I photographed these two lovely sisters last year & I had a blast! Never have I seen so much personality and playfulness between siblings! I was delighted when their mom decided to hire me again for round two! I love, love, LOVE the look of this shoot! The contrast of the fancy dresses, bare feet, and white sand combine together to make me feel something oh-so-happy!
My favorite shot of the day!

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Sara Lucero said:
Oh get out of here with that b&w lounge chair shot!! so cute. so stinking cute. i love this whole shoot!
(12.12.11 10:52 AM)
tara said:
these are so perfectly perfect!!! what i would give to have these shots with my sister. so much fun.
(12.12.11 05:59 PM)
Malinda said:
Wow! They'll cherish these photos for a lifetime. So beautiful, free and lovely!
(12.12.11 10:34 PM)
Aubrey Newnham said:
Every aspect of this shoot is..... GORGEOUS!
(12.13.11 05:06 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
These are gorgeous. What amazing photos to have for future memories.
(12.14.11 07:00 AM)
Ashley said:
these are soooo great! i love them all!! and i've been stalking your blog for months! love your work!
(12.19.11 08:24 PM)
Andreas Feusi said:
I like your black and white treatment. Images full of emotions, great!
(12.20.11 01:00 AM)
SR said:
Love the shots, love the dresses!
(12.20.11 05:21 PM)
rental mobil jakarta said:
Very nice photo shot, thanks for sharing.
(12.20.11 05:38 PM)
alyda said:
seriously I don't think they could get any cuter! you are amazing Amelia!
(12.21.11 02:02 AM)
fotograf lublin said:
Gorgeous as always
(12.26.11 04:04 AM)
Amanda Pomilla Hagood said:
GORGEOUS. Their mom must have been over the moon when she received these! Love them all! I want to go barefoot in a fancy dress now, yeah!
(01.09.12 06:15 AM)