My good friends the Williams family has a new addition to their little baby Harvey!!! He's ADORABLE! Of course lately I love taking photos of babies, makes me SO excited to meet our little girl who is expected to arrive in just 5 more short weeks (hopefully a bit sooner!)!
My favorite shot of the day!
babyharvey_002.jpgbabyharvey_003.jpgbabyharvey_004.jpgI love the colors in Harvey's nursery!
babyharvey_005.jpgRemember baby Wendy?! My, how time flies...
Congrats to the Williams family, I love watching your family grow!
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Harvey said:
Awesome work (as always) Amelia!!! But I'm biased, this world needs more Harvey's and this little man looks like the perfect little H! He's adorable!!
(08.16.11 01:57 PM)
heather williams said:
Amelia! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of Harvey! I LOVE them. One of my many favorites is the last one with daddy. It might just have to be blown up and hung in his nursery. I don't think you'll ever know how much I value the wonderful pictures you take of my little family. Thank you.
(08.16.11 03:57 PM)
Christina Klas said:
Incredibly sweet photos! I love your style. :)
(08.16.11 04:12 PM)
Beth said:
Thank you for posting these...I LOVE them! Well maybe because I am the grandma but I think he is the cutest little chub!
(08.16.11 07:32 PM)
rich said:
what a cute baby! love the colors in this session!
(08.16.11 10:02 PM)
chris parker said:
Very cute! Great photos, love them all.
(08.17.11 06:12 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
Baby feet are too cute! What a wonderful set of photos for them to treasure.
(08.17.11 06:27 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I have never met a Harvey, I like the name
(08.17.11 08:00 AM)
Katy O said:
These are fantastic! What a sweet little babe!
(08.18.11 07:41 AM)
Amy Paulson said:
Oh how I love these. Okay..honestly, I love all your work and I should have started commenting a long time ago. I love how you bring out the joy in your clients. And I can't wait to see your family add this little girl. Thanks for reminding me that this is possible with three kids. You're an inspiration...
(08.18.11 11:24 AM)
the joielala girls said:
oh how cute is he?! what a great name! ;)
(08.18.11 07:10 PM)
Tiffany said:
What a cutie! He looks so much like my baby in the first picture :)
(08.20.11 06:11 PM)
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I love this modern maternity session! I photographed Connie along with her dog, husband and baby belly in and around their home in Downtown Los Angeles. It was fun working with all the modern lines, shadows, and city life...something different from any other maternity shoot I've done in the past.
cw_exp002.jpgcw_exp003.jpgcw_exp004.jpgcw_exp005.jpgcw_exp006.jpgcw_exp007.jpgcw_exp008.jpgcw_exp009.jpgWilliam is a collector of shoes, so of course they already have some flashy kicks picked out for their little man when he arrives!
cw_exp010.jpgcw_exp011.jpgcw_exp012.jpgcw_exp013.jpgcw_exp014.jpgcw_exp015.jpgcw_exp016.jpgcw_exp017.jpgcw_exp018.jpgLast, but not favorite shot of the day!
Congrats to Connie & William, I can't wait to meet your little guy!
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Colleen Acker said:
Amazing work as usual Amelia! I love how these pregnancy photos aren't the typical ones done in a stuido. Yours, of course, have style and originality! You shot my friend's wedding in Maui in 2009 and now I am a huge fan of yours!! I am also expeciting my first babe in September and would die for you to take photos like this of my pregnancy :) Best wishes for the birth of your little girl and looking forward to veiwing more of your work in the future.
(07.14.11 01:26 PM)
Ciara Richardson said:
wow she is one hot momma! stunning!
(07.14.11 01:40 PM)
amelialyon said:
Colleen, Email me and we'll set up a shoot for you and your baby bump!;)
(07.14.11 01:52 PM)
jay said:
BABY SUPRAS!..super sick man and great photographs as always Amelia. I'm going to have dressing my kids.
(07.14.11 01:57 PM)
Emily said:
I love this maternity session! So fresh and unique!
(07.14.11 02:08 PM)
LOVE these. The light is so so good.
(07.14.11 04:00 PM)
shari said:
GORGEOUS! wish i looked that HOT as a prego! and beautiful shots... awesome!
(07.15.11 07:38 AM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
Pretty much amazing as always!!!!!
(07.15.11 11:01 PM)
Sara Carter said:
DANG GIRL! This is one HOT maternity shoot!!! I bet this momma LOVES these pictures- she looks so great! Everything about this shoot is wonderful and i am once again in AWE.
(07.15.11 11:52 PM)
alyda said:
You know I've never really been one for maternity shoots but this one is rad! last image is so awesome!
(07.17.11 03:07 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
What a fashionable mother to be! Could have been a magazine shoot. LOVE the doggy bow tie.
(07.18.11 06:24 AM)
mae said:
love this shoot; it is totally unique and so gorgeous. and check out that stylish mama-to-be. awesome job, Amelia!
(07.18.11 02:01 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
eeps! I DIE over these images and can't believe I missed this post! Connie is seriously the most beautiful mama and you should just see their son! SO adorable and a spitting image of his dad. :) You captured them so perfectly and I know they will treasure these images. They're gorgeous!
(07.21.11 12:46 AM)
Jane (Olive Hue Paper Goods) said:
Amelia!! this is AMAZING! Connie looks SO amazing! As always, very very impressed!!! :)
(08.11.11 07:53 PM)
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