Last month, while we were in Las Vegas, we had the saaa-weeeet opportunity to photograph the ever so talented Mindy + Ben of Studio 6.23! Mindy emailed me to set up the session a few months prior. When Justin and I met them at WPPI, we had a blast getting to know them as bright, playful, hilarious, photogenic, and super cool people to hang with!
st623blog_002.jpgst623blog_003.jpgst623blog_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
st623blog_005.jpgst623blog_006.jpgst623blog_007.jpgst623blog_008.jpgst623blog_009.jpgst623blog_010.jpgst623blog_011.jpgst623blog_012.jpgst623blog_013.jpgst623blog_014.jpgst623blog_015.jpgst623blog_016.jpgAfter we had shot at a few locations Justin and I still felt like we needed to find one more hot spot to wrap up the shoot. So we drove around and bit and found this really cool house and the owner was a really nice little lady that pointed us across the street where we found....
st623blog_017.jpgTHIS!! Yup, this would the be initial of one fine man named LIBERACE!!! We had randomly stumbled upon one of Liberace's six houses in Las Vegas. For those of you who don't know who Liberace is,  he was a brilliant pianist and Las Vegas golden performer! He was the original king of bling! Luckily, the woman who owned the house was home and allowed us to come in and shoot!
st623blog_018.jpgst623blog_019.jpgThis shot makes me really happy! This was taken right in front of Liberace's personal bathtub...see image here.
st623blog_020.jpgAaaaaaand this would be a photo of Justin and I sitting on Liberace's bed in his personal bedroom!!! Thanks Mindy + Ben for taking this pic:)!
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Rebecca said:
Love the mirror shot! Fanastic.
(04.24.10 03:06 PM)
shannon said:
what a super fun session! i love them all!! so great!
(04.24.10 03:29 PM)
lroah said:
OMG. Fantastic!!!!
(04.24.10 03:40 PM)
kristen ~ k.holly said:
LOVE!!! Great session, you totally captured their awesome personalities and adorableness. Love you Mindy + Ben!! :)
(04.24.10 03:58 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
Amazing photos, as usual, but what a cool story to go along with it!!!! So rad!
(04.24.10 04:08 PM)
Micah Cordes said:
OMG holy wow. Love this whole shoot.
(04.24.10 04:32 PM)
kelly said:
great capture of these amazing people...i told mindy to give some beautiful smiles cause usually she just makes sassy faces. love the ones where they are snuggled up on the concrete floor...
(04.24.10 04:34 PM)
arenda said:
totally fun pictures! they both have gorgeous eyes, love the shots where their eyes are the focus of the photo.
(04.25.10 10:25 AM)
mindy peterson said:
thanks for making us feel like rockstars and helping us celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!! :) we love, love, love our photos...... you guys are AMAAAAZING..... and super hot, too! that bed shot of you two.... GRRRRRR!! xoxoxo
(04.25.10 02:59 PM)
Regina White said:
Totally Mindy + Ben. You all rocked this out. Fabulous session.
(04.25.10 05:43 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
Seriously? Liberace's house? These photos are incredible! Love the fun clothes & awesome locations. You guys are fabulously talented!
(04.25.10 06:10 PM)
mckenzie said:
I love it! So creative.
(04.25.10 07:05 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
awesome. that is so cool you got to go in that house. great stuff.
(04.26.10 07:38 AM)
Briana Elledge said:
OMG she is so cute! i feel like i could just pick her out of a Bestey Johnson catalog! Loveity love the pics miz lyon, can we go ahead and sign ourselves up for a shoot next year at wppi, bc, Man! thats nice.....seriosly, love the pics, thanks for the constant inspiration, my fave, numero cinco & 10. bueno.
(04.26.10 09:32 AM)
heidi miller said:
sooo fabulous and SOOO mindy and ben! love them!! love these fun photos and LOVE them! :) nice job amelia!!!
(04.26.10 10:09 AM)
Sam ~ Shutter Sam said:
Holy right up Mindy + Ben's alley!! LOVIN every minute of it! (you have to sing that last line like Loverboy)
(04.26.10 10:13 AM)
Stephanie P. said:
that is bomb like WOAH!!!! When I was in high school in vegas we had prom at one of his mansions & they didn't even let us bring our cameras inside!!! Lucky dogs ... sexy shots!!!
(04.27.10 12:19 AM)
Kelly Braman said:
*LOVE Ben+Mindy! This session is So them...just perfect! I love how you brought out the sass.the love and the fun! Love it!
(04.27.10 02:16 PM)
Kat Speyer said:
Y'all are such masters with light. Hot damn. And that house! I was wondering what it looked like-- glad you've shared!
(04.27.10 08:20 PM)
lynnette coalson said: the second to the last shot! bravo!
(04.27.10 11:12 PM)
angie + matt said:
Oh my they are so dang cute! I love their energy, it's so positive and full of love. These are so rad and only you guys would stumble upon freaking Liberace's house!
(04.27.10 11:18 PM)
David Champagne Photography said:
Love the mirror shot! :)
(04.28.10 12:33 AM)
Karen G said:
I've hopped my way here...........thank goodness! You have creativity ripping through you like a scorching fire! Gorgeous photos! :>
(04.28.10 09:35 AM)
April said:
Wow! I adore the creativity!!!
(04.28.10 07:56 PM)
smittengreta said:
whattttttttttt!!!!!!!!! liberace's house, that's so awesome!!!!!!!!! the mirror shots are wayyyyyy super. love this couple's style and i think my fav shot from the whole thing is the one outside the little old lady's house!
(05.11.10 12:09 PM)
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When I officially found out about my beautiful sister in law Jill being pregnant (I had a hunch long before she spilled the beans;) ), I was SO ecstatic! Kenny + Jill are ready to be parents and it's completely adorable to see them both with that "pregnancy glow". 

Jill came to me and pitched her + Kenny's idea of their pregnancy shoot and I thought it was PERFECT for them! It involved a duffy boat (thank you Candice Brooke for hooking that up and thank you to Mark for driving us around), the Huntington Harbor, bathing suits, and a paddle board. P.S. only Jill could pull off a bathing suit nearly nine months pregnant and look amazing while doing it (and she worked her little rear end off exercising during the whole pregnancy, so she deserves that compliment)!

prego_j_002.jpgprego_j_003.jpgprego_j_004.jpgprego_j_005.jpgprego_j_006.jpgprego_j_007.jpgprego_j_008.jpgprego_j_009.jpgprego_j_010.jpgprego_j_011.jpgprego_j_012.jpgprego_j_013.jpgI heart this shot of Jill, she really looks amazing!
prego_j_014.jpgprego_j_015.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
prego_j_016.jpgMy absolute favorite shot of the day!
Jill is due this Friday...I CAN'T WAIT to meet their little one and actually find out whether it's a boy or a girl, Kenny + Jill decided to be surprised, it's exciting!

Nicole + Jill's baby shower photos are coming up shortly, I had a ton of fun working with family putting on these showers and I would love to show them off, so keep a look out.

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Kristen said:
(04.19.10 11:54 PM)
arenda said:
oh my - these are spectacular mamma to be photos!!! love your favourite, as well (seriously awesome shot) and all the little looks they're giving each other. having fun meeting your new niece/nephew!
(04.20.10 12:39 AM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
Amelia, i REALLY adore the ones of her lying down on the surf board... omg... so powerful, so evoking of emotion... so... just cool. You're cool!
(04.20.10 03:08 AM)
Spencer Morris said:
Thank you for starting my day off right. (East Coast) These are beautiful.
(04.20.10 03:52 AM)
Brittany said:
awesome...i hope i look this good when i'm pregnant!
(04.20.10 04:44 AM)
jill brady said:
Kenny told me these were up first thing this morning (at 5m).. BEST way to start my day. We LOVE them and we LOVE you. Thank you!
(04.20.10 05:40 AM)
Hilary said:
Oh. my. heavens! This is one of my favorite maternity evah! I stalk a lot of blogs, but YOU TWO amaze me most!!! I rarely post...I'm the silent stalker type...but I had to let you know how much inspiration I find here!
(04.20.10 06:28 AM)
carissa gallo said:
these are beautiful. never seen a full maternity shoot ive liked better.
(04.20.10 06:30 AM)
Wendy Norman said:
Wow! I have been following your blog for awhile and LOVE your work, but this shoot made me stop in my tracks and just say WOW. Absolutely love the concept, and the shots are just stunning. Love everything about it!! :)
(04.20.10 06:30 AM)
katie b. said:
beautiful! Such amazing stuff. I want to know where she got those stylin yellow pumps!
(04.20.10 06:36 AM)
marianne worlow said:
I loooooooVe this shoot!!!! xo marianne
(04.20.10 06:37 AM)
Katherine said:
These are so cool!
(04.20.10 06:41 AM)
johnwaire | photo said:
...incredible series of images. those last few are just ROCKIN'...
(04.20.10 06:45 AM)
Michelle O said:
COMPLETELY fabulous! OMWord... completely stunning. And congrats to Jill and Kenny! :)
(04.20.10 06:56 AM)
kristen ~ k.holly said:
Omigosh, I LOVE the one where he's paddling on the board, perfect! They're adorable :)
(04.20.10 07:18 AM)
Amanda Patrice said:
This has to be the most amazing shoot ever. Every photo is crazy awesome.
(04.20.10 07:26 AM)
Kaysha said:
I adore these photos!! The feel, light, and location are perfect!!! Stunning couple as well!! :)
(04.20.10 07:29 AM)
Misty said:
your second favorite is one of my favorites of all time!
(04.20.10 07:37 AM)
Karen said:
Wow. I am completely blown away by these! I especially LOVE the 4th one up.
(04.20.10 07:37 AM)
anne nunn photographer said:
LOVE those ones with them on the water! LOVE THEM! And your sister does look amazing!
(04.20.10 07:47 AM)
crissie said:
Wow. I am not a big maternity photo person but these are utterly STUNNING.
(04.20.10 08:01 AM)
Kari said:
these are amazing, love love love the third from last!
(04.20.10 08:15 AM)
brooke schwab said:
these are beautiful. i don't know how Jill manages to move around like that!
(04.20.10 08:16 AM)
Courtney said:
I want her suits! I'm preggers and having SUCH a hard time finding cute clothes!
(04.20.10 08:17 AM)
Michele B said:
Seriously the coolest maternity session EVER!!! You make pregnancy look like uber glamorous fashion spread :)
(04.20.10 08:34 AM)
Corissa said:
These are RIDONKULOUS! you guys are amazing!
(04.20.10 08:34 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Super cute Amelia. I love these!!
(04.20.10 08:53 AM)
Yolanda said:
What an adorable and styling set. And what a lucky kid coming into that fun household. I just love the mommas yellow heels. The paddle board images are superb.
(04.20.10 09:54 AM)
jen berry said:
ok. seriously. stop. these make me want to be pregnant. the paddle board shot is spectacular. I love their placement in the rule of 3rds. the water draws your eye right to unexpected. a beautiful pregnant couple in the middle of a harbor on a paddle board. ROCKS. Also the 2 verticals: 1. Jill with the vertical on the boat and 2. the next vertical with sun flare on them. Looks like a nautical fashion shoot. Awesome job!!!!
(04.20.10 09:54 AM)
megan welker said:
alright, you're incredible!!! How swanky are they!! By far the most outstanding maternity session everrrr!!
(04.20.10 10:44 AM)
Brenda Landrum said:
Love love love the bathing suit images!! Just gorgeous! :)
(04.20.10 01:23 PM)
Whitney Warner said:
i am so in love with this photo shoot! i love that she is pregnant and brave enough to be shot in the swimsuit! she looks fabulous doing it too! I especially love the black and white on them on the surf board and the italy mod feel to their wardrob!
(04.20.10 02:13 PM)
Stephanie Vail said:
I honestly believe this is one of the best shoots I have ever seen! I am stunned, and amazed. The beauty captured here is undeniable! Thank you for making my day!
(04.20.10 02:35 PM)
angie Monson said:
simply amazing
(04.20.10 02:43 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
Dude, when I'm pregnant I want to look like this! Great job Amelia, these pics are so stunning!
(04.20.10 02:53 PM)
Yumi @ Natsukashii said:
Amelia! Absolutely incredible!! :) And your sister in law is a strikingly beautiful mom to be. Congratulations to them both !
(04.20.10 03:33 PM)
Meg said:
What a stylish pregnant woman! I especially love the swimsuit pictures and the ones of the couple on the long board! Yay!
(04.20.10 04:01 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
Are you kidding me? This girl is beyond fabulous...I have NEVER seen such incredible, creative & stylish maternity shots EVER! Seriously these are the most amazing shoot I've ever seen-way to go! :)
(04.20.10 04:16 PM)
Jessica Hills said:
These are the coolest maternity photos EVER!
(04.20.10 05:47 PM)
shanni said:
oh to my wow. yummmmmm.
(04.20.10 06:10 PM)
Kristen said:
Lovely flare on the last one!
(04.20.10 06:57 PM)
Becky said:
These pictures almost.... almost make me want to be pregnant again. Just to do a shoot like this. :) Amazing job as usual Amelia!
(04.20.10 07:36 PM)
Alicia said:
Amelia you get better and beTter with every post. This is my favorite to date!
(04.20.10 08:01 PM)
drae said:
i so am in love with these shots. how cute she is all preggo. and love the red hair!
(04.20.10 09:34 PM)
yan palmer said:
i almost don't know what to say, but a few things come to mind: you are UNREAL. your sister in law is UNREAL. talk about turning up the heat! you outdo yourself every time! its so inspiring to see such crazy talent.
(04.20.10 09:36 PM)
Brooke Romney said:
Please tell me that girl is a model...are you kidding me? Those shots belong in a magazine the rest of us drool over as we eat ice cream every night, have swollen ankles and put up "man" number on the over used scale.
(04.20.10 10:38 PM)
Mindy said:
Love this photo maternity shoots a different flare...unique, creative and just plain fabulous!!!
(04.21.10 01:19 AM)
Sara Lazaro said:
Hi Amelia! You are amazing!!! That is all!! Kisses from Spain! :)
(04.21.10 09:03 AM)
Tyler Jorgenson said:
This is the coolest pregnancy photo shoot I've ever seen! Great work everybody, especially Kenny for 'making' it all happen.
(04.21.10 10:27 AM)
Rog said:
This is Rog and I approve the following comment...left by me: I want to get to know these people. They not only have class and great hair (Kenny's hollywood hair, who should bottle up his techniques and sell them to the world...he kind of owes that to us) , oh wait...I do know these people, and love them all too much as well. Kenny and I have even purchased purple rope together. We're super close. I think my name is close in the running for this child as well, right? Boy or girl?
(04.21.10 11:35 AM)
mindy peterson said:
love, love, love, love LOVE!!! jill, you are smokin' HOT and kenny, you are pretty cool, too. :) parenthood is the best journey ever.... enjoy you new blessing arriving in a couple of days! amelia + justin.... well, you guys just plain rock! xoxo
(04.21.10 12:44 PM)
Angela Hubbard said:
these are just beautiful Amelia. you sister is stunning ( and so are you)
(04.21.10 01:16 PM)
Aileen@LoveandLavender said:
So. Freaking. Cute!!!! I love the one of him standing up and rowing and her laying down on the surfboard.
(04.21.10 03:45 PM)
Allison Barnes said:
I LOVE this shoot. So much. I keep coming back to it to swooooon!
(04.21.10 06:41 PM)
amber reinink said:
phenomenal!!!!!!!! your two fav are my to favs...i think...they're all calling my name. i love your take on the maternity images.
(04.21.10 08:22 PM)
SAra said:
This is fantastic- the couple brought such great style and energy!
(04.21.10 08:39 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
such an amazing session! .. never seen anything quite like it.
(04.22.10 03:21 AM)
Miranda Lea Anderson said:
Fantastic. Any way we could get a wardrobe list? I'm especially loving the black suit top, frilly bottoms, polka dot bottoms and pink ruched top. email me!
(04.22.10 06:24 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
These may be my favorite maternity photos of all time.
(04.22.10 07:37 AM)
Aunt Ape said:
Thats my sassy Nephew and Neice. Yea bebe!!
(04.22.10 12:36 PM)
David Lee said:
This has to be one of the classy'ist maternity shoots I've ever seen, and what an incredible paddle board shot!! Amazing!!
(04.22.10 01:01 PM)
jessica said:
beautiful photos
(04.23.10 07:26 AM)
C said:
These photos are amazing!! if you are not a professional, you should be! These photos should go into a magazine for pregnant women. I just loved them! If you have the time please check out my photos and let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve on them. Thanks ahead of time.
(04.23.10 10:27 PM)
Estee said:
Coolest pregnant pics ever.
(04.24.10 09:58 AM)
Alexandra said:
These photos are absolutely incredible. I love everything about them. What a beautiful couple, I bet you can't wait to meet the little one :).
(04.24.10 01:28 PM)
Micah Cordes said:
such a great shoot.
(04.24.10 04:33 PM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
WOW! WOW! WOW! These are amazing maternity pics!! I absolutely love the paddle board shots!!! SO great! I love Jill's style for this shoot too!!! Great work as always Amelia!!
(04.24.10 09:11 PM)
Stacie Smith said:
Ha. This is right up the harbor from my dad's! You also photographed my friends Fashion and Jeremy.
(04.25.10 07:24 PM)
Briana Elledge said:
surfboard shots =perfection.
(04.26.10 09:32 AM)
jesse said:
these are so pretty. like almost unbelievable pretty. i love them allll. i have to agree that it is the best pregnancy shoot ever.
(04.26.10 09:19 PM)
julie h said:
woah! these are friggin' amazing!! they have great style! duh!
(04.27.10 01:48 PM)
angie + matt said:
Ok! Jill is gorgeous and I am really sad I don't look that beautiful and perfect in every way when I am prego. This whole post is just making me sad. Sad, that I do not have pregnancy photos EXACTLY like these to cherish for ever and ever. These are perfect.
(04.27.10 11:21 PM)
chantal said:
Ameila, these seriously rock... the boat ones are so fantastic. This is probably the coolest pregnancy shoot I've ever seen. Nice!!
(04.28.10 12:12 PM)
Justin said:
Sweet shot standing on the ... surfboard?! My wife's going to love this bathing suit!
(04.28.10 03:00 PM)
brooke bowland said:
oh my oh my. this session is UNREAL. i must now pick my jaw up off the floor. GASP.
(04.28.10 11:51 PM)
Kellie Carter said:
That last shot is AMAZING!!! Love it!!!! Love them all though! =]
(04.29.10 11:27 AM)
Malinda Warder said:
I follow your work religiously & I have to say this is probably one of my all time FAVORITE shoots!! The styling, the paddle boat, the subjects, ahhhh, it's all AMAZING!! Such talent!!
(05.03.10 02:39 PM)
Jenna said:
Your photography is truly amazing, i love the photos on the board in the water, so gorgeous.
(05.04.10 08:03 PM)
nightclub flyer designs said:
These are some amazing pictures. thanks for sharing.
(05.07.10 03:51 PM)
Danielle said:
WOW, WOW WOW! Great shots, and what a beautiful mama! I love these!! Thanks for the inspiration.
(07.08.10 08:22 PM)
ashley said:
Wow, i LOVE this shoot! I love the ones on the paddleboard! Great job!
(03.02.11 08:33 AM)
Roxy said:
Absolutely. stunning. I tell you! I've never seen anything like it.
(03.05.11 12:49 PM)
Mery - baby clothes said:
This is a joyous welcome pregnancy, especially first pregnancy. Congratulations.
(06.17.11 11:06 PM)
Bea said:
Beautiful!!! pure!!! lovely!!! I want a session like this one.
(03.16.12 03:55 PM)
Hope said:
Oh wow!!! I feel like I should buy a boat ;) LOVE these pictures... truly amazing work!
(04.10.12 08:35 AM)
Emilia Jane said:
This is probably my favorite maternity session ever. So gorgeous!
(04.25.12 06:20 AM)
Rhonda Mankin said:
So favorite are the ones on the boat..LOVE..LOVE..LOVE
(06.30.12 11:00 PM)
Kelly VP said:
These photos are so rockstar!!!! I love them all!!!
(01.16.13 09:55 PM)
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