After the entry I posted last month about my dad and his ALS disease and the auction that I ran in order to raise funds to help with his medical expenses and buy a handicap friendly van I had such an amazing response. I especially had a ton of individuals who weren't able to bid on the auction, but wanted to donate funds. Many were even asking if there was a PayPal account set up where they could quickly donate and at the time we only had a bank account where funds could be deposited. Well, we quickly remedied that and now we do actually have a PayPal account where individuals can make donations. Here is the information:

For PayPal Users who want to send Money for Ken's Van via PayPal:
1. In PayPal use this e-mail address to Send
2. When Making Payment, select "Services/Other", then 'Continue'
3. Before "Sending" the funds, Scroll to the bottom and using the "E-Mail to Recipient"

Option, send your Full Name and Postal Address for our Records

4. ***Important***Print out Your PayPal Receipt for your Records


I leave you with some funny faces of my dad:). Thank you to all that have donated so far, every little bit helps and please know that we are forever grateful.

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