing, and her eyes...POW!!!
(10.23.08 07:48 AM)
jenberry said:
seriously can you say PRINT AD, Magazine cover. these are ridiculous! love em.
(10.23.08 08:11 AM)
Erin said:
i completely agree. this dress is so....perfect. i wish i didn't get married in july and maybe a design like this would have been more possible :D classic, creative, and perfect for her style.
(10.23.08 08:27 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are AMAZING! I am seriously in love over here.
(10.23.08 08:51 AM)
MARCO said:
(10.23.08 01:03 PM)
Sundee said:
She looks adorable! I havent seen Emma since she was a blonde :) Great job on the photos.
(10.23.08 03:06 PM)
Jamie said:
WOW! She is beauuuuuuuuuuutiful! You are SO SO SO awesome! Fabulous images. You always have great perspective.
(10.23.08 08:32 PM)
Paige Green said:
...makes want to get married again just for that dress! beautiful!!
(10.23.08 08:53 PM)
michelle said:
amazing dress! where'd she find it? my FAV is the second from the last (BEAUTIFUL!!!)
(10.24.08 11:48 AM)
Allie said:
So many fantastic photos, it's hard to even pick a favorite. I love, love, love that the gown has off-the-shoulder sleeves over the top of the long sleeves, and the skirt is absolutely gorgeous. The one where she's jumping and holding the parasol in the air is utter perfection. She looks beautiful in all of the photos, but her expression there feels like it really captures her personality. What fun!
(10.24.08 12:25 PM)
clint said:
dang... that just happened!!! great shots.. I can't just pick one. keep rock'n it!
(10.24.08 01:01 PM)
Ryel j said:
I love the dress!!! How fun does this session look? Answer very awesome!
(10.24.08 02:55 PM)
Melissa said:
These photos are totally gorgeous and so is your cousin! Her eyes are seriously captivating.
(10.24.08 10:00 PM)
cristen chester said:
wow, i am completely smitten with this entire collection of images! seriously, each one is amazing! foofa is gorgeous and i adore every detail of her wedding getup!
(10.25.08 08:25 AM)
Matt [Shadowplay] said:
Wow. Love your style! These images are gorgeous.
(10.26.08 04:02 AM)
rt said:
Your pictures are fabulous. Where are you located - I will look and find out b/c maybe ,aybe you will not be bookeed in May/June? I know someone else asked, but would your cousin consider giving the maker of her dress??? It is so stunning
(10.27.08 02:19 PM)
rt said:
hod do I contact you about taking our pics?
(10.28.08 09:20 AM)
amelialyon said:
RT, you can contact me (Amelia) email me, We would love to set up a shoot for you!
(10.28.08 11:13 AM)
Emma said:
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I can't thank you for making us look so good. : ) You are genuii!
(10.28.08 12:53 PM)
cameron ingalls said:
Thanks for allowing me to have lunch with your hubby. I loved hearing your story!!! I left much inspired and excited. Looking forward to the day I can meet the whole family.
(10.28.08 02:55 PM)
Cristina Navarro said:
I'm a blog stalker and total fan. Seriously, these are sooooo goood.
(10.28.08 08:36 PM)
Anonymous said:
Amelia...LOVE these! They are gorgeous in every way. Her dress is darling too. So unique.
(10.29.08 05:16 PM)
Emma said:
Thanks for the compliments! My dress was sewn by Nancy Barrus Couture in Provo, UT...I designed it but Nancy helped work me through each detail. The parasol was from the Asian Import Store but I bought more great ones for the bridesmaids at Luna Bazaar. Both stores are online. Good luck for those in the wedding planning process. I had a ball with it!
(11.02.08 05:39 PM)
amelialyon said:
RT, this is what Emma said, "Thanks for the compliments! My dress was sewn by Nancy Barrus Couture in Provo, UT...I designed it but Nancy helped work me through each detail. The parasol was from the Asian Import Store but I bought more great ones for the bridesmaids at Luna Bazaar. Both stores are online. Good luck for those in the wedding planning process. I had a ball with it!" Best of luck to you!
(11.03.08 02:59 PM)
Juliet said:
Hi Amelia! I came across your site a while back and love your stuff! I am in love with this brides DRESS....I'm a huge vintage fan. :-)
(11.03.08 05:57 PM)
Debbie said:
oh wow! that is the most gorgeous dress that I have ever seen!!!
(11.04.08 01:28 PM)
Mark Leonard said:
Amelia, these are some of the coolest photos I've seen. This was a really great shoot.
(11.05.08 09:58 PM)
sumgirl said:
Please tell me about the dress and where to get one. I am trying to find an Edwardian style gown that is not tacky and this one is so beautiful. Did Emma design it?
(12.02.08 09:08 PM)
George @ TTL Wedding Photography said:
Cool style!
(11.03.10 11:49 AM)
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