Remember when I shot Chris + Aubree's engagement session?! Yup, they added a sweet little baby girl to the mix and she is OH so cute!
schroeder_001.jpgschroeder_002.jpgschroeder_003.jpgschroeder_004.jpgschroeder_005.jpgschroeder_006.jpgschroeder_007.jpgschroeder_008.jpgschroeder_009.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Jake~ said:
So cute - what a perfect family! Great job!
(03.08.11 06:56 PM)
JeniSmithPhotography said:
Love. Love. Love this!
(03.09.11 06:06 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
L.O.V.E the last shot!
(03.09.11 07:35 AM)
Emilina Sassperina said:
That might be the cutest baby I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.
(03.09.11 08:41 AM)
Aubree said:
We love them! You are seriously the best working with my poor, sick Penny and making us look good while doing it. Thanks for being so patient and capturing this sweet time in our lives.
(03.09.11 09:23 AM)
Alison said:
Oh is she adorable! Gorgeous family!
(03.09.11 09:46 AM)
Stephanie said:
This baby has some of the cutest expressions EVER. Great job!
(03.09.11 02:57 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
Ahhhhh... I just wanna eat her up!!! Baby girls melt my heart. Eric and I can't wait to start a family and we could only hope to have a cutie pie like this. Awesome job Amelia... Your favorite is mine too and that image would make for an awesome large print in their home!
(03.09.11 05:41 PM)
Sophia Alfred said:
These photos are wonderfully capturing of the family and the way they interact! Bravo on the success of the shoot!
(03.09.11 10:04 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
seriously the cutest kid EVER! love this session.
(03.10.11 11:11 AM)
Heather Hamer said:
How awesome to capture a family through the different stages of their lives! The look fantastic!
(03.10.11 12:59 PM) said:
I love the film look of these photos! are you shooting on film? or you must be really good at image post processing. This last shot is so precious. You did a great job at capturing the emotion of the subjects
(03.10.11 04:56 PM)
Chris Aram said:
Beautiful compositions, beautiful emotions! Thanks for sharing your work! :D
(03.11.11 11:09 AM)
Rich Park said:
such a fun family session! love the favorite shot of the day!
(03.13.11 06:54 PM)
Lloyed Valenzuela Photography said:
This is awesome!!! I soooo love the photos
(03.14.11 06:18 PM)
Ruediger Gohr said:
Realy nice work .. love the colours Ruediger
(03.15.11 05:38 AM)
Andrea said:
Great family the storytelling, color, and angles used!
(03.17.11 07:41 AM)
Becky said:
Your family shoots are fantastic! They inspire me!!!
(03.18.11 04:29 PM)
Renee Lansdowne said:
LOVE YOUR PICTURES ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SITE FOR INSPIRATION!! Thank you!! I have a question about Flash Battery life. For weddings what batteries do you use for your flashes to keep them working consistently when you want and right through the wedding day....? :)
(04.03.11 12:30 AM)
Kissy kissy said:
how fun. enjoy time together with loved ones..
(07.15.11 09:03 AM)
laurie schroeder said:
Hi my name is Beth. I have started to search for my birth mother. My birth name is laurie ann schroeder. My b- day is 10/16/1961 born in Brooklyn NY Do you or anyone have any info that may help me?
(08.12.11 07:39 PM)
Stephanie said:
Omigoodness! What a cute little baby!!!
(10.14.11 07:18 PM)