My good friends the Williams family has a new addition to their little baby Harvey!!! He's ADORABLE! Of course lately I love taking photos of babies, makes me SO excited to meet our little girl who is expected to arrive in just 5 more short weeks (hopefully a bit sooner!)!
My favorite shot of the day!
babyharvey_002.jpgbabyharvey_003.jpgbabyharvey_004.jpgI love the colors in Harvey's nursery!
babyharvey_005.jpgRemember baby Wendy?! My, how time flies...
Congrats to the Williams family, I love watching your family grow!

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Harvey said:
Awesome work (as always) Amelia!!! But I'm biased, this world needs more Harvey's and this little man looks like the perfect little H! He's adorable!!
(08.16.11 01:57 PM)
heather williams said:
Amelia! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of Harvey! I LOVE them. One of my many favorites is the last one with daddy. It might just have to be blown up and hung in his nursery. I don't think you'll ever know how much I value the wonderful pictures you take of my little family. Thank you.
(08.16.11 03:57 PM)
Christina Klas said:
Incredibly sweet photos! I love your style. :)
(08.16.11 04:12 PM)
Beth said:
Thank you for posting these...I LOVE them! Well maybe because I am the grandma but I think he is the cutest little chub!
(08.16.11 07:32 PM)
rich said:
what a cute baby! love the colors in this session!
(08.16.11 10:02 PM)
chris parker said:
Very cute! Great photos, love them all.
(08.17.11 06:12 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
Baby feet are too cute! What a wonderful set of photos for them to treasure.
(08.17.11 06:27 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I have never met a Harvey, I like the name
(08.17.11 08:00 AM)
Katy O said:
These are fantastic! What a sweet little babe!
(08.18.11 07:41 AM)
Amy Paulson said:
Oh how I love these. Okay..honestly, I love all your work and I should have started commenting a long time ago. I love how you bring out the joy in your clients. And I can't wait to see your family add this little girl. Thanks for reminding me that this is possible with three kids. You're an inspiration...
(08.18.11 11:24 AM)
the joielala girls said:
oh how cute is he?! what a great name! ;)
(08.18.11 07:10 PM)
Tiffany said:
What a cutie! He looks so much like my baby in the first picture :)
(08.20.11 06:11 PM)