Remember that one time I photographed Jill and her beautiful belly along with Kenny on a paddle board in Newport Beach?! Remember when I photographed her at a grocery store pregnant with her #2? So, with #3, Jill wanted to do a "book end" shoot again with the paddle board to celebrate her last pregnancy, I thought it was a fun idea to show how the family has grown since the first maternity session!! I love being part of capturing their growth, plus I'm one happy aunt to welcome a little nephew into the world!!
maternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_001.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_002.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_003.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_004.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_005.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_006.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_007.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_008.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_009.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_010.jpgmaternityportraits_orangecounty_paddleboard_jill_amelialyonphotography_011.jpgMy last and favorite shot of the day!

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Kate Whitmore said:
True Life: I searched your entire blog the other day looking specifically for your maternity pictures (because I'm obsessed) + ended up looking through all of Jill's old sessions. Incredible. This is a beautiful bookend!
(06.05.14 01:14 PM)
Ashley Thalman said:
Always beautiful Jill with ever talented Amelia and adoring Kenny! Love it!
(06.05.14 01:44 PM)
Kilean Hernandez said:
All I want in life is to look this good pregnant.
(06.05.14 03:11 PM)
Katie said:
love that first shot!! your work is so beautiful!
(06.06.14 05:02 AM)
ellen patton said:
These are beautiful!
(06.06.14 10:29 AM)
Christina Dooley said:
Simple and lovely... Nice photographs!
(06.08.14 05:49 AM)
Meghan & Julie said:
Awwwww. Gosh I wish I looked that stunning when I was pregnant with my 3rd. I was humongous. What lovely photographs. Congrats to the couple and siblings. Xo
(06.21.14 01:54 PM)
Tre Cavil said:
Nice variety with the maternity shoot. Really liked the approach to this photo shoot.
(07.30.14 09:39 PM)
Adidravidar Matrimony said:
wow...cute baby...wonderful shots
(10.09.14 01:55 AM)