Justin and I have pretty much given up on the idea of actually sending out a Christmas card to all of our friends and family. Every year we truly want to do it and then we find ourselves busy taking care of everyone else's holiday photos. I always joke and say that I'm like the house-keeper that can't keep her own house clean. Sooooo I decided to do a shoot of my sweet little boys, Hudson and Sloan! My boys are so much fun and playful, and they make every minute of Justin and my life interesting! They also happen to be my HARDEST subject to photograph, which is probably why "formal" sessions of them happen very seldom.

In lieu of an actual Christmas card, please enjoy these photos with a happy holiday wish from the Lyon family to all our friends, family, blog followers, and fellow photographers. We hope everyone has enjoyed this amazing holiday season and has had time to ponder what this time of year is really about. We love all of you, Merry Christmas!
xmaseve_001.jpgI LOVE them:)
xmaseve_007.jpgxmaseve_008.jpgCalifornia winters are filled with lots of leaves on the ground, the boys had some fun with a huge pile they found!
xmaseve_009.jpgxmaseve_010.jpgxmaseve_011.jpgxmaseve_012.jpgSloan was especially fond of being buried among the leaves, which resulted in a ton of sneezing!
xmaseve_013.jpgxmaseve_014.jpgxmaseve_015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
xmaseve_016.jpgThank you to Dusty & Jessie (my wonderful in laws) for coming out to spend Christmas with us, we love you!
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Prerna@IndianSimmer said:
Aww, look at those two handsome little men :-) They are super cute n the photographs r crazy gorgeous!!
(12.27.10 07:48 PM)
angie sloan said:
so cute!
(12.27.10 07:53 PM)
jac kaiser said:
love!!!! hudson + sloan are so adorable and we love you guys!!! merry christmas!
(12.27.10 08:02 PM)
Katie said:
They are beyond adorable!!! Love the pics!
(12.27.10 08:15 PM)
LOVE :) so adorable they are!
(12.27.10 08:20 PM)
Emma said:
That little bow tie is TOOOOOO cute! You've got some handsome lil guys!
(12.27.10 08:36 PM)
Rog said:
Fav. sloan. black. white.
(12.27.10 08:43 PM)
Nicole Deanne said:
These pictures make me smile & cry all at the same time. They are getting SO huge, I love these kids!!! AND I am absolutely dying over these pictures!! So freaking rad!!!
(12.27.10 10:33 PM)
OH MY GOODNESS! Adorable indeed! I love these....and you have good reason to too!! MERRY CHRISTMAS xoxo
(12.27.10 10:58 PM)
naomi chokr said:
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I should give up on christmas cards too :)
(12.28.10 11:00 AM)
Josh Gruetzmacher said:
Great photos as always. I love the boys' outfits!
(12.28.10 11:54 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
You honestly have the cutest kids! Love all of them!
(12.28.10 03:14 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Oh my word, these images are adorable. I was commenting to Rog at how much I love the boys' hair. Little studs!
(12.28.10 04:05 PM)
SR said:
So adorable!
(12.29.10 12:57 PM)
Sofia C said:
Your boys are so cute and the pictures of them are fantastic as always.
(12.29.10 02:46 PM)
jessie said:
Wow, you photographed perpetual motion!! We adore these boys and their wonderful parents who have given them such an enthusiasm for life!!
(12.31.10 12:35 PM)
Julie Parker said:
Your boys are SOOO ADORABLE!! I love the bowite!
(01.02.11 09:36 AM)
Becky said:
What handsome little boys you have!! I know how you feel. We didn't do Christmas cards this year either. It's just how it goes! :) Happy New Year! :)
(01.02.11 01:38 PM)
amanda said:
OMG they are adorable! Love their names too :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get a card out anymore ;)
(01.05.11 08:45 PM)
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The Halloween Party at the Ace Hotel was seriously one of the funnest parties Justin and I have ever been to! We were invited to photograph it as well, it was super duper awesome!! What made the night even better was the fact that everyone, I mean EVERYONE put 110% effort into their costumes.

Thanks to The Flash Dance, Bash Please, and friends for one of the raddest nights ever!

Justin & I went as skeletons with a bit of love....Yes, our costumes were home-made!
acehalloween_004.jpgacehalloween_005.jpgOf course we had a fantastically frightening, but delicious set up from My Sweet & Saucy Shop!
acehalloween_006.jpgacehalloween_007.jpgacehalloween_008.jpgacehalloween_009.jpgacehalloween_010.jpgI thought this double rainbow costume from 100 Layer Cake and Hi Design House was brilliant!
acehalloween_011.jpgacehalloween_012.jpgacehalloween_013.jpgacehalloween_014.jpgacehalloween_015.jpgAll the twins....
Looking forward to working with Bash Please again for the upcoming Hitched Event!!!
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Rachael Earl said:
SO glad someone did the Ambiguously Gay Duo this year! Best costumes ever!
(11.18.10 11:41 AM)
nate said:
BADASS PICS GUYS!!! wish we could have been there!!!
(11.18.10 11:43 AM)
Erin said:
good times!
(11.18.10 01:03 PM)
Melody@Sweet&SaucyShop said:
Your photos are fabulous! So fun getting to hang out with you guys that night!
(11.18.10 01:19 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
WOW that must've been a lot of fun!
(11.18.10 01:27 PM)
Elizabeth Antonia said:
Amelia, you put all the other skeletons to shame. GORGEOUS!
(11.19.10 11:33 AM)
jenn king said:
this was so much fun :) awesome photos!!
(11.22.10 08:04 AM)
Jani B said:
Looks like a seriously fun party!
(02.11.11 12:13 AM)
Michelle said:
Hi Amelia! Just wondering how you made your skeleton costume. Paint? Iron-on? It's awesome!
(08.28.12 10:51 AM)
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