Mark + Candice Brooke have been our good friends for almost two years now. We met at an industry party, hit it off, and have made a ton of good memories together ever since (Mark is also one of Justin's fellow Mammoth Men hommies)! We were super excited for them when they discovered that they were expecting their first little baby boy. The soon-to-be Wyatt will be one lucky kid when he is born, with two awesome parents that eagerly await him.

I have to admit that this definitely made me a bit baby-hungry. There is something amazingly beautiful about a woman that is almost full term and ready to pop. Candice really has an indescribable glow about her as she prepares to bring her little one into the world. So glad we got to help Mark + Candice remember this exciting time in their lives and we can't wait to meet baby Wyatt!
prego002.jpgprego003.jpgprego004.jpgprego005.jpgprego006.jpgprego007.jpgprego008.jpgprego009.jpgprego010.jpgprego011.jpgprego012.jpgDo you see the "glow" I mentioned earlier? She's one beautiful mama!
prego013.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Be sure to also stop by Chenin Boutwell's blog to see the amazing shower she and Jessica Claire put on for Mark + Candice!

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Andrea Murphy said:
Gorgeous pictures! What an adorable couple!!
(09.08.09 04:34 PM)
bobbi said:
Your favorite is my favorite :) And their wardrobe?! PERFECTION! You guys rock rock rock rock!!!!!!
(09.08.09 04:35 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Oh my goodness, they turned out amazing! And with Mark and Candice as parents - he is going to be one adorable baby!
(09.08.09 04:36 PM)
jac said:
love it!!! candice, you're the hottest pregnant lady ever! mark, you're not too bad either ;) great shots amelia! wyatt is going to be one lucky kid!
(09.08.09 04:40 PM)
jess@studio3z said:
Oh my goodness....Candice looks stunning. She is so tiny and cute as a button. Totally glowing...and that FAV of yours is mind blowing. I would make that so huge in the babe's room. Can't wait to see this little guy coming.
(09.08.09 05:35 PM)
Savannah Kenney said:
Beautiful! She is so tiny still! I love the 4th from the bottom. Awesome lighting!
(09.08.09 05:48 PM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
What gorgeous photos! I love the one with the sun shining just below Candice. Just lovely.
(09.08.09 06:48 PM)
Heather Cole said:
Those last two shots...BREATH TAKING!! I wish I was that cute pregnant but unfortunately, I'm not. :) Congrats you two!!!
(09.08.09 06:51 PM)
Dan S said:
I love your attitude about your wife, I agree, she is beautiful "with child" I cannot wait to see your little one playing with my grand baby, Molly is doing pregnant + beautiful well also so....;>)
(09.08.09 07:23 PM)
ohana photographers said:
a lizzle you did it again! candice, cute lil' bump!!
(09.08.09 07:46 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
heck YAhhhh Get it Brookes! Aren't they fun to shoot? Candice you are lookin' FINE!! Amelia, well done sister!
(09.08.09 07:49 PM)
Corinna J Hoffman said:
Wowie!! Gorgeous shots and Candice looks amazing!!
(09.08.09 07:49 PM)
Carl Reid said:
Congrats to Mark and Candice...well deserved!!!
(09.08.09 08:03 PM)
Jasmine* said:
Lah-lah-love these photos!! SO gorgeous! :)
(09.08.09 08:35 PM)
AbiQ said:
GORGEOUS!! I think your right, she is the hottest pregnant mom I've ever seen!
(09.08.09 08:45 PM)
angie monson said:
seriously amazing. I want to get preggo right now so you can take pictures like this for me. so inspiring all the time!
(09.08.09 09:17 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
The ones of them lying down are super sweet and sexy! Great job. Congrats Mark and Candice!
(09.08.09 09:17 PM)
rich m said:
beautiful family, beautiful photos as always :)
(09.08.09 09:20 PM)
Lydia said:
Candice really is glowing! Beautiful pictures!
(09.08.09 09:51 PM)
lroah said:
Your favorite ROCKS! Candice - you look amazing!
(09.08.09 10:02 PM)
candice Brooke said:
OMG OMG OMG I love the photos! I can not wait to hang one of them up in the babies room! Wahooo, you guys are the greatest friends ever!
(09.08.09 10:04 PM)
Tira J said:
Love every image! And I LOVE the flare in so many of them. One hot pregnant Mama!
(09.08.09 10:22 PM)
Rachel Clare said:
Amelia, these turned out so fantastic! It was so enjoyable to be there that day. She IS a gorgeous Mama-to-be! I love them all!
(09.08.09 10:23 PM)
meredith said:
these are fabulously amazing in everyway!
(09.09.09 03:29 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
AMAZING!!! LOVE the style, processing, and everything about these images. Great work. :)
(09.09.09 06:49 AM)
applem00n said:
great lookin' couple. i mean triple.
(09.09.09 08:09 AM)
ajira said:
The last three are mag, just mag!
(09.09.09 08:43 AM)
mathieuphoto said:
ummm, these are outta this world! you rocked it out! i can't wait to see the prints hanging in the Brooke house! beautiful!!!!
(09.09.09 06:52 PM)
Braedon Flynn said:
Amazing! So many rad shots. LOVE the 3rd photo and that shot of Candice sitting and looking up. Gorgeous.
(09.09.09 11:51 PM)
julie h said:
aye, carumba! She is one beautiful soon to be mama. I do love the shots on the blanket but also the dirt road with that magical sunshine. :)
(09.10.09 12:39 AM)
ashley parsons said:
amelia, you RULED these pics - Candice looks SOOOOOO beautiful, and you totally captured her and mark so accurately. no surprise there, you rock. :) ps. love and miss you guys.
(09.10.09 07:16 AM)
angie and matt said:
Candice is the most perfect pregnant lady ever! She should have 10 kids:) She looks stunning and she has the perfect pregnancy glow. These are soooooooooo GORGEOUS!
(09.10.09 12:18 PM)
Jenny said:
OMG Candice does have a mom glow ! She's smiling proud in the photos !
(09.10.09 12:25 PM)
KarlB said:
Awesome Shoot, such love in the air.... Luv it Big Time....
(09.11.09 06:54 AM)
melissa co said:
love these photos. love these photographers. :)
(09.11.09 08:54 AM)
Deyla Huss said:
They are sooooooooo sweet! her little perfectly round basketball belly is adorable!! such a nice job!
(09.11.09 07:47 PM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
YEY! Love these.
(09.11.09 09:27 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Gorgeous shoot. Candace looks amazing! thanks for sharing.
(09.14.09 07:08 PM)
Kayla said:
These are so sweet and a little bit sexy! Love them!
(09.18.09 04:47 PM)
Jessica Pressley said:
These photos are so beautiful! Definitely a sweet pregnancy shoot =)
(09.20.09 12:16 AM)
Feuza said:
Wow, I love the lighting ones, sun rays are the best
(09.20.09 09:22 PM)
Rochelle (aussie) said:
I second Bobbie's comments... Your favourite is definitely my fave! Where can I get gorgeous clients like these? AWESOME!!!
(09.22.09 05:06 AM)