Whew! Has it really been a week since we blogged last?! We've got to step up our game and we intend to BRING IT, especially since we've been shooting like mad! Let us start things off with this handsome couple named Danah + Ahmad. So glad that they hired us to capture their engagement session and wedding day. We shot their engagement session literally three days before they tied the knot, so stay tuned because their wedding is next on the list. Danah + Ahmad make a sweet couple and when I say sweet, I really mean it, our experience with them has been nothing but that! So excited to feature them here on the blog:
ad_eng03.jpgad_eng06.jpgad_eng07.jpgad_eng08.jpgad_eng09.jpgad_eng10.jpgad_eng11.jpgad_eng12.jpgad_eng13.jpgThe last shot and it's our favorite of the day!
Danah + Ahmad's wedding to follow very shortly!

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Jenny said:
I love your use of light, it looks so natural and makes the photo 100% better !
(09.22.09 11:40 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
GAH-OR-GEOUS! It's been far far too long without an Amelia post. This makes me happy :)
(09.23.09 12:03 AM)
brooke bowland said:
hello shoes. yumma. these are beautiful...your work always blows my mind.
(09.23.09 12:22 AM)
kyle said:
Is she wearing Herve Leger? Or is that a knock off? either way, I LOVE her outfit. And the photos of course, always the photos, but that's a given :)
(09.23.09 12:37 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love the gold tones in your pp-ing, it totally goes with their purple clothes and her gold shoes which I LOVE!
(09.23.09 01:00 AM)
Bianca Valentim said:
I'm in love with all the images, colors and poses. You guys are awesome!
(09.23.09 05:31 AM)
yan palmer said:
i just love your eye. everything you do just has that "other" factor that makes it a cut above the rest.
(09.23.09 07:33 AM)
sean said:
great work, lyons.
(09.23.09 08:36 AM)
Jeramy said:
I totally love that last shot--beautiful. So excited to see you and assist you this weekend!!!
(09.23.09 08:36 AM)
Jason Roger said:
Loved Danah and Ahmad, and once again you blew my mind with your awesome photography skills!!
(09.23.09 11:01 AM)
Angel said:
These are really beautiful! I love the colors! I love coming to your blog! Your stuff is always brilliant!
(09.23.09 01:06 PM)
Christopher Wren said:
I love your "take" on this spot. Your style is so unique and yet consistent from shoot to shoot. I shot the same location (China Cove, right?) and I blogged it here: Amazing work guys!
(09.25.09 07:49 AM)
angie monson said:
Amazing. love every image. you are a true artist.
(09.25.09 12:27 PM)