Kaitlyn + Jordan were married on August 14th in San Diego. I simply ADORED this wedding, not just because Kaitlyn happens to be my sweet cousin, but because every little detail was thought up and executed directly with their wedding theme of "beside the seaside" with a vintage twist. I thought that the theme and the day played out super well and I've never witnessed an idea that flowed more perfectly. You may recognize Kaitlyn + Jordan from the engagement session we shot a few months back in Laguna Beach.

Congrats to Kaitlyn + Jordan for an amazing wedding day and an additional kudos to Heather Balliet (and her hard working team) of Amorology Weddings for throwing the whole chibang together so beautifully!
jkwed003.jpgjkwed004.jpgjkwed005.jpgjkwed006.jpgjkwed007.jpgjkwed008.jpgjkwed009.jpgjkwed010.jpgjkwed011.jpgjkwed012.jpgjkwed013.jpgjkwed014.jpgjkwed015.jpgI know I showed this on the sneak peak already, but this IS my favorite shot of the day!
jkwed016.jpgjkwed017.jpgI've decided that I'm going to start another tradition with my wedding posts, it's called "my favorite item of the day", and here it is...the groom's boutonniere, simple amazing!
jkwed018.jpgKaitlyn had three pairs of shoes total for that day, here is shoe set #2.
jkwed019.jpgjkwed020.jpgDetails....and more details...see what I mean?!
jkwed021-(1).jpgjkwed022-(1).jpgjkwed023-(1).jpgjkwed024-(1).jpgjkwed025-(1).jpgjkwed026-(1).jpgjkwed027-(1).jpgjkwed028-(1).jpgjkwed029-(1).jpgDon't stop there!!! Click here to view their slideshow!

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Emilie said:
Absolutely divine!! I love her dress and the shoes! :D Gorgeous photos, Amelia!! :)
(09.03.09 03:48 AM)
Alexandra said:
wow.. you really turn this into art work!!! AMAZING photos! I can't even tell you which ones are my favorite, I love them allllll!!!
(09.03.09 05:48 AM)
Jasmine* said:
Love it! What a gorgeous wedding! :) xoxo
(09.03.09 07:00 AM)
Jeramy said:
I love your off-camera lighting shots with the dark sky in the background--I love that look. The details are amazing--such cool colors. Nice job--as always!!!
(09.03.09 08:08 AM)
angie + matt sloan said:
I love the Blues! His boutonniere is sooooo perfect too, I love the little shell:) Perfect Amelia!
(09.03.09 08:40 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
What a beautiful couple! I adore her dress! Another stunning wedding by the fab Amelia & Justin!!!!
(09.03.09 09:03 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
Amorology weddings are always amazing and your photography is always amazing too! I love tiltshift flare and love #3!
(09.03.09 10:13 AM)
Kisha of Sahara Blue said:
wow - these are just amazing! i love what you do with your off-camera lighting? not too harsh but a very dstince look. everything looks amazing and the brides' makeup is FLAWLESS!
(09.03.09 10:29 AM)
T.Frank said:
I love your images and style! You rock!
(09.03.09 10:37 AM)
Beka L. said:
This is seriously such an amazing wedding with such a beautiful couple! You guys are so! :)
(09.03.09 11:26 AM)
Karen Brown (mother of the bride) said:
Amelia, Your pictures are amazing! I can't stop looking at them. I am so grateful we had you and your hubby with us to celebrate and capture the day. Thank you for sharing your talent with us...even more special with family! We love you!
(09.03.09 12:16 PM)
Sasha Prince said:
Just amazing photos!
(09.03.09 03:30 PM)
Adri said:
These are awesome!! Love the lighting of the ones by the ocean! You rock!
(09.03.09 04:31 PM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Um... AMAZING!! I love the pictures at the cliffs with that awesome sky and her dress and veil are just to die for!!! I LOVE vintage and creativity and this wedding just overflows with them both and class. You captured it all so beautifully I felt I was there!
(09.03.09 06:02 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Amelia. These are so great! I adore the whole theme/feel. Her dress and veils were to die for. Great job! Tonya
(09.05.09 07:50 AM)
John Johnston said:
Stunning. seriously. love them all :-)
(09.06.09 01:13 PM)
tracey said:
love your work..always so inspiring.. :) ox
(09.06.09 06:41 PM)
Christina Brosnan said:
Wow! I would die to get a wedding this beautiful. Absolutely fantastic!
(09.07.09 05:40 AM)
mindy @ STUDIO 6.23 said:
SO CRAZY FUN!!!! love the colors, the details, love everything.... and YOU! you guys are so fantabulous, amazing, inspiring..... WOW. mad hot rockstars is what you two are!!!
(09.07.09 01:28 PM)
Darlene @ Diamonds Are Blue said:
Ah-mazing! Your photos always look like they are straight out of a magazine. What a gorgeous couple and I looooove all of the details!
(09.08.09 11:24 AM)
Beth said:
wow fantastic photos!! really beautiful details too!
(09.08.09 02:25 PM)
Austin Curtis said:
so fresh. so pure. so good i want to puke my guts out.
(09.11.09 01:00 AM)
marcia tumminaro said:
i thought you should know there's an imposter stealing your images and passing them off as her own. . she's been stealing from a LOT of photographers!
(09.18.09 07:47 PM)