Justin and I officially became parents of a five year old on Easter Sunday (4.04.10)! How in the world did 5 years go by so fast?! I think back on how much our Hudson has grown and am constantly blown away by his bright spirit, energetic personality, imagination, and wittiness...he's a pretty smart kid (I can say that...I'm his mother)!

Some fun fact about Hudson right now, He:
1. LOVES playing Mario Brothers and Mario Kart on the Wii
2. is super helpful to mommy and daddy
3. is really into Legos, Star Wars, and dinosaurs
4. knows exactly how to make his little brother laugh at the drop of a hat
5. has two best friends at pre-school, Logan & Zachary
6. still has a make believe pet cow named "Mc-Mooey"
7. also has an imaginary friend named "Tyler"
8. is better at Mario Kart than mommy and almost as good as daddy
9. favorite ice-cream is mint-n-chip
10. always is fighting with mommy & daddy about who gets to style his hair & what he wants to wear ;)
11. is learning how to be a super rad reader and is getting better at writing every day
12. likes to ask A TON of questions
13. some of his favorite bands include: Black Eyed Peas, Phoenix, Miike Snow, & Vampire Weekend
14. loves to have dance parties with mommy, daddy, and "Sloanie" everyday
15. always reminds the family to say prayers
16. only likes to eat the frosting off the tops of cupcakes
17. best friends outside of school: Maddux, Grace, & Finn
18. knows how to draw really awesome looking stick-people
19. is really good at memorizing and singing lyrics to his favorite songs
20. is okay with eating all of his fruits and vegetables so he can grow up big "just like dada"

hudson5_002.jpghudson5_003.jpgI had to take a few shots of Sloan also...his stage in life right now is so adorable! PS. He always says "Cheeeeeeze" when I point a camera in his directions, it's super cute!
hudson5_004.jpgEarlier that day the boys were being silly with Justin and three pairs of this series:)
We had a fun Star Wars themed birthday party for Hudson the next day, click here to see the madness! *Note - in these photos Hudson is still wearing the yellow "Mt. View" vintage yellow t-shirt we found for him while shopping on's now his favorite thing to wear and I thought, "what the heck, it's his birthday and if he wants to wear it two days in a row then he can." :)

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nate kaiser said:
YAY FOR HUDSON!!! hudson, you're the coolest five year old on the planet! we had a blast at your birthday party!!!!!! hope you enjoy your new razor scooter :)
(04.07.10 09:47 PM)
bobbi said:
That shot of justin and the boys... melt my heart! Happy birthday Hudson! :D
(04.07.10 10:00 PM)
Joy Nudd said:
Happy Birthday to Hudson. For some reason I got teary eyed reading your post. Our baby girl turns 5 next month and you have shown me a preview of what we will be going through, (we have two girls almost same ages as your boys). Your boys are stinkin adorable esp. with the glasses series. Cheers, Joy and Garrett Nudd
(04.07.10 10:28 PM)
Jenny J said:
you got a good egg there! two good eggs! fun and cute people sure make fun and cute kiddos.
(04.07.10 10:48 PM)
chelsea donoho said:
this is SO adorable.
(04.07.10 11:36 PM)
Shirley said:
Happy birthday to Hudson! your kids are so beautiful!!
(04.07.10 11:45 PM)
Alexandra said:
Awwww happy birthdya to Hudson :) Beautiful post!!
(04.08.10 12:37 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
Aww so adorable! The best part of being a parent is definitely getting to see their little personalities and quirks develop! Happy Birthday Hudson!
(04.08.10 12:45 AM)
johnwaire | photo said:
time really flys. these photos are awesome...and so are the ones from the party. looks like it was a ton of fun.
(04.08.10 04:22 AM)
Charrie said:
The b/w with all three of them in glasses is priceless, simply priceless!
(04.08.10 05:22 AM)
Caroline Ghetes said:
Oh wow, I am in love with these images. What a precious boy you have!
(04.08.10 06:29 AM)
Amanda Wilcher said:
Amelia and Justin, these kids are crazy fun and double cute!!! I'm in love with the the silly glasses. Go Hudson! Haaaapppy birthday!
(04.08.10 07:24 AM)
Kathleen Amelia said:
Oh My! These are so great, I love them! Happy Birthday little guy!
(04.08.10 08:14 AM)
jac kaiser said:
happy birthday hudson!!! you're the coolest 5 year old i know :)
(04.08.10 08:17 AM)
jessie said:
WOW!! FIVE is Fabulous! Especially on Hudson, he is quite the great little guy! Love him!! Love Sloan, Love Amelia, and JUSTIN too.
(04.08.10 08:55 AM)
matt sloan said:
yay for Hudson!!! :)
(04.08.10 09:13 AM)
Michael Fletcher said:
Aw, Hudson is a cutie! You're blessed to have such a wonderful family. :)
(04.08.10 09:18 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
That photo of all the boys wearing their glasses is classic! So amazing. :)
(04.08.10 09:26 AM)
Jeramy said:
Happy Birthday Hudson--that kid is so much fun. He does have a lot of energy. We sure had fun with him while we were there this summer--give him a big hug for us!!
(04.08.10 10:18 AM)
Heather Brown said:
Oh my! So cute! I LOVE LOVE the pic of the three boys! You can tell Sloan totally looks up to them! What a fun family! We sure miss you guys!!!
(04.08.10 10:35 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Seriously Amelia. Could you kids get any cuter?!?! I love when you post pictures of them on the blog! Hudson's hair is so much straighter than it was a few years ago! So cute!
(04.08.10 11:18 AM)
Michele B said:
You guys have the cutest boys ever! The glasses had me grinning from ear to ear :)
(04.09.10 09:25 AM)
Kat Speyer said:
My brain 'sploded from all the cute!
(04.09.10 02:41 PM)
Christie said:
The pic of the three Lyon's is sooooo adorable.
(04.11.10 08:15 PM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
Happy B-day!! Wow 5!! and I was getting emotional about my little one turning 2 next month!
(04.13.10 10:23 AM)
K.D. said:
Your boys are SO cute!!! And I've gotta say they look a lot like their mommy!
(04.13.10 12:45 PM)
tammie billey said:
Aw, so CUTE!!! Having Boys are so much Fun!!! :)
(04.19.10 07:31 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
your boys are too cool for school! seriously. they are dangerously adorable and I do not envy you their teenage years! ;) My fave picture is the one with all three of your "boys" and sloanie looking over to see what the others are doing. LOVE when you post family pics and we get a glimpse into the life of...
(04.20.10 12:57 AM)
Angie said:
love the glasses. love the shots. :)
(04.20.10 01:22 PM)