As I drove with my family through Northern Utah to get to Idaho for Thanksgiving, we stopped to photograph Allie + Riley all dressed up in their wedding attire a month before they were to be married. Allie wanted portraits to print and frame at their upcoming wedding reception and she deiced to invite Riley to be part of the photo shoot as well! I really loved photographing them against fun winter setting in Midway, Utah!

I set up a first look since this would be the first time Riley would see Allie's wedding dress!
winter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0002.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0003.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0004.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0005.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0006.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0007.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0008.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0009.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0010.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0011.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0012.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0013.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0014.jpgwinter_bridal_portraits_utah_bride_0015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Mountains with just a touch of snow!
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Katie said:
love these! the wintery look is so fun and different from your sunny, warm CA sessions!
(01.06.14 11:33 AM)
Lisa Reid said:
Gorgeous. Congratulations!
(01.07.14 06:45 AM)
Thofik said:
Beutifull picture and nice photography technique
(01.09.14 07:52 AM)
Chatsworth banquet hall said:
Love the background of these photos! Beautiful bride..
(01.14.14 05:45 PM)
daniellabean photography said:
Fantastic shots of this wedding! Love the composition!
(04.23.14 02:16 PM)
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It's time to give an official introduction to my new favorite clothing line LULAROE!! Not only is it my new favorite clothing line, but my MOM is the owner and founder of Lularoe as well, so that's a major plus!:)

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed me giving shou-outs to Lularoe! My amazing mother started this fabulous new company that makes super comfortable, super affordable, and SUPER CUTE women's clothing, specializing in skirts and dresses!

I had the pleasure of photographing some lifestyle images to feature Lularoe's latest products for this season! I'm IN LOVE with this season's skirts and dresses! These products are all "go to" items, and "must haves" that every girl needs in her closet.

Check out their online store!

Here are just some of my personal favorite articles of clothing Lularoe is carrying right now: The Maxi my favorite red too!
Lularoe let your's truly help design my "perfect dress" and named it after me, what an honor!:) This dress is complete with a zipper in back, hidden pockets, and hand set box pleats!! I la-la-la-LOVE it!! Here's the Amelia Dress! It comes in a ton of different colors and fabric prints as well!
lularoefall2013_276.jpgThis dress has become a classic for Lularoe customers, here's the Nicole Dress! It's flattering, comfy, modest, and easy to dress up or down!
lularoefall2013_279.jpgThe Julia Dress is basically a super long t-shirt that is feminine and flattering!
lularoefall2013_281.jpgThe Jill Skirt! Complete with a custom elastic waist band, the prints on the Jill skirt are to die for!
lularoefall2013_284.jpgEvery girl needs a good pencil skirt in their wardrobe! Here's the Cassie Skirt! It's modest, form fitting, and comes in a ton of different fabric prints and solids.
lularoefall2013_285.jpgLoving this panel maxi called the Olivia Skirt! The way this skirt is put together is very slimming.
These are just a few of their products, be sure to check out their online store to see more!!

**Also, another fun aspect of Lularoe is their home parties with ways to become a consultant and earn some $$$, click here to learn more! 
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Malinda said:
Awesome post! Just purchased the Cassie Skirt!!!
(11.22.13 08:39 PM)
shari said:
i have loved lularoe since the beginning! so fun to see how far they've come and I love all the new stuff! gorgeous! and it was fun to see angie modeling some too! great shots Amelia - you make those beautiful models look even more beautiful :)
(11.22.13 08:52 PM)
Heidi Broberg said:
I already have my Lularoe skirts...he he...thanks. They are COMFY and cute!!!
(11.23.13 08:59 AM)
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