My wonderful husband Justin left last night to spend a week up in Utah to attend the Sundance Film Festival. He stopped by in Salt Lake City to say hello to our good wedding and portrait- photog friend Justin Hackworth. Justin H. also got a few quick shots of my man while he was there, I took these images from Justin Hackworth's blog. I love them! Thanks Justin H. for making my day!

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Michelle Moore said:
High Fives!
(01.15.09 04:43 PM)
Justin Hackworth said:
The only thing that sucked about Justin coming by today is that you weren't with him. I'm looking forward to seeing you at WPPI.
(01.15.09 05:11 PM)
ROG said:
umm...big-A, Justin's my handsome man! If you wanna settle this like a couple of hood rats, that's fine by me. Meet me out in front of pedro's market of fine wines and spirits on your birthday and we'll see who's man he is. P.S. I'm going up to utah this week too and we're gonna spoon.
(01.15.09 10:38 PM)
david & kimi b - ohana photographers said:
what j's not rockin the bt ;)
(01.15.09 10:56 PM)
Liz said:
(01.16.09 01:03 AM)
Rachel Lindley said:
I really enjoy all the amazing shots you post of Justin... it shows your complete adoration! He looks kinda crazy in the second one... makes me giggle.. too cute!
(01.16.09 08:11 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
That second shot is hilarious!
(01.21.09 11:29 AM)
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A few months ago we had the sweet opportunity to meet up with the brilliant ladies behind Junebug Weddings. This amazing one-stop wedding resource/website and blog for brides and grooms to-be was originated in Seattle and now they are venturing out to our very own California! They asked to meet us to see if we would be interested in joining their bandwagon and OF COURSE we happily accepted their invitation! Every year they do a "Best from the Best" Fashion report from weddings and we are completely flattered that they included us in the bunch! In fact, they used one of our images as the introductory. We are so happy to be a part of such a stellar group of photographers mentioned! Thank you to the Junebug ladies! You can check out their wedding fashion report by clicking here.
Congratulations to all of the other photographers featured, we feel honored are amongst such talented people!
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Michelle Moore said:
YAY! You guys are my favorite :)
(01.07.09 05:08 PM)
Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm said:
congratulations amelia, that's is great! i love junebug weddings too, they are really fantastically inspirational!
(01.07.09 06:27 PM)
Christy said:
Thanks you two! Your work is sooooooo lovely it was nearly impossible to choose which images to use. We're so lucky! xoxo
(01.07.09 07:04 PM)
chatti said:
that is so rad!
(01.07.09 08:29 PM)
Kathleen Trenske said:
Congratulations! You totally deserve it! :)
(01.07.09 08:33 PM)
janine kaye said:
congratulations! well deserved!!!!
(01.08.09 12:48 AM)
john waire said:
congrats to one of the best of the best. how awesome is that? schweet way to start off the year. keep on truckin!
(01.08.09 04:20 AM)
kelli taylor said:
Congrats!!! Well deserved! You guys are AWESOME!
(01.08.09 08:00 AM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
(01.08.09 08:26 AM)
Brittany Sattel said:
Congrats! That's amazing....and you definitely are deserving of it! :)
(01.08.09 09:06 AM)
matt + angie sloan said:
congrats! well deserved!
(01.08.09 02:00 PM)
Mese Ugapo said:
No surprise here. The reason they were happy to invite you to be included in 'The Best of the Best' compilation is simple: YOU ARE THE BEST. Disgustingly, amazingly talented. You both rock.
(01.11.09 11:01 PM)
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