This lovely family was referred to me by my fabulous sister in law Jill. Joel, the father of the Schneggenburger clan, is a co-worker of Jill and had seen the photos we shot of her and my brother a few months ago and decided to book a sitting for his family. It was a delightful afternoon to say the least:)!



My favorite shot of day, a little out of the norm, but I love it!







"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..."





And this is how the session ended, the kids win!!!;)

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angel swanson said:
what an adorable family!! i love these shots, especially the 6th one. they look soo happy!
(12.03.08 12:18 AM)
Lyndzee said:
Upon editing on my beloved computer my phone chimed in a twitter from you saying you had a new post up and of course I had to check,,,,, addiction. (I know,, I should get help) Anyway,, what a happy little family,, so much fun. My favorite is the shadow shot too,, I LOVE shadows. Shadows of anything,, but people and trees especially. Anyway, when can you fit my cute little family in? I want some rockin shots for HUGE canvases in my house. Whoo,, RED BULL. Very nice,, I like you! I like your pictures!
(12.03.08 12:28 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
how fun! wonderful.
(12.03.08 01:26 AM)
john waire said:
this is such a cool session. looks like everyone had a ton of fun. it's evident in the big smiles...and the creativity in your shots. awesome!
(12.03.08 05:34 AM)
Jill said:
Awww...what a cute family! Great images, Amelia, as always.
(12.03.08 08:51 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
i KNEW it! dinosaurs ARE everywhere!!!!! (i love that b/w silhouette image).
(12.03.08 11:29 AM)
Pascal said:
Absolutely love the last one. These are some great captures of a very nice family!
(12.03.08 01:20 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are so fun! I am actually editing some pictures from the same location right now and I love seeing what other photographers were able to pull from the same place. These are so so fun , and defiantly show what real family is all about!
(12.04.08 08:44 AM)
Vasti said:
How do you get your photos to look like they're a relief sculpture? It looks like the photo is popping out! Especially the first and the one of the parents in vertical color. HOW?! It's just fantastic.
(12.04.08 09:02 AM)
David Terry said:
Beautiful images. All of them. But I especially LOVE the shadow picture. So unique. Awesome idea! I also love the one of the kids looking like they are running towards you holding hands with the parents in the background.
(12.04.08 06:35 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
I love the shadow picture! They look like they were a fun family to shoot!
(12.04.08 09:41 PM)
Meg said:
Wonderful spirit in these....the location is so simple yet your images tell so much.
(12.05.08 09:00 AM)
sandie said:
i love those toothless smiles!!! you really rocked this one! :)
(12.05.08 10:33 AM)
caspix said:
So utterly fabulous and full of love and joy xx
(12.05.08 05:33 PM)
Cathy said:
I LOVE these! They just look so real and so full of joy :)
(12.06.08 06:55 PM)
Hanssie said:
Love the shadow shot! Fun, fun!
(12.08.08 07:45 PM)
German Sittner fron Argentina said:
Hey Amelia!!! i can stop watching your blog...i'ts amazing.....
(12.17.08 08:08 AM)