I LOVE the Williams family to bits and pieces! Even though they aren't really blood related, they might as well be! Ryan has been a long time best friend to my first cousin Sam and Heather's Aunt is married to my other first cousin (Sam's older brother)....make any sense?! You may recall their faces from over a year ago from a post we did featuring a shoot we did of Wendy as a baby. It's crazy to see time pass and watch Wendy as a little girl now! Here are some of my favs from our shoot a few weeks ago:
My favorite shot of the day!

will_004.jpgLOL! Wendy's face here is priceless!

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Anna said:
what a cutie pie! lovin' all the shots in this series :) especially the third last shot. snuggles!
(10.22.09 02:10 PM)
emily said:
these are darling! I love all of them, but the B&W close up of the smooching is just killer. Great work! (and really how is it you always get the best dressed clients? I love the family style here!)
(10.22.09 02:16 PM)
anna brewer said:
O.M.G! i LOVE these pictures! and that little girl is precious!! :)
(10.22.09 02:24 PM)
kristina leao said:
you guys did amazing job! (no surprise there!) i can't wait for you to do our pictures next month!
(10.22.09 02:49 PM)
Heather Brown said:
what a great shoot. I love them all. But then again I havent seen one of your shoots I dont like!! Amazing!
(10.22.09 02:50 PM)
Lroah said:
(10.22.09 02:56 PM)
jean smith said:
always love, love, LOVIE your blog. thought i should actually write a comment. you ROCK...every. single. session or wedding.
(10.22.09 03:36 PM)
haley lamb said:
beautiful images! the family has such great style!
(10.22.09 03:48 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Such a cute family and she is so precious! Your fave is just perfect with her little leg kicked up. SOO CUTE!
(10.22.09 04:23 PM)
angie + matt said:
uh so so so so so cute! I love her little head piece:) These are gorgeous!
(10.22.09 06:52 PM)
heather williams said:
thank you again amelia! i love all of them! BEST mother's day present EVER!
(10.22.09 07:04 PM)
jenn king said:
LOVE this family! what stunning images!
(10.22.09 11:10 PM)
Mallory said:
love, love, love everything about this family! the style is incredible, the pictures are adorable!
(10.23.09 09:00 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
Beautiful and I LOVE their style! I really love the light in the last image. You guys are awesome!
(10.23.09 09:35 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a good looking family with great style! love this set.
(10.23.09 10:19 AM)
rookie cookie said:
Dang it. I miss that little family so much. And I miss yours to. I hate living here.
(10.23.09 10:25 AM)
David said:
Great shots! Love the location and the type of trees there. Where was it shot at?
(10.24.09 01:16 PM)
Augusta said:
Amazingamazing, all of them. So inspiring! Everything from location to style to every little detail is perfect!
(10.25.09 07:45 AM)
Sarah @ said:
Where is that? It's beautiful!
(10.26.09 09:11 AM)
The Memory Journalists said:
I heart Wendy! What a cutie! This shoot made my day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful family with us!
(11.02.09 07:01 PM)