Remember Nancy + Eddie?! Justin and I shot their wedding a few years ago (which is still is one of my favorite weddings to date), and since then we've become great friends, Nancy is now running her own wedding/event planning company called So Happi Together (I'm sure you've seen me throw her name around from time to time on my blog), and Eddie is busy jump starting his own photography company!

Now, Nancy + Eddie are moving on to yet another exciting adventure and that is prepping the world for the arrival of their little girl Elle! I loved this shoot mainly because I got to photograph Nancy & her baby bump, but also because it was stylized alongside Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals (her furnishing are AMAZING!)!

Congrats to Nancy + Eddie, love you two and I CAN'T WAIT to meet your baby Elle!
nancy_mat002.jpgnancy_mat003.jpgnancy_mat004.jpgnancy_mat005.jpgnancy_mat006.jpgnancy_mat007.jpgnancy_mat008.jpgnancy_mat009.jpgnancy_mat010.jpgThis set up was sweet!
nancy_mat011.jpgnancy_mat012.jpgnancy_mat013.jpgnancy_mat014.jpgnancy_mat015.jpgnancy_mat016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Sara Lucero said:
oh wow!! i just really love Nancy and feel so honored to have met her! It's so special that you were their photographer for the biggest decision in their life and now the 2nd biggest decision! :) And how fun is it that you were pregnant when you shot this? Love it. And you really know how to flatter women, miss thang! :) another great post! Love that bed set up. Gorgeous.
(09.01.11 12:05 PM)
cassie said:
Nancy! I've wanted to see your baby bump... :) This shoot makes me smile so wide... i'm soooo sooo happy for you guys and all the love that Elle will bring to your lives... Mazel Tov!
(09.01.11 12:13 PM)
Tessa Tina said:
YAY for Nancy and Eddie!! What a lovely set up. You photographed Nancy's baby bump beautifully.
(09.01.11 12:35 PM)
Isabella said:
Really awesome! I admire your props and setup! How do you find the items/locations to do these things? would love to know your process!
(09.01.11 12:40 PM)
jay said:
right on Nancy! can't wait to see pictures of Elle. Great job as always Amelia. Nice theme with the grown up Pack n' Play
(09.01.11 01:21 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Beyond beautiful!! :)
(09.01.11 01:25 PM)
Izabelle said:
So so so lovely, the sweet light and the soft tones are just adorable!
(09.01.11 01:33 PM)
Jeni Maus said:
I am so honored that I got to be a part of this shoot! Nancy and Eddie are two of the sweetest people I have ever met, and Amelia, the pictures turned out AMAZING-no surprise there!!!
(09.01.11 01:37 PM)
Corey Morgan said:
Holy Moly! How do you even build a bed in the middle of the field? This shoot just blew my mind. Amazing!
(09.01.11 03:02 PM)
lucas said:
Really awesome! I admire your props and setup! How do you find the items/locations to do these things? would love to know your process!
(09.01.11 06:08 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
wow. Amelia. you seriously blow my mind and make me feel so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. thank you for never failing to capture such special moments between eddie and myself. we consider you family and couldn't imagine anyone else documenting this special time in our life together. Thank you x a million!! And thank you to Jeni, styling super star, for taking my small idea of an outdoor bed and raising it to the umpteenth level! We are so blessed to have such gracious and talented friends!! xoxo!
(09.02.11 12:32 AM)
Shefali Lindsey said:
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos. And, what a gorgeous setting. Please do not get me started on the Anthropologie look that is in these photos. So cute and great work!!!
(09.02.11 09:13 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
I would have to agree with your "favorite shot of the day" - FABULOUS!!!
(09.02.11 04:30 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
(09.06.11 10:38 AM)
K said:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Amazing
(09.07.11 03:40 PM)
clippingimages said:
congrats to both of you!! what a great feelings!!! I wish you all the best!!!
(09.07.11 11:35 PM)
Nancy said:
This is absolutely gorgeous and so fun! And how the heck did you haul all that stuff out into the wilderness? LOL Or was there a stylist involved?
(09.08.11 07:37 AM)
rebecca-linh said:
these are fantastic. feel like i need to get pregnant (again) to have fab maternity images like these!
(11.08.11 08:48 AM)
Chris Van Atta said:
Again another great photo shoot, You have a unique style! Im digging it. It must have been alot of work to get that bed out there in the field.
(04.10.12 04:47 AM)