While we were in Vegas last month we were able to meet up and photograph Brittany + Chris. I had been looking forward to meeting them ever since an email that I received from them a few months ago just after I posted an auction for my dad and about his recent diagnosis with ALS. They responded quickly with this amazing email:

"Hi Amelia,

I follow your blog and admire the work of you and your husband so very
much! In fact, I've already decided to have you guys shoot my maternity
session someday when I am pregnant :)...even though we live in Nevada! As
an aspiring photographer, I have to say you guys are my favorite and your
talent is so inspiring! I came across the latest blog post regarding your
father's ALS and felt compelled, with my husband as well, to send you this

My husband's mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2004 and, sadly, lost her
battle with the horrible disease in May of last year. My husband lived
with her through the entire illness and knows all too well the journey
your family is walking.

For some time now, we've been looking to donate money or help out either a
foundation or a family that is being affected by ALS. We've spoken to my
husband's father....we would love nothing more than
to donate 2 items to your father....

Beyond that, as a family that has walked through ALS, know that we are
praying for you and please, please feel free to ask any questions or seek
any advice. I know we don't know you personally, but we are united in the
fight against this disease. Also, my husband and I both work for our local
church full-time (, and we will be sure to add
your family to the prayer chain.

Please let me know if there is any other way we can be of assistance...

God bless...
Chris & Brittany Sattel"

Long story short, Brittany + Chris were able to donate an electric wheel chair and a body lift to help my dad with getting out of bed, these items have already been such a help to my dad and I truly feel blessed that they were compelled to contact me and offer these items as a donation...they truly have hearts of gold.

I was so touched by their kind words and amazing donation that I decided to do a portrait session of them in exchange for their generosity. It was so great photographing them and also so comforting to see how strong Chris was after having walked the path that has been laid before my family with my dad and this sad disease. Here are some of our favorites from their portrait session:


LOVE their eyes in these next two images!










My favorite shot of the day!



Thank you again to Brittany + Chris for everything you have already done for my family, also, we are even more happy that we have become friends with you two!!! Be sure to check out Brittany's and Chris's work here.
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ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
how awesome are they!? much love and prayers to your dad, them and your whole fam.
(03.24.09 02:24 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
I got choked up reading this one. What wonderful, kindhearted people and so cool that you were able to meet up with them. They are a rockin couple and I want some shoes the color of her hair,,,awesome!!
(03.24.09 02:24 PM)
sean said:
amazing story and amazing couple. fantastic photos.
(03.24.09 02:29 PM)
Jason Row said:
Great light. Good work!
(03.24.09 02:31 PM)
tate said:
These are absolutely gorgeous! Love, love, love them.
(03.24.09 02:37 PM)
Brittany Sattel said:
FAN-FREAKING-TABULOUS! I love these so much and this experience meant more to me than you guys will ever know! We love them and are already thinking of making an "Ode to the Lyons" art wall with the great images! :) I look forward to hanging out with you guys again someday!
(03.24.09 02:42 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
Gorgeous, lovely, fun, tender, happy.... I could go on for days ;)
(03.24.09 02:46 PM)
heather said:
all news about your papa always get me so choked up (ok, I cry a little). it was grand to hear of such a endearing couple, ones with such empathy. I am glad you were able to share their beauty, both in and out.
(03.24.09 02:46 PM)
Marianne Wilson Photography said:
That is so sweet! What a lovely couple.
(03.24.09 02:50 PM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
you inspire!
(03.24.09 03:26 PM)
Jean Tsai said:
So beautiful, Amelia! LOVE!!!!
(03.24.09 03:27 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
Beautiful. just beautiful. love it amelia.
(03.24.09 03:41 PM)
Ashley said:
This is awesome! I'm so glad that there are so many people out there who are willing to help. This images are rad and so are you guys!
(03.24.09 03:55 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
These images are stunning! And the Sattel's have such kind hearts =) sooo amazing to see people helping people! I love it ;)
(03.24.09 04:04 PM)
Karen Slate said:
amazing photographs and very touching story. It is so moving to know people are still reaching out to help others. So very sorry about your father. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Karen
(03.24.09 04:26 PM)
Peter Davis said:
Wow, thanks so much for sharing that story. I am so encouraged by people blessing each other! I hope this story will encourage many others to follow in your generosity!!!
(03.24.09 05:07 PM)
Amy Martin said:
Just beautiful! Both the story and the photos!
(03.24.09 05:30 PM)
Stevie said:
I needed a good cry this evening.... This is such an incredibly touching post. It's people like Chris & Brittany that restore my faith in the power of love and compassion. Thank you so much Amelia for sharing so much of yourself as well as your dad's story. You are all such an inspiration and are in my thoughts and prayers.
(03.24.09 08:40 PM)
cristen chester said:
i remember you talking about doing the shoot for this amazingly bighearted couple in vegas @ wppi... and WOW!!! what a rad set of images! i LOVE the cracking earth series! oh, and i'm totally with lyndzee about finding pair of shoes that are brittany's hair color!
(03.24.09 09:15 PM)
connieMchung said:
that is such a beautiful and touching story accompanied by awesome pictures. thank you amelia for sharing.
(03.25.09 12:52 AM)
melissa said:
Hi guys! Ok, so just thought I would let you know that I live in a very small town in Ontario, Canada. Every year we have what's called a trivia night. There's also an auction and it's just a bunch of fun for everyone. Every single penny that we raise at these events go to a specific cause that we choose. We just had our last Trivia night in February and we raised 40,000 for ALS!
(03.25.09 05:58 AM)
Augusta said:
Oh, how sweet! I love all of these photos, especially your favorite shot of the day!
(03.25.09 08:58 AM)
Dad said:
Dear Amy, Kristee and I have been touched to tears through your efforts and the charity of your blog followers. I can not begin to tell you how grateful we are. We love you so much. Love Dad and Kristee
(03.25.09 09:44 AM)
Meg said:
Beautiful story and beautiful photos!
(03.25.09 10:04 AM)
Haley said:
I really love these lots.. great angles.. great people. :)
(03.25.09 10:24 AM)
Kyle said:
I cried. This post was beautiful.
(03.25.09 11:42 AM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
What a dreamy couple. Inside and out. It makes me happy to see that there are such wonderful people in the world.
(03.25.09 01:52 PM)
Brianna Phelan said:
I love the photos of them on the dry mud. Amazing. What a touching story as well.
(03.25.09 06:50 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
Amazing work! I love these pictures! My favorite- the third from down....
(03.25.09 07:40 PM)
Chris said:
Melissa, that is incredible that you all raised so much for ALS! Thank you!
(03.26.09 10:14 AM)
amelialyon said:
Melissa, seriously...that is AMAZING that your town was able to raise the much for such a crazy disease that most people know nothing about. Here's to raising awareness and to all the funds you guys were able to donate to help with the research...THANK YOU!!!
(03.26.09 12:05 PM)
ben + laura said:
what a story ... and what amazing images
(03.26.09 03:00 PM)
Kara said:
This story has brought me to tears. Your images are always beautiful, but this series is even more so than usual, because of the love behind it.
(03.28.09 03:36 PM)
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In honor of March Madness starting I've decided to make my own spin-off of the season and post some of our Moustache photos from the past month...Happy March Moustache Madness everyone!





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angie said:
HAHA!!! Sloan and Hudson are so handsome with their little Mustache's :)
(03.19.09 11:37 PM)
jac said:
so cute!!! swoanie looks adorable :)
(03.19.09 11:40 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
Sloan wins. SO CUTE!
(03.20.09 12:37 AM)
Anna-Rina Rahim said:
LOL! Your kid's so cute! And his parents arent too bad lookin' as well. Hehe...
(03.20.09 02:22 AM)
johnwaire said:
this is really hilarious. good schtuff!
(03.20.09 05:27 AM)
Augusta said:
Haha, these made my day! How on earth do you get your light to rock so much?
(03.20.09 06:17 AM)
ben @ STUDIO 623 said:
can't help but think about the moustache episode of the family guy. classic!
(03.20.09 06:33 AM)
~abi~ said:
(03.20.09 07:10 AM)
Liz said:
lol... adorable.
(03.20.09 07:52 AM)
laura said:
have you guys heard of moustache may? it's a ridiculous and awesome group of people.
(03.20.09 08:23 AM)
marcia said:
wow! are the kid's mustaches made by the same company that makes baby toupees? so cute!
(03.20.09 10:38 AM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
you're just missing giant headphones while listening to the little river band :D awesome staches lyons! happy friday!
(03.20.09 11:17 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
OH EM GEE, you are like the CUTEST thing everrrrrr!!
(03.20.09 12:49 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Okay,,, where did you get those?? The one on Sloan actually looks like Rog's when he shaves his. lol,,,,,eeew. Such a rockin cute little family!!
(03.20.09 02:11 PM)
jesi haack said:
i love this post! I know it's usually bad taste to leave a link in a comment, but i thought you would appreciate this:
(03.20.09 02:27 PM)
amancay said:
this is pretty much awesome.. Justin's super groggy morning faces are hysterical.. and you, well YOU just rock HC, all the timez!
(03.20.09 03:21 PM)
Katie Yates said:
Love the cross eyed shot. classic.
(03.20.09 06:25 PM)
denise bovee said:
amelia..your the modern day mrs. potatoe head. The mustache... glasses.Now we need to get you a little hat and andd a purse. you guys are tooo cute :)
(03.20.09 07:50 PM)
Jason Roger said:
It's official..... Hudson can now grow up to be a nascar driver. Dreams do come true... Eat your heart Lighting McQueen.
(03.20.09 08:13 PM)
todd pellowe said:
that third image of you with the mustache upside down is off the hizzy. bio pic girl!
(03.20.09 08:45 PM)
Jean Tsai said:
ADOREEBLE!!! cute definitely runs in the lyon family.
(03.20.09 10:06 PM)
Abra said:
Love it thank you for the smiles.
(03.20.09 10:14 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
My fave one is the one with Hudson. You guys are just way too cute. :)
(03.21.09 01:12 PM)
Day19 said:
I think you all need handlebar moustaches.
(03.21.09 04:25 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
(03.22.09 07:20 AM)
Stevie said:
You all are hysterical. and Amelia I don't think you could possibly get any cuter!!
(03.22.09 08:24 AM)
Leah Simmers said:
ahh we have these too, aren't they the best. I need to put one on my littlest still. These are the best, fun stuff
(03.22.09 07:13 PM)
sarah skow said:
these are freakin' hilarious!!!
(03.23.09 08:18 AM)
Candice Brooke said:
Awww so awesome! Where did all our mustache photos from our B-day party go?
(03.23.09 02:06 PM)
Mike Argento said:
is that Albert Einstein?
(03.23.09 06:15 PM)
Jennifer Gilmore said:
What an adorable kiddo!
(03.23.09 10:32 PM)
Joneel said:
Hey Amy, hhhmmm, Amelia, just found your photo blog. Do you have a personal one also? Your boy sure looks like you guys. Check out my blog.
(03.23.09 10:38 PM)
Tyler said:
LOL! I LOVE THESE! Justin Has the coolest moustache ever no joke!
(03.24.09 08:43 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
(03.24.09 03:26 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
ooooooo I love your little kit and caboodle family! you guys are so stinkin cute!
(03.24.09 03:40 PM)
Rog said:
Hey guys check it, just thinking here but, don't you think it would be a good idea for Justin to create the sidestep stache? It would be like Matt Sloan's haircut but in between your nose and mouth. A double decker if you will. It works. Oh and these last four shots of Hud and jr are rad. QUESTION: When did Hud lose a tooth? ANSWER: In the top right pic. Not a joke, just a Q&A. You guys kick all butts!
(03.24.09 09:53 PM)
Em Reichert Torhorst said:
You guys are so darn funny. I love this! Christmas card for sure! Happy day, Em
(03.26.09 06:56 AM)
alyssa said:
i love this. cause all my friends do it too. lovin the chromeo shirt. i love your photography!
(05.25.09 11:25 AM)
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