Last month, while we were in Las Vegas, we had the saaa-weeeet opportunity to photograph the ever so talented Mindy + Ben of Studio 6.23! Mindy emailed me to set up the session a few months prior. When Justin and I met them at WPPI, we had a blast getting to know them as bright, playful, hilarious, photogenic, and super cool people to hang with!
st623blog_002.jpgst623blog_003.jpgst623blog_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
st623blog_005.jpgst623blog_006.jpgst623blog_007.jpgst623blog_008.jpgst623blog_009.jpgst623blog_010.jpgst623blog_011.jpgst623blog_012.jpgst623blog_013.jpgst623blog_014.jpgst623blog_015.jpgst623blog_016.jpgAfter we had shot at a few locations Justin and I still felt like we needed to find one more hot spot to wrap up the shoot. So we drove around and bit and found this really cool house and the owner was a really nice little lady that pointed us across the street where we found....
st623blog_017.jpgTHIS!! Yup, this would the be initial of one fine man named LIBERACE!!! We had randomly stumbled upon one of Liberace's six houses in Las Vegas. For those of you who don't know who Liberace is,  he was a brilliant pianist and Las Vegas golden performer! He was the original king of bling! Luckily, the woman who owned the house was home and allowed us to come in and shoot!
st623blog_018.jpgst623blog_019.jpgThis shot makes me really happy! This was taken right in front of Liberace's personal bathtub...see image here.
st623blog_020.jpgAaaaaaand this would be a photo of Justin and I sitting on Liberace's bed in his personal bedroom!!! Thanks Mindy + Ben for taking this pic:)!

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Rebecca said:
Love the mirror shot! Fanastic.
(04.24.10 03:06 PM)
shannon said:
what a super fun session! i love them all!! so great!
(04.24.10 03:29 PM)
lroah said:
OMG. Fantastic!!!!
(04.24.10 03:40 PM)
kristen ~ k.holly said:
LOVE!!! Great session, you totally captured their awesome personalities and adorableness. Love you Mindy + Ben!! :)
(04.24.10 03:58 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
Amazing photos, as usual, but what a cool story to go along with it!!!! So rad!
(04.24.10 04:08 PM)
Micah Cordes said:
OMG holy wow. Love this whole shoot.
(04.24.10 04:32 PM)
kelly said:
great capture of these amazing people...i told mindy to give some beautiful smiles cause usually she just makes sassy faces. love the ones where they are snuggled up on the concrete floor...
(04.24.10 04:34 PM)
arenda said:
totally fun pictures! they both have gorgeous eyes, love the shots where their eyes are the focus of the photo.
(04.25.10 10:25 AM)
mindy peterson said:
thanks for making us feel like rockstars and helping us celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!! :) we love, love, love our photos...... you guys are AMAAAAZING..... and super hot, too! that bed shot of you two.... GRRRRRR!! xoxoxo
(04.25.10 02:59 PM)
Regina White said:
Totally Mindy + Ben. You all rocked this out. Fabulous session.
(04.25.10 05:43 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
Seriously? Liberace's house? These photos are incredible! Love the fun clothes & awesome locations. You guys are fabulously talented!
(04.25.10 06:10 PM)
mckenzie said:
I love it! So creative.
(04.25.10 07:05 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
awesome. that is so cool you got to go in that house. great stuff.
(04.26.10 07:38 AM)
Briana Elledge said:
OMG she is so cute! i feel like i could just pick her out of a Bestey Johnson catalog! Loveity love the pics miz lyon, can we go ahead and sign ourselves up for a shoot next year at wppi, bc, Man! thats nice.....seriosly, love the pics, thanks for the constant inspiration, my fave, numero cinco & 10. bueno.
(04.26.10 09:32 AM)
heidi miller said:
sooo fabulous and SOOO mindy and ben! love them!! love these fun photos and LOVE them! :) nice job amelia!!!
(04.26.10 10:09 AM)
Sam ~ Shutter Sam said:
Holy right up Mindy + Ben's alley!! LOVIN every minute of it! (you have to sing that last line like Loverboy)
(04.26.10 10:13 AM)
Stephanie P. said:
that is bomb like WOAH!!!! When I was in high school in vegas we had prom at one of his mansions & they didn't even let us bring our cameras inside!!! Lucky dogs ... sexy shots!!!
(04.27.10 12:19 AM)
Kelly Braman said:
*LOVE Ben+Mindy! This session is So them...just perfect! I love how you brought out the sass.the love and the fun! Love it!
(04.27.10 02:16 PM)
Kat Speyer said:
Y'all are such masters with light. Hot damn. And that house! I was wondering what it looked like-- glad you've shared!
(04.27.10 08:20 PM)
lynnette coalson said: the second to the last shot! bravo!
(04.27.10 11:12 PM)
angie + matt said:
Oh my they are so dang cute! I love their energy, it's so positive and full of love. These are so rad and only you guys would stumble upon freaking Liberace's house!
(04.27.10 11:18 PM)
David Champagne Photography said:
Love the mirror shot! :)
(04.28.10 12:33 AM)
Karen G said:
I've hopped my way here...........thank goodness! You have creativity ripping through you like a scorching fire! Gorgeous photos! :>
(04.28.10 09:35 AM)
April said:
Wow! I adore the creativity!!!
(04.28.10 07:56 PM)
smittengreta said:
whattttttttttt!!!!!!!!! liberace's house, that's so awesome!!!!!!!!! the mirror shots are wayyyyyy super. love this couple's style and i think my fav shot from the whole thing is the one outside the little old lady's house!
(05.11.10 12:09 PM)