You saw their engagement session, now experience the wedding of Danah + Ahmad. The lovely couple was married on August 15th at The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. If we had only two words to describe this wedding it would be "simply classic". With white as their only wedding color, Danah's simple white dress, and Ahmad's classic black suit, it was truly a breath of fresh air. Danah's dress will definitely go down as one of the top ten wedding dresses we've ever laid eyes on, and Ahmad's black suit was bold and timeless!
adwed002.jpgadwed003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Danah was a gorgeous bride!
adwed004.jpgadwed005.jpgadwed006.jpgadwed007.jpgadwed008.jpgadwed009.jpgadwed010.jpgadwed011.jpgadwed012.jpgadwed013.jpgadwed014.jpgadwed015.jpgadwed016.jpgadwed017.jpgadwed018.jpgadwed019.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day!
adwed020.jpgadwed021.jpgThe reception, again, was simply classic. There was white flowers and white linen everywhere. Only Danah + Ahmad's closest friends and family were in attendance. 
adwed022.jpgadwed023.jpgMy favorite "detail" of the day (well, I feel bad calling a person a detail, but this person really added to the overall mood of the day), the wedding singer! He was an amazing vocalist that sounded just like Nat King Cole and did a great impersonation of Louis Armstrong.
As with all of our clients, we feel super blessed to have been a part of such an amazing experience and moment in time. Congratulations to Danah + Ahmad! Click here for their online slideshow!

*A quick thank you to Kary H. Events for beautifully organizing Danah + Ahmad's wedding day!

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John Edgar said:
They say you're the best in the industry for a reason.. these images are the reason. I genuinely never stop being amazed and awed by the art that you produce. If I ever get married, I hope you'll be there.
(09.23.09 11:54 PM)
matt sloan said:
awesome! :)
(09.23.09 11:54 PM)
jackie wonders said:
radical...yet again :)
(09.24.09 12:25 AM)
bobbi said:
You're incredible Amelia&Justin... INCREDIBLE! And your clients.... GORGEOUS!!!! DOUBLE WHAMMY!
(09.24.09 05:14 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
(09.24.09 06:18 AM)
Krista Photography said:
These two are gorgeous, and I'm loving the images!
(09.24.09 06:39 AM)
Chad Zellner said:
If this post were a sandwich I would order 5 of them and eat as much as I could and save the rest for a snack later. Awesome =)
(09.24.09 07:12 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Gorgeous! Wow, wow, wow, you nail it every time. I love that window shot with both of them. Always fresh and creative. Great job!
(09.24.09 08:25 AM)
rachel darley said:
everything about the photos and what they've captured have taken my breath away. Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
(09.24.09 09:01 AM)
Michele B said:
I'm in love with the shot of the two of them under the chandelier. This post is mind melting!
(09.24.09 09:34 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
Gah! So good! You guys just kill it at every wedding!
(09.24.09 10:59 AM)
will parris said:
Love it! the stair shots of them (all of them :D), the ring shot & the first dance shot are classic!
(09.24.09 05:33 PM)
Char Baiz said:
these are amazing photos! Where did you learn how to use light in such amazing ways?
(09.24.09 05:53 PM)
yan palmer said:
just incredible.
(09.24.09 08:43 PM)
Austin said:
What a beautiful wedding! So inspired by the moments you capture! Classic! Stylish! Hope you guys are doing well! Let's get some grub sometime!
(09.25.09 09:59 AM)
nancy said:
wowzers! these two are unfairly gorgeous and the wedding is stunningly classic! you had me drooling with every image! I love the ones in front of the window and on the stairs!
(09.25.09 03:37 PM)
angie said:
I love the reception details. They are a perfect couple in everyway! I LOVE your getting ready shots, they always make me feel happy:)
(09.26.09 08:13 AM)
Jeff Thompson said:
I LOVE your second favorite shot of the day!! Definitely my favorite!
(09.26.09 09:13 AM)
sally said:
fabulous, elegant and timeless work. bravo.
(09.27.09 05:03 AM)
Chelsey said:
Love her hair so much. Awesome pics!
(09.27.09 06:59 PM)
Tina dela Rosa said:
These images are simply gorgeous! Bravo!
(09.27.09 09:26 PM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
Gorgeous! Love that ring shot!
(09.28.09 07:50 PM)
Lisa Gilbert said:
SO lovely. I adore the tones, very elegant and warm. I'm sure you've made this bride and groom very very happy.
(09.29.09 05:26 AM)
Irene Frankhouse said:
What an amazing wedding, and you captured it so beautifully!
(09.29.09 11:25 AM)
Kristen said:
your use of light is extraordinary. i'm so inspired.
(09.29.09 02:55 PM)
Ryel said:
The lighting makes this wedding look vintage i love it! Very unique and great style!
(09.29.09 06:01 PM)
Danielle said:
Beauuutiful work! I love the couple shots! I also love how you shot the rings connecting with the cake! Brilliant!
(09.29.09 06:02 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
So gorgeous I can hardly stand it! Amazing work! What a lovely couple. I can see the love. Very moving.
(09.30.09 04:08 PM)
Emilie said:
OMG!!! What a stunning bride!!! Gorgeous photos!!
(10.01.09 04:00 PM)
stephanie said:
I am just in awe of this wedding! I feel blessed to come across a wedding that has WOWed me! Im still shopping around for a planner and I think I finally found them Kary H events. Plus the dress and wedding singer ..please can I have the info!! THANKS!
(10.02.09 02:45 PM)
amelialyon said:
Stephanie, thanks for your sweet compliment! I believe that Kary from Kary H. Events would have all of that info. Best of luck to you!!
(10.02.09 03:05 PM)