'Tis the season for family portraits! This particular family sitting with the Kim family makes me SO happy! So much love and joy radiating from each member, featuring their little girl turning one!
kim_family_001.jpgkim_family_002.jpgkim_family_003.jpgkim_family_004.jpgThis is the funniest and the best! LOL!
kim_family_005.jpgkim_family_006.jpgkim_family_007.jpgkim_family_008.jpgkim_family_009.jpgkim_family_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day tripled up in a sequence! CUTE overload!

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shari said:
I love all of these. that little girl is darling! you captured their family beautifully :)
(10.11.12 05:43 PM)
cathy blackstone said:
you are one of my favorite photographers ever. all time. great images. love the interaction, angles, love...thank you for constantly inspiring me.
(10.11.12 09:16 PM)
Mel said:
so precious! love your processing~
(10.11.12 09:51 PM)
Images said:
Sweet And Lovely Photography.
(10.20.12 10:33 AM)
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It's been fun seeing the attendees that have signed up so far for our upcoming LYON-SHOP classes! Justin and I wanted to show a little recap of the LYON-SHOP that took place in August in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Also, if you're thinking about coming to one of our classes, we have plenty of dates and locations to choose from, CLICK HERE for more details on our official site! The next class will be in Atlanta, GA on October 26th and we're super excited to venture out to meet the attendees there!

Working with natural harsh light...not as scary as it seems!
kb_slc008.jpgBuilding an image using the available surroundings.
My favorite shot of the day!
kb_slc012.jpgkb_slc013.jpgThank you to Kim + Bryan for modeling for us!:)
kb_slc014.jpgOff camera lighting.
kb_slc015.jpgOn camera lighting manipulation.
kb_slc016.jpgLoved the intimate class we had that day! Thank you to the sweet attendees that made it out to learn from us!!:)

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Kali said:
thanks for posting these; I had a great time learning from you both! what a wonderful experience!
(10.05.12 09:43 AM)
Becky McArthur said:
So excited for you guys!! ATL will be so beautiful when you guys come out. Wish I was a lucky attendee again. You two are awesome. :)
(10.05.12 09:50 AM)
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