I love it when clients travel all the way to Southern California for a shoot in the sun! Krystal + Yegor came all the way from Maine! Krystal + Yegor are engaged as well as expecting! Krystal had her baby just a few short days after their visit to SoCal, glad her and baby are doing well so far!

I shot the first half of this session at the ever-so-amazingly-designed SLS Hotel and then the second half in Santa Monica on the beach. Krystal + Yegor wanted to couple the shoot celebrating their engagement as well as the anticipated coming of their first son. Congratulations to them in both instances, what an exciting time in their lives!
yk_eng005.jpgyk_eng006.jpgyk_eng007.jpgyk_eng008.jpgyk_eng009.jpgyk_eng010.jpgyk_eng011.jpgyk_eng012.jpgyk_eng013.jpgyk_eng014.jpgyk_eng015.jpgyk_eng016.jpgyk_eng017.jpgyk_eng018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Rachel Tatem said:
These look great! They look so in love.
(05.31.11 06:50 PM)
kati said:
love these!
(05.31.11 07:14 PM)
Sara Bliss said:
I fall more in love with your work every day. I should probably tell you more often. When I grow up I want to be you :) Your photography always just makes me so happy!
(05.31.11 09:49 PM)
Dannie said:
OMG! So amazing...!!!
(05.31.11 11:21 PM)
Jeramy said:
Lovin that first shot--ALOT!!!!!
(06.01.11 08:45 AM)
Krystal said:
Wonderful job Amelia! We had a blast with you. You captured exactly what we had in mind, all that gooshy love!! You are amazing!
(06.01.11 09:06 AM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
To say I'm in love with these would be an understatement... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! What a creative and amazing set!!!!!!
(06.01.11 01:39 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Wow! These shots are beautiful! Amazing lighting and great angles.
(06.02.11 07:45 PM)
kaylie said:
I hope to take pictures this beautiful one day! Love these!!
(06.04.11 12:29 PM)
Fotografo Matrimoni Torino said:
I like the way you catch emotions, your style is inspirational for my pictures. Thanks for sharing
(06.06.11 02:16 AM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
Nice light. Amazing shoot's/
(06.08.11 11:44 AM)
Justin said:
Awesome set. Your tones kill me! (In a good way of killing of course!)
(06.11.11 12:34 PM)
Fotografia ślubna Lublin said:
These photos are full of love. Fantastic!
(08.25.11 04:54 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Thanks for your post .Really happy couple photography.
(08.25.13 07:29 AM)
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These are our besties, the Sloan family! We heart them! Remember the shoot we did of them a few years back? So fun to see how much they've grown since then!
sloanfam_007.jpgsloanfam_008.jpgsloanfam_009.jpgsloanfam_010.jpgsloanfam_011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
sloanfam_012.jpgsloanfam_013.jpgsloanfam_014.jpgsloanfam_015.jpgsloanfam_016.jpgsloanfam_017.jpgsloanfam_018.jpgLOVE these next two photos!
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matt sloan said:
eff! these are amazing! so freaking happy!
(03.31.11 01:40 PM)
Adele said:
These are so awesome. I love Angie's hair!! I want Family pictures like these!!
(03.31.11 01:43 PM)
rog said:
You should have sold tickets to that show. So great! Lyons and Sloans, we love you guys.
(03.31.11 01:44 PM)
-brittanymoncrief- said:
love love love love love! and that's all i got ;)
(03.31.11 01:44 PM)
Josh said:
Love em :)
(03.31.11 01:47 PM)
Jackie Wonders said:
YAY!!! love every single frame...and love you all!!! xoxo
(03.31.11 01:49 PM)
Alyda said:
Oh oh oh I love these so much! Such an adorable family :)
(03.31.11 01:53 PM)
maggie fortson said:
wow, wow, wow! SO many favorites! They are prob going to frame all of these! haha ;)
(03.31.11 01:57 PM)
matt said:
(03.31.11 01:59 PM)
Stevi Savage said:
ahh, so cute!!
(03.31.11 02:01 PM)
Travis Shumate said:
Beautiful portraits of a beautiful family. Excellent work, gang!
(03.31.11 02:04 PM)
michelle carrillo said:
love love LOVE these. I'm always super-excited when I see that you've posted something new to the blog. Your pictures always make me smile. They're so dreamy, and yet so REAL, all at once.
(03.31.11 02:13 PM)
Emily Faulknor said:
SO precious!!! I love how creative you are with family portraits.
(03.31.11 02:15 PM)
Angie said:
yayayayayayaya!!! So in love, love, love! I am so excited to fill my house up with these beauties!!!!
(03.31.11 02:20 PM)
Crissy Farah said:
Could there be a cuter family?! These photos are magical!
(03.31.11 02:28 PM)
Jaquilyn Shumate said:
I love love love these!! You guys are THE BEST! [Sloans & Lyons] Seriously love you guys. Would it be weird to have these blown up in my house? A little?
(03.31.11 02:37 PM)
ross said:
Mega Cuteness! Well done guys!
(03.31.11 02:41 PM)
julie fitts said:
oooh, love this family. ga-orgous photos!
(03.31.11 02:47 PM)
amy said:
so adorable!!!!!
(03.31.11 03:06 PM)
Jasmine* said:
These are insanely beautiful. Seriously.
(03.31.11 03:22 PM)
Gina Meola said:
AHHH!!! SOOOOO ridiculously perfect!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!!
(03.31.11 03:47 PM)
Crystal said:
Awesome, with the most gorgeous family. I LOVE the kissing shot.
(03.31.11 03:58 PM)
Hannah said:
oh my!
(03.31.11 04:01 PM)
jac said:
love!!! you guys look so wonderfully happy :) awesome shots of awesome people :) :) :)
(03.31.11 04:08 PM)
Blair said:
Babes everywhere! These are so gorgeous.
(03.31.11 04:23 PM)
Lauren said:
WOW! love, love, love. enough said.
(03.31.11 04:58 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
WHAM BAMM THANK YOU MA'AM!!!! So amazing. I smiled throughout this whole post.
(03.31.11 05:26 PM)
Angela Carlyle said:
what a darling family- amazing photos!!!
(03.31.11 05:48 PM)
Alison said:
that hand holding bw, should be wallpapered in their home:)
(03.31.11 07:36 PM)
Jennifer Bowen said:
Love, love! Knowing Matt & Angie from their AZ days, and as a parent with similar age kids, my very VERY favorite is the one of them hugging, with their kiddos also hugging at their feet, about 10 shots up from bottom. LOVE!! Such a great shoot - such a great family.
(03.31.11 09:01 PM)
Amanda VanVels said:
wow. they're perfect.
(03.31.11 09:21 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
I always love what you do!!! These are fabulous! I love how you get everyone loving each other so naturally. It's not easy to do!!!
(03.31.11 10:47 PM)
Becky said:
The life and love in these photos jumps right off the screen! You captured the most real moments and I couldn't help but smil as I looked through these pics.
(04.01.11 05:48 AM)
Tenielle said:
Ahhhhh you guys are the cutest! How adoreable are your kiddlywinks! It's nice to be able to say that the people we see in those photos are just as sweet and genuine in person. Just gorgeous!
(04.01.11 06:47 AM)
bryan said:
these are awesome. nice job all around!
(04.01.11 07:21 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
This family and these photos are precious! Well Done!
(04.01.11 12:56 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
Amelia! These are so amazing!!! Such rambunctious happy kids. I have to much time did you take for this session? So many great shots and the kids seem so happy all throughout! You have some awesome skills!
(04.01.11 07:15 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
They are so lucky to have such talented friends! These photographs are perfect. Love the last one!
(04.01.11 11:12 PM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
What lens was used in this last image?
(04.03.11 04:58 PM)
Abra Michelle said:
(04.04.11 06:02 PM)
Spencer Morris said:
Awesome job Amelia. I now know two things about Matt. He has a beautiful family and never play him in Words with Friends.
(04.05.11 07:16 AM)
Julie Wilhite said:
Love the energy of these photos, so full of love and laughter
(04.05.11 11:16 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
Oh my goodness. I didn't realize how long I've been following your blog until I looked back at the Solan's last post! My how they have grown and look FABULOUS! Awesome job as always. :)
(04.05.11 03:26 PM)
Angie said:
wow! loved reading all these sweet comments! Thanks everyone!!!
(04.05.11 11:06 PM)
Kelly Cummings said:
I LOVE the ones of Angie and Matt! What a perfect family!
(04.08.11 09:26 AM)
Amber Grover said:
I just adore how fresh and real your images are. They are not perfect smiles...but they are perfect pictures of life and love and happiness. Very inspiring. Thank you
(04.08.11 01:49 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Such a cute family!!!
(04.09.11 12:24 PM)
ImranKhan said:
amazing photo shots... i just love your images...
(04.10.11 12:27 PM)
Milkee said:
Very nice series... Energy and movement. I like it.
(04.10.11 01:29 PM)
Sara Carter said:
Beautiful, adorable, and SO FUN!! This makes me want to have babies.... uh oh!! :) Great job amelia!
(04.11.11 04:12 PM) said:
The last one is the most. Cheers!
(04.11.11 06:26 PM)
fotograf Gdansk said:
lovelly colours!
(04.12.11 09:55 AM)
Brett Faulknor said:
One of the best family shoots I've seen! That last shot is just killer!
(04.14.11 10:49 AM)
Colibriphoto said:
Wow! Very very very beautiful! Especially the last one.
(04.19.11 02:21 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
These kill me dead. Love!
(04.26.11 12:23 PM)
Rachel said:
WOW!!! Some of the best pics I have ever seen! :)
(06.22.11 10:10 AM)
Julie said:
I am seriously so in love with these. You did an amazing job
(06.28.11 06:14 PM)
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