A few weeks ago we took my brother and his beauty-of-a-wife out to a new secret location for some "just for fun" fashionable shots of the two of them. We told both of them to get as crazy-stylish as they wanted and we would take care of the rest! We had been pushing this photo sitting with Kenny and Jill for quite some time, we wanted to get new photos of them since the last official photo sitting we did with them was on their wedding day in June of 2003 (this was our very first wedding!!!!!). Someday we will have get around to posting some of their wedding photos, its just hard because we shot the whole thing on 35mm film! I think we did a pretty good job too, but we have definitely grown by leaps and bounds since then!

So here's the shoot, amazing and fun, I had a super difficult time narrowing down my favorites!


I love working with colorful subjects....Jill's shoes and hair feathers added the perfect touch!

Kenny whipped out his Spiderman skills!






My favorite shot of the day! Justin's concept.















Keep a look out, we may be doing a mock "trash the dress" session with Kenny and Jill, ultra stylized!

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Michelle Moore said:
I'm still up! What, what!?!?! These ROCK! Love the location, and all the fun things you did while keepin' it simple. Love the circles, and how it ties in with marriage & love. Beautiful couple, KILLER sun flare, and awesome style. Keep it UP!
(07.25.08 01:06 AM)
Polka Dot Bride said:
I LOVE the circles! oodles and oodles of gorgeous circles! The last shot is another favourite too!
(07.25.08 01:08 AM)
angie + matt said:
I am still awake ;0) Ok Kenny and Jill can not be any cuter! They both are models and are a perfect couple!!! Seriously cute pictures!
(07.25.08 01:08 AM)
cameron ingalls said:
I'm still awake... kinda. Fantastic color, shape, and sense of space Mrs Lyon!
(07.25.08 01:08 AM)
david & kimi b said:
holy crapazoli! pure awesome amelia!!
(07.25.08 01:12 AM)
Tim Co. said:
I never sleep...:-)! WOW! I absolutely love this, this is incredibly amazing! Haven't seen the originals but wow what a followup im sure!
(07.25.08 01:27 AM)
angel swanson said:
i should really be sleeping now.. but WOW.. these are incredible!!! i am totally blown away and can't wait to see more of this rad pair. way to rock it!! ;-)
(07.25.08 01:59 AM)
chelo said:
How cool! Love your location- they are a gorgeous couple! Can't wait to see the ttd shots-ok, I'll stop gushing now!
(07.25.08 03:10 AM)
Lanne said:
SUPER COOL and yet HOT.. love it.. I bet they do too!
(07.25.08 03:32 AM)
Julie - JVW Photography said:
Wow Amelia! Awesome photos! Can't wait to see the "trash the dress" session. Beautiful shots!
(07.25.08 04:53 AM)
amber said:
the are INSANELY delicious!
(07.25.08 05:27 AM)
bobbi+ said:
HOLY COWABUNGA!!!!! Thanks for the cup of inspiration this morning... I didn't ask for the extra sugar but you sure did deliver! Okay, that was cheesy. Whatever... you guys rock, duh.
(07.25.08 06:07 AM)
~abi~ said:
these are ridiculously awesome! :)
(07.25.08 07:01 AM)
nate kaiser said:
you guys rock my socks off....seriously awesome series!!!
(07.25.08 07:16 AM)
Brandi said:
Awesome possum, the location is killer and they are so gorgeous.
(07.25.08 07:19 AM)
Rychelle said:
LOVE all your images, but the second to the last in this series is one of my all time FAVORITES!
(07.25.08 07:27 AM)
denise Bovee said:
HOLY SANTOS!!HOLY Saanntos!! uhh..I'm speachless..unreal. You Lyons...your so hot right now!
(07.25.08 07:41 AM)
Kelli said:
These are out of control AMAZING!!!! Awesome location!
(07.25.08 07:42 AM)
caroline said:
there are some GREAT images here. i love some of the closeups- so intimate! their eyes really pop and you feel the connection. amazing work!
(07.25.08 07:43 AM)
Cristy Cross said:
These are amazingly stunning! I mean, WOW! So beautiful. I don't know how you would ever pick a favorite. I so love the outfits too. owwwowww!
(07.25.08 07:49 AM)
jenn nichols said:
These are fantastic!! Gorgeous couple and love the post-processing. Beautiful work!!
(07.25.08 07:54 AM)
ashley parsons said:
these are UNREAL - I am completely enamored, amazing job, guys!!!
(07.25.08 07:58 AM)
Jill said:
Yes, yes, YES! I'm so excited to finally see them! Can you say HUGE CANVAS order coming soon? (I hope so.) Thanks Amy & Hud for being so ridiculously talented and making us look good! We love you guys. By the way, for anyone reading this, yes we were their very first wedding and they did an amazing job. Born naturals. (As if you had any doubts.)
(07.25.08 08:12 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Oh my this sexy Urban catalog feel, and let me tell you, I would love to do a super styled TTD session....need 1 more model? Count me in!! :) I have a big puffy dress just waiting to break out!
(07.25.08 09:06 AM)
Meredith Carlson said:
I absolutely love these amelia! In awe, as always
(07.25.08 09:24 AM)
Jennifer said:
Seriously fresh - I love this series. LOVE!
(07.25.08 09:51 AM)
jackie wonders said:
this is one of my favorite posts from you guys. you all rocked it out! love it. love it.
(07.25.08 10:04 AM)
Ryel j said:
UM... Words cannot express how super creative, sexy pedestrian and totally insane these are! I think I'm gonna order a HUGE Canvas to hang!!!
(07.25.08 10:05 AM)
Sara said:
Amazing images and processing, and what a killer location!
(07.25.08 10:42 AM)
Josh Solar said:
Wow...just wow...these are pure awesomeness!
(07.25.08 10:54 AM)
Robin said:
Those are two really gorgeous people! They will make incredibly beautiful babies I imagine.
(07.25.08 11:31 AM)
Julie Fraser said:
Your pictures are beautiful! I love the way your pp looks?
(07.25.08 11:36 AM)
Lydia Jane said:
Okay, so I watched and said nothing for long enough. Amelia, I want to meet you! You are everything I've ever wanted to be and more. My word, you have a gift, thank you for using it!
(07.25.08 11:37 AM)
Sarah Barlow said:
OH MY GOSH. I'm totally speechless!! These are UNREAL!!!
(07.25.08 12:07 PM)
Ashley said:
Perfect subjects, Perfect location! Kenny and Jill are amazing models and you two are amazing photographers! I LOVE this shoot! I'm dying to see their wedding photos too!
(07.25.08 12:21 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
This shoot is so awesome! Thanks for being so inspirational with your work.
(07.25.08 12:29 PM)
Aubree said:
Those are awesome! I love that they played along with your little plan...looks like it worked out perfectly and you guys had a good time doing it.
(07.25.08 05:27 PM)
Anonymous said:
ummm yeah speechless
(07.25.08 07:25 PM)
tim dinofa said:
this session is like the perfect storm.. gorgeous couple, fashionable outfits, secret hotspot location, juicy colors, kick ass photographers, ideal post production...
(07.25.08 07:37 PM)
Stevie said:
holy crap!! these are phenomenal!!! Can't wait to see the trash the dress session
(07.25.08 10:11 PM)
marianne said:
I love these! Kenny and Jill, you guys are supermodels! Seriously beautiful photos!
(07.25.08 10:52 PM)
Liz said:
This set is just fabulous. I love it... are you sure they're not models? I'm so inspired!
(07.25.08 11:05 PM)
sarah said:
These pictures are stunning! I love the whole concept. WOW!!
(07.26.08 12:05 PM)
kristen@essentialimagery said:
This is utterly rocktastic. I want that little feathered doohah...Jill? You don't need that anymore, right?
(07.26.08 12:47 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
What is this? The first All American A & H shootshop? Give me a break! Real favorite is the shot where the terrible looking couple is like 9 meters tall. You know the one...don't be modest. Terrible looking. I can't believe I just wrote that and didn't erase it. Honestly they'd be a 10 on that "hot or not?" website. Kenny or Jill, if you read this, and you've got a "hot or not?" profile...send me the link. I'll hook you up and vote twice. Twice. (wait, is that 4 or 8 times?)
(07.26.08 01:06 PM)
hailey said:
oh how wonderful.. all these are fantastic... love the style they went for and the location is amazing... you guys are amazing!
(07.28.08 12:48 AM)
Heather Cole said:
Are you F'n kidding me??? AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. My fav shoot ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(07.28.08 12:50 PM)
Jason said:
umm. these are bombastic! DANG!
(07.28.08 08:29 PM)
tiffany izatt said:
What gorgeous people!
(07.29.08 04:23 PM)
Kylee said:
WOW -- i love this shoot!!! the setting is wonderful, I am so jealous. I'm also very impressed with their outfits...and it never hurts having attractive relatives!! :) great job!
(07.29.08 09:03 PM)
Lauren said:
These photos are like the definition of awesome. *checks wikipedia* Yep, they are.
(07.29.08 09:51 PM)
Kara May said:
Wow, amazing location, stunning composition, gorgeous couple, absolute perfection!!!
(07.29.08 10:50 PM)
ksen :) said:
there are no words -- this entire session is off the charts outta control crazy beautiful!!!
(08.02.08 10:06 PM)
Kim McMillan-Caron said:
These are amazing. I can't pick a favorite.
(08.03.08 05:33 AM)
Kim said:
Can I be one of your long lost sisters? :-) AMAZING, I loved every single image.
(08.03.08 05:31 PM)
Erin Fowles Sorensen said:
These are truly breathtaking.
(08.04.08 04:19 PM)
leigh miller said:
love these! thanks for sharing. and congrats about the BD POY!!!
(08.05.08 10:48 AM)
Ariel Jackson said:
Wow. This is one of coolest shoots! I love it.
(08.05.08 12:33 PM)
Danielle said:
Wow! They look hot...H.O.T!! Great job!
(08.05.08 07:50 PM)
Ben Blood said:
Great utilization of location - the shadows inside the tubes, processing, style. Great captures. I just stumbled upon you guys - definitely keeping an RSS on you guys!
(08.05.08 09:59 PM)
sean flanigan said:
blowing minds. high five, kenny brady rocked it.
(08.07.08 03:49 PM)
evelyn said:
(08.12.08 02:49 PM)
Elise said:
Love them! (pictures and Kenny and Jill)
(08.13.08 10:20 AM)
Abi Q said:
These pictures are incredible! I LOVE them!
(08.14.08 07:45 PM)
megan said:
possibly my favorite couples session ever. so new- so different, such a beautiful couple. nice job!!!!!!!!
(08.16.08 11:02 AM)
AB said:
I just have to say that this shoot is the most inspiring i've seen. i love looking at it!! and i can't stop!!! so sue me! :)
(08.27.08 02:20 PM)
Jenn said:
LOVE the photo shoot of Kenny + Jill dated July 25, 2008!! May I please have the location?? ?I am doing a photo shoot with my amateur friend for practice on her new camera. Thank you so much. I would be so very grateful. You are an amazing photographer! Sincerely, Jenn
(10.17.08 03:41 PM)
Jenn said:
LOVE the photo shoot of Kenny + Jill dated July 25, 2008!! May I please have the location? I am doing a photo shoot with my amateur friend for practice on her new camera. Thank you so much. I would be so very grateful! You are an amazing photographer!
(10.17.08 03:57 PM)
amelialyon said:
Jen, that location was located in Chino. We actually wanted to go the abandoned farm houses there, but ran into a construction area where they were putting in a new sewer line and that is the reason for the random cement tubes. Not sure if they are even still there! Best of luck to you!
(10.19.08 10:03 PM)