Those of you who have been following along on twitter, know that Justin and I have had a few crazy last couple of months. Just over the two months of March and April I helped put on two baby showers, shot three birth stories, threw a birthday party, and gained two new nieces! I've wanted to blog all of this, but with wedding season in full swing life has been pretty tied up. So before the moment sweeps me away I've decided to clump together some of these events to make it a little easier. I'm going to start with the story of LUCILLE AMELIA! Justin and I shot Nicole & Jeff's maternity session a few months ago and so this is the continued stream of events.

Let's begin with Nicole's baby shower. Jill, my mom, and I put this on. We went with a theme of Lucille Lollipop. I didn't get to stay very long though because on that very same day my cousin Ruth gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Davy Jean. I was so honored to have had the opportunity to shoot that birth story (it was my first), click here to see Ruth's blog post about Davy Jean's birth story as well as read about Davy Jean's inspiring story of survival. 

Before I left to the hospital I was able to capture a few details from Nicole's baby shower.
lucyblog_002.jpglucyblog_003.jpgNicole has been to both births of my boys, so I was really happy when she let me know that she wanted me to be there for Lucy's.
lucyblog_004.jpgJeff was ready to become a dad:)
lucyblog_005.jpgAn emotional moment as the nurse let Nicole know that Lucy was ready to come out and that it was time to push!
lucyblog_006.jpgNicole's first look at Lucy! I can't even describe the amazing feeling that is present in a room when a baby is born, it's unreal!
lucyblog_007.jpglucyblog_008.jpglucyblog_009.jpgIt amazed me to see that Nicole instantly knew how to be a mother, I'm a proud big sister!
lucyblog_010.jpglucyblog_011.jpglucyblog_012.jpglucyblog_013.jpgA few days later I came over to take some quick snapshots of Lucy.
lucyblog_018.jpgI brought the boys with me to meet Lucy, they were immediately in love with her!
lucyblog_019.jpglucyblog_020.jpgHere's Lucy at three weeks old, I've never seen Nicole & Jeff happier!
Lucy is now 6 weeks old! Coming up, a post featuring Kenny & Jill with my wonderful second niece LOLA DEE, it'll also include the shower, the birth story, as well as a few portraits!

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Anthony Slusher said:
Oh man, some of these shots are just so phenomenal! Awesome job Amelia. I absolutely LOVE the close up shot of lucy and the shots of her with mom and dad over here. Killer job, and good choice with blogging it before you completely forgot about it and let it go! I always love seeing what new work you have to show.
(05.27.10 09:03 AM)
Kelly said:
SO sweet!
(05.27.10 09:09 AM)
Jill Ison said:
oh what a gorgeous baby! and a very fine name if I do say so myself :)
(05.27.10 09:12 AM)
Erin said:
so cute!!! you captured some beautiful moments :)
(05.27.10 09:27 AM)
delbarr said:
These are beautiful images Amelia! I especially love the one of Nicole wearing yellow facing baby Lucy. So sweet! Such a framer :) And the ones with your boys holding the baby melted my heart, thanks for sharing!!
(05.27.10 10:02 AM)
Karen said:
I LOVE the hospital pics. It's real, raw beauty. love it
(05.27.10 10:08 AM)
Heather Thompson said:
I just love her so much!!!
(05.27.10 10:47 AM)
Alessandra said:
Wonderful!!! what a beautiful set of pictures and so very touching. Your photography is GRAND! I hope one day I can take a set like this. Wonderful, congratulations to you all
(05.27.10 01:19 PM)
molly said:
amelia!! these are insanely perfect!! i love them! the photo of nicole and lucy laying on the carpet looking at each other is my fave. i would blow it up HUGE and throw it up on the nursery wall :) xo.
(05.27.10 09:09 PM)
Anna Bonick said:
Amelia!!! I told you you that witnessing birth was going to rock your socks! And your photographs did not disappoint--you captured Lucille's birth so perfectly. These are so gorgeous and I am so excited for your sister and her family! Congrats, Auntie!
(05.27.10 10:08 PM)
nicole wagner said:
amazing! Nicole, you look so happy! being a mommy is the best. so happy for you both! xo Amelia, great pics!!
(05.27.10 11:22 PM)
Jane (Olive Hue Paper Goods) said:
Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! Nicole looks amazing and baby Lucille is so precious! Love how you captured those tender moments!
(05.28.10 12:04 AM)
Melissa@ The Loveliest Day said:
Oh, I love this! Baby Lucy is just perfect, and Nicole looked so beautiful, even through all that labor! Congratulations to your whole family, what a beautiful addition:)
(05.28.10 12:56 AM)
ann said:
she's perfection.
(05.28.10 07:08 AM)
Alexandra said:
Your photography is so beautiful :) Love these!
(05.28.10 08:01 AM)
erin low said:
you did a great job on these. i now have some ideas for upcoming baby showers. i love the pics of nicole and jeff and little lucy! you did a great job!
(05.28.10 09:09 AM)
Tara Aherne said:
What a beautiful, amazing record, of probably the most significant moment of their lives. Very moving.
(05.28.10 10:54 AM)
Robin said:
What gorgeous babies you Brady girls make. I am near tears looking at these amazing pictures!
(05.28.10 03:43 PM)
heather said:
amelia, these are beautiful! lucille is a doll. the family is so lucky to have you and benefit from your amazing talents. you are such a sweetheart to drop everthing to be there for these births and capture the most priceless memories of all these families. i love these.
(05.28.10 05:05 PM)
Lyndzee said:
OH MY,,,,, these images brought me to tears. It is so amazing to see Nicole as a mother and how natural it is to her. I love baby Lucy,, she is such a good baby and so beautiful. Beautiful beautiful family,, LOVE them all sooo much.
(05.30.10 06:00 PM)
Kristin said:
These images are WONDERFUL! Treasures. I love the family shots.
(05.31.10 07:14 AM)
Lora Ayers said:
the baby wrapped in the yellow and gray blanket/scarf....LOVE IT!!!
(05.31.10 07:29 PM)
lucy O'Dell said:
love the name! and the beautiful girl :)
(06.01.10 11:36 AM)
Angie Wilson said:
The birth shots made me tear up...such amazing moments beautifully captured!
(06.02.10 12:37 PM)
chelsey booth said:
So cute! Nicole is so beautiful and makes such a cute Mom. Great pictures, you're so talented!!!
(06.02.10 01:04 PM)
julie h said:
soooo adorable. :) especially love the photo with the white carpet and her yellow shirt!
(06.03.10 10:23 PM)
clippingimages said:
outstanding photography
(07.12.10 08:33 PM)
Terryl said:
Your hospital/newborn shoots are so beautiful! They made me want to cry! :)
(10.28.12 04:38 PM)